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Hi, Dawn

The machines and/or exercises I mentioned in that article can be found in most gyms, and many people can and haved used them without any problems. The point I was trying to make, though, is that some of the exercises can be dangerous for some people, especially if they are done a certain way (eg, pulling the lat bar down behind the head or lowering the weight too far on a leg press). The danger comes from a combination of the exercise design and some physiological limits (like limited shoulder flexibility) that many people might have, even though they don't technically have a recognized medical problem that has required medical attention in the past. Curves machines are designed differently than the typical machines found in other gyms, but it's hard for anyone (including the Curves gym staff) to say whether that will make them safer for you, given your history of back problems, which definitely puts you in the category of people who need to talk to a physical therapist familiar with your history and case before you tackle any particular exercise. I'd definitely recommend that you not do anything that has caused problems in the past or causes even mild discomfort or spasms now, unless and until you get cleared by a medical professional.

It's possible you could continue to workout at Curves, and either skip certain exercises or modify your range of motion so that exercise doesn't cause a problem. But I think you need to talk that over with a physical therapist who knows your history, to get a reliable answer.

Hope this helps.

Coach Dean

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OK - so where does that leave Curves machines. I have been told because their machines work off of hydraulics they are all safe, but two of the machines that we use are listed here. I have back issues and I do not want to agravate them. I had started to work out and they got worse, then I herniated a disk, had to have the shot to take down the swelling and did not work on the Smart program for five months. January I started back on the program and my back started spasming again. I felt it was the machines and so I told the club owner (wonderful person by the way) and she is working very hard with me. Point is, if I need different exercises than those machines and if the machines are going to continiously irritate my back, is it worth it. I love going there and enjoy the people.
Anyone have an opinion or know anything about those machines?
HELP!!! emoticon

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