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DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
8/21/13 12:44 P

As everyone else said-- baby steps. You already know how to eat healthy. You already know that cakes, cookies, extra sugar, too much fat, too much of anything-- is not going to get you your goals. It is how you choose to use the site and how you choose to live your lifestyle.
If working on just eating right now-- go for it. Track what you eat without really making any changes to your daily intake. Get your base first. make tweaks to the base.
For example, look at what is in your fat intake-- where is the fat coming from? Can you shave off a few fat grams by making some changes?

Personally i don't count calories. I never really did. I count the nutrients instead. i make sure i get in my vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, proteins, fats and water daily. I find when I do that correctly, i feel awesome. I have energy to burn, i sleep fantastic, i wake rested instead of groggy, my skin clears, my hair and nails grow. When I slip and eat something that my body doesn't like-- i notice it in my energy and sleep patterns first.

So just eating your allotment of calories will not be successful. You also have to know where those calories are coming from. But baby steps will get you there too.

LIZZIE138 SparkPoints: (85,693)
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Posts: 5,366
8/21/13 12:28 P

When I started SP, I just ate too. I find that over time, tracking my food made me more aware of what I was putting into my body. So start slow with the site. Don't get to bogged down in the breakdowns. They are only recommendations for good health. Work towards them.
I too am a WW drop out. I did lose weight but when I was having trouble with the plan, I found my leader to be sort of useless. So the weight came back, and it brought friends too. :(

Stumbled on the SP site by accident and it has turned out to be the happiest accident I've ever had. So take the site in baby steps and hang in there. You'll be glad you did.

JHAACK39 SparkPoints: (12,343)
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8/21/13 10:50 A

Ditto what MISSRUTH said.

For the most part, I just started looking at calories. Then I really got into trying to fit within bounds on stuff like sodium (which was virtually impossible for me). And looked at amping up things like potassium. Again, difficult.

I don't religiously track these days. But I learned so much from examining the breakdowns and what's in a variety of foods and developed much better habits. Now, I go by "feel". But, included in that is far more understanding of all the "good" things to consume...not just the bad things.

If I make a salad at lunch, I use more spinach than iceberg. Or if I make a wrap, I might cut some meat protein down and mix in hummus or a bean paste that brings other things to the table that the meat doesn't. Sometimes I do the opposite.

But, I wouldn't have enough knowledge to go by "feel" without having actively paid attention to all that data.

MADEIT3 Posts: 2,586
8/21/13 8:26 A

Spark is always after me because I eat very few carbs - just veggies and protein. I also eat more fat than they recommend. I think everyone needs to find out what works for them.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
8/21/13 8:24 A

at least using the tools provided (like the tracker) can give you an ongoing indication of your success rate at meeting your nutritional goals.

That way, if there ever comes a time when you're not - it will easily be seen where you need to 'tweak' your menu

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,289
8/21/13 4:47 A

I found the Nutrition Tracker to be the number one most helpful thing, with my loss. It is important to meet your minimum requirements every day, for calories, carbs, fat, and protein. Your body needs these things just to function properly. So I'd say yes use the tools and data.

VIPETTE SparkPoints: (8,336)
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Posts: 58
8/21/13 12:35 A

If you meet your minimum fat, carbs and protein, you shouldn't go over. If you max them all out you might. I find the breakdown really useful, it really helps you to see what is empty calories and what is not.

BUSYBEE0604 SparkPoints: (5,042)
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8/20/13 11:15 P

Tried WW religiously --no success. They said I wasn't eating enough. Hmmm. Anyway, am trying this. I just eat. Try to eat veggies/fruit, and portions or good proteins. Question: SP has so many "tools" but I just eat. Today, it showed what I should be eating (carbs, protein, etc) was about right. Should I be trying to fit my foods into suggested breakdowns? I feel like it would be too difficult to do that but should I be working on that but if I do, won't I risk going over? Did that make sense?

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