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BUSYMOMOF32012 Posts: 2,082
9/30/06 10:03 P

i didnt get any workouts done today but i did alot of walking ( 5hours at the mall) and cleaned heavy for about 1 hour tongiht whew im beat lol have a great night.

ADOPTMOM1 Posts: 8,660
9/30/06 3:42 P

It's a busy day around here but I'm hoping to at least get strength training in. I'm trying to get a bunch of stuff caught up so that I can study for my test later this week.

SALESSE Posts: 2,804
9/30/06 11:10 A

hi all

I am having a hard time to lose with the new medication
maybe i donot eat enough will have to be very careful to make sure i have good meal.
i went dancing last night maybe it will help
emoticon to all

BUSYMOMOF32012 Posts: 2,082
9/29/06 11:10 A

good morning everyone, got all my workouts done now im freezzing lol its like only 45/50 outside brrrrr have a great day

ADOPTMOM1 Posts: 8,660
9/29/06 8:47 A

I'm happy this morning. I'm down the pound I gained from the medicine switch plus another half making me at 199 even. I also feel better. I'm eating my breakfast of banana and yogurt while checking e-mail. I have to take the baby to the pediatrician this morning to make sure he doesn't have an ear infection along with his cold and then it's back to get my exercise in for today. Cardio and strength training are today's agenda.


SALESSE Posts: 2,804
9/28/06 11:24 P


For me the gym is not even 5 mins by car and since it is a small place around 1:00 it is really quiet , so i will have my trainer attention and be able to learn to do my gym exercise the right way, hate it when they are too busy.
Not much use to join now and pay for notthing since i am going to Toronto at the end of April to april 1st of end of march.for 1 yr the price is about 24.00 a month so not bad at all, they just open this summer and have new machine i went to see it is great.
Since i been sick i have a hard time to do regular exercise , for the diet i am going good.But without exercise i do not lose,but i have lose inches instead by the clothes i try today.
So you girls you go it is really worth it.
good luck all


ADOPTMOM1 Posts: 8,660
9/28/06 11:10 P


Mine go girl, boy, girl, boy and are 10, 8, 6 and 9 months. That will all change here soon as everyone's birthdays are from Nov-Jan. the oldest and youngest are 2 days before and after Christmas. This time of year is a killer! The older 3 are in 2nd, 4th and 5th grades.

I picked up about a pound this week because they switched around my migraine medication. At least that's the only reason I can figure out. I feel funky and haven't really eaten that much but I'm not working out as intensely either. He said the side effects should clear out within a week.

I started out at the beginning at 236.5. Can't remember if I put that in here. I post on several boards on SP and Cruise Critic so I never remember what I put where. Kinda like having split personality sometimes. LOL The good news is that when I switched over to my jeans from shorts for the fall all of them fit ok in the thighs still (of course!) but the waist is big on everything I've tried on. I need to see if I can find someone to tailor them since my machine won't handle denim. I'd like to wait until I'm down another size to buy. I may end up cutting some of these off to wear in Jamaica but I think I'll have enough. I bought some smaller shorts at the end of the season. I hope they fit! I need to lose about another inch by Nov 27th for that to happen.


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9/28/06 2:38 P

Tami, That is exactly why I didn't join a gym.. too far away. Me and a girlfriend get to gether in the am's and exercise in her basement. so far it's going great. I get the physical support and push to keep going and I don't have to fork out any cash! lol

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9/28/06 2:23 P

HI Tami, Sorry I havn't responded before now but you said it in your last post to me. lol I'm never home either. lol stay at HOME.? lol what a joke. we are almost never here. Always have something going on.

What are the ages of your 4? I have 4 boys ages 10,6,3,1 and a dd who is 4. what grades are you teaching? (I guess the ages would answer that question too huh? lol)

I started at the begining of this year at 224 and it's been a rough year I was hoping to be WAY closer to my goal by now. I'm working my butt off b/c I want to say good bye to the 200's CONGRATS TO YOU by the way.. that's awesome your finally in the 1's and to stay!! I hope to join you next week. I'm still hovering about 201/202.

What kinds of exercising are you doing..(I'm sure that question will be answered too as I read up in this thread.)

ok I'm off to catch up now and get to know you all better.

ADOPTMOM1 Posts: 8,660
9/28/06 2:19 P

Wendy- You're definitely right about keeping it under control now. I gained 60 pounds taking fertility drugs before we adopted our kids and it's been very hard to lose it and the weight I gained after they came and my time got swallowed up.


9/28/06 12:24 P

WOW - AdoptMom and Floral! You both are very strong! Floral I give you big props. Getting the weight under control is the key to almost all health related problems. I keep trying to focus my mother on that.

I am working on this weight so that I do not have to fight the issues later in life. I figure if I build the healthy habits now, I will not have one more card against me as I get older.

You ladies are a pillar of strength and encouragement to look up to!

ADOPTMOM1 Posts: 8,660
9/27/06 3:18 P

I also had a bone density test this year as a baseline. I have crohn's disease, although it is in remission, thank goodness. Crohn's can cause osteoporosis and it also runs in my family. I take 1000mgs of calcium daily, make sure I get some sun for vitamin D and strength train to keep good bones. After going through a broken hip with my Grandma and the after effects for the past 2 years I don't want to do that.


SALESSE Posts: 2,804
9/27/06 2:11 P

hi all

Well we do not want all the same things

I want to lose 20 more lbs then i want to do something special to get my arm and upper leg firm
they are the hardest one for me to get firm and i want to go to gym but it is also good for the bones , i am luckky for my age i have no problem there and i want it to stay that way, i just had a test for bondes density.
we all have different need.
so good lucky all , i have to be better at keeping with my exercise, since i was sick i have to get back into exercise 6 days a week.

ADOPTMOM1 Posts: 8,660
9/26/06 12:36 P

I decided it's useless for me to join a gym. It's a good 30 minute drive each way to one that is worthwhile and I just don't have that kind of time. We used the money that 6 months' membership would have cost us and bought a recumbant bike and elliptical torture device. We've turned half of our "formal livingroom" that we couldn't ever find furniture for anyway, into a gym. We have weights, yoga mats, a TV/VCR/DVD player and that sort of thing. We also have a pool for summer although this year was so cool in August that I missed that entire month of using it.


SALESSE Posts: 2,804
9/26/06 11:57 A


Lucky you, wish i could start to do gym
But i am leaving at the end of nov. so no use for me to start gym now , I am going to toronto to take care of my grandson for my daughter so she can get this job.
I will be back at the end of march or begining of april so then i will join the gym. Until then i have to do arobic and whatever i can by myself.
Good luck to you WENDYGIRE

9/26/06 11:39 A

OK -

ADOPTMOM1 ST 201 09/25 ---- 199.5

FLORAL ST 203 09/25 ---- 203

MINEFOREVER ST 204 09/25 -204---

POKEME95 ST 09/25 ---- 266

WENDYGIRE ST 163 09/25 ----163

INdulged all weekend - was a bad girl and did not do enough extra activities to counter balance all my bad girlness. . Can't wait to start with the personal trainer tomorrow night!

SALESSE Posts: 2,804
9/25/06 8:38 P

Very good tami lol

ADOPTMOM1 Posts: 8,660
9/25/06 7:36 P

Hi all- It was a mixed day for me. Very stressed with getting the kids through school so I ended up eating chocolate. However, I walked 2 laps around the soccer complex (about 2 miles) pushing the jogging stroller over rough terrain to make up for it. Hopefully I at least broke even for the chocolate.


SALESSE Posts: 2,804
9/25/06 6:33 P

here is the list for this thread.

ADOPTMOM1 ST 201 09/25 ---- 199.5

FLORAL ST 203 09/25 ---- 203

MINEFOREVER ST 204 09/25 -204---

POKEME95 ST 09/25 ---- 266

WENDYGIRE ST 163 09/25 -163---

so next monday we will see how we did ,we will have an old week good lucky to all of us

BUSYMOMOF32012 Posts: 2,082
9/25/06 5:33 P

ok my start weight with sp was 288 now im 266.

SALESSE Posts: 2,804
9/25/06 11:41 A

here is the list

ADOPTMOM1 ST 201 09/25 ---- 199.5

FLORAL ST 203 09/25 ---- 203

MINEFOREVER ST 204 09/25 ----

POKEME95 ST 246 09/25 ----

WENDYGIRE ST 163 09/25 ----

I know what was my problem i was sick had to get some medication that would help me so that i could continue to do my exercise and also i thing i could not eat enough so my body went to starvation mood doing better today.

SALESSE Posts: 2,804
9/25/06 11:27 A


you are very very welcome
all i ask is that we add our weight every monday
this way we will see how we did by the end of November.
good luck emoticon

For myself i have not lose this week stay the same
but now we found the good conbination of my medication i will be able to exercise again and will love weight by next monday - hopefully lol

BUSYMOMOF32012 Posts: 2,082
9/25/06 11:19 A

today so far ive done 75 reps on my ablounge and 15 min core and legs workout im heading to do 30 mins on the bike and my 1 watp's i was down 1 pound last week im hoping for 2 this week. have a great day

9/25/06 11:14 A

Good morning everyone. Did good and bad this weekend. Did go to 24 Hour Fitness to sign up for the personal trainer for 5 weeks program and fit in my workout on Friday. Sat did a lot of jogging and wiggling - but also ate birthday cake. Sunday nothing and also ate more birthday cake. Today took birthday cake left overs to the office so it is out of my house!

Weight - still 163 this morning. I think birthday cake wasted all my good effort I put in through the week. I will look for improvement next week!

ADOPTMOM1 Posts: 8,660
9/25/06 11:06 A

Welcome to our group!

I just finished my workout for the day. 31 minutes (to get an even 7 miles) on the bike and then strength training. I'm off to the shower now.


BUSYMOMOF32012 Posts: 2,082
9/25/06 11:00 A

hi, if its ok id love to join this challenge. course i want to lose more than 20 but 20 by the end of november works for me.

SALESSE Posts: 2,804
9/25/06 10:49 A


All is good, you did your best and that is what it is all about.
Once in a while we do need a rest . Your body is there to let you know. You take care of yourself ok

ADOPTMOM1 Posts: 8,660
9/24/06 10:21 P

I had a rough day today. I had a really bad headache from the changing weather and was hungry and tired all day. It wasn't quite to migraine level but almost. I did get 30 minutes on the bike but I also took a nap and spent alot of time on the couch sorting through kids' clothes. Not real productive weightloss wise.


SALESSE Posts: 2,804
9/24/06 2:54 P


Tami yes i was talking about my fibromalgia. but i am doing not bad now with th medication.
went dancing last night had lots of fun, we go a group of us so it is great.
Since i just start exercising i guess i will not have lost on monday but will weight anyway , as i said before if you weight another day just add the weight you had that day so this way we will help each other .
Good luck all emoticon

ADOPTMOM1 Posts: 8,660
9/24/06 2:29 P

Floral- Glad to hear that you can exercise now. I'm assuming you were referring to Fibromyalgia right? I have a couple of friends who have that and exercise and a diet that is free of preservatives and overly processed foods really seems to help. I don't know how the Canadian food supply rates as compared to the US one but there's alot of garbage in our food supply like high fructose corn syrup and other fillers. It's really bad for people in general but certain diseases really react to it. My youngest daughter is allergic to corn so we have to really watch what we buy.

You make me depressed, by the way. Your English is very good. I used to be fairly fluent in Spanish but I haven't used it in so long that I've forgotten alot of it. When I hear people speaking now, I only pick up about 1/4 of what they are saying. I would really like to get back to being functional again. I tried to learn some French with the kids when we first started homeschooling as I would like to have some basics when we travel to Europe (my 3 year goal.) I can do numbers, some pleasantries like thank you and please and where is this? but reading is still very difficult for me. I still want to make it like Spanish and pronounce everyletter. emoticon I have to get over that need!

I'm doing ok today. Yesterday's workout was a power shopping trip with 4 kids. Today I got 30 minutes on the bike. We ate chinese yesterday so I'm up a pound, probably from the salt. Tomorrow should be better.


SALESSE Posts: 2,804
9/23/06 2:03 P

hi all

I forgot to tell you where i am from

Well i am french canadian from New Brunswick
i live in the country also.
For 6 yrs now i am retired, i live alone. I use to work as a medical secretary in an hospital ,it took me 15 mins to get to my work.
I am living about 2 miles from the Native reserved, i do have some good friends there, and a good friend of mine is married to a Native guy ,very nice .
So i guess we are not so different except that i am older my familly is all grow up.
I have 5 grandsons age 19 to 10yrs old.
My first language is french .
Got to see the doctor yesterday and now i guess that finally they found the good conbination of medication for my fibro, that is great for me so now i can start to exercise again, acutally i went dancing last night.
Cannot lose if i do not exercise.
Good luck all and take care

ADOPTMOM1 Posts: 8,660
9/23/06 1:15 P

When I was a kid I lived in Colorado Springs for a while. We are sort of looking into moving back that way and I can't BELIEVE how big it's gotten in the 26 years since I've been there. Places that used to be way out in the country are now in the middle of the city. It's crazy. I figure that by the time my kids are grown and we're ready to sell our mini-farm will be on the outter edge of Indianapolis with the way it's expanding suburbs are going now.

I didn't get to exercise at all yesterday. Between doctor's appointments and all the things we had going on it just didn't happen. I thought I'd at least get weight training in but the neurologist poked around my arm that has carpal tunnel and really got it stirred up. I couldn't even straighten my arm without it hurting by the time he was done. I'm hoping to get everything done today in time to get both cardio and strength training done.

I'm down my half pound that I picked up from my school day, BTW.


SALESSE Posts: 2,804
9/22/06 11:08 A

HI all

That ok whenever you want to get weight but i find by giving a weight every week we can watch if we have a bad week and help each other.

have fun lol

9/22/06 10:02 A

Yeah - well everyone thinks they do not need to stop for red lights here - more and more intersections are putting up the cameras. ANd people are very impatient. They are more important than anyone else. All major freeways are congested on the weekdays AND weekends from about 5am - 10pm at night. But oh well -- we do have lots of outdoor cool recreational. Being a native though it kills me that more and more and more people keep moving here. It was never this bad as I was kid and of course it gets worse year after year. Oh well. .

ADOPTMOM1 Posts: 8,660
9/22/06 9:49 A

Oh man! Thanks for reminding me how glad I am to live in the middle of rural Indiana! I can drive 6 miles in less than 6 minutes. (We here in central Indiana all grew up under the spell of motor racing and think that every roadway is the track. As long we're not being stupid about it speedlimits are only suggestions. I try to stay within 10 miles of it on the highways but it's not uncommon out here to see people doing 75 in a 60 and get passed by the state cop. Unless you're a young guy or a cute girl in a sports car. LOL)

We do give up some things though like the ocean, topography (we're table flat here) and access to alot of specialty products. We're getting those though. Indianapolis actually has alot of Indian groceries now so I'm excited!


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9/22/06 9:27 A

Good Morning -

I like your idea Floral but I normally weigh in Friday mornings. . ANd it is my SP check-up day. So - I will try to remember Monday's but I have a feeling you will get those results on Monday.

SW - 167 (As of 9/1)

9/22 - 163

I have to buy all the supplies for my GS troops big event tomorrow and also go to the gym. I am going to try to see if the 24 Hour Fitness challenge of 15 pounds for $49 for 6 weeks will work for me AND if they are flexible if the six weeks are in a row since I leave for FL in 5!!

Good luck everyone! Here's to a fun weekend! Don't know if I'll check in as tomorrow will be crazy and then I visit my girlfriend on Sunday.

PS - I carpooled to work this morning and we left at 5:30am - we actually got here at 6am. Did I mention that fact that my office is only 6 miles from my house? Traffic in Seattle is the 2nd worse in the nation (behind L.A.). . My carpool buddy and I were estatic!

ADOPTMOM1 Posts: 8,660
9/22/06 9:05 A

I'm up a half this morning but that's probably not going to be unusual for Thursdays. That's the day I have stuff going all day and I usually don't get to exercise. I don't get weighed in every morning, but most. I'll post if I do.

I'm off to two different doctor's offices today. I go to the neurologist for me this morning for migraine med and carpal tunnel followup and then take the baby to the pediatrician this afternoon. Then my oldest daughter has swimming at 6pm. Just another normal crazy day! Somewhere in there I have to get 30 minutes of cardio and strength training in. I can always walk while she's at the pool. They always have a couple of extra lanes open. I'd love to bring a suit and jump in and swim laps.


SALESSE Posts: 2,804
9/22/06 7:29 A

Hi all

Everybody is welcome

WHat would you think if we did weight ourself every monday and add our loss here, so this way it would be more encouraging how we are doing.
continue like you are doing now, and also every monday to add how much we weight like

SW 203

Sept 25 ----

This way we will see if we are doing what we want if not to try to work a little harder or at least do our best . ok

Good luck all


ADOPTMOM1 Posts: 8,660
9/21/06 11:26 P

Hey Wendy, Welcome! Wow! A 3 hour commute. I used to complain about an hour and a half roundtrip. I would have gone nuts if not for the tape player and good radio stations. Sometimes I'd do books on tape but mostly just music to feed the savage soul. Can't listen to most of it now due to the kiddies. LOL

I actually got my 20 minutes on the bike today and kept it at 1514 calories give or take a few. I have no idea how accurate SP brands are compared to what I actually have in the fridge but I figure it has to be close. I'm starving right now because I ate dinner at 4pm but I have to take some meds on an empty stomach so I'm going to take them and go to bed. Class was long and boring and I'm zonked.


9/21/06 6:19 P

HI - I want to join in too. . Sorry I so not quite fit in the weight range but I started out at 195 2 years ago November when I began my weight loss journey.

I am a full time account manager, one daughter. I am 31. I lead my daughter's Girl Scout troop plus do lots of other things to support leaders in Scouting. I have a 3 hour commute to work and back daily, I don't sleep more then 6 hours a night on average and I am completely trying to grasp my "new" healthy life.

SP has taught me many things but I waiver in my personal willpower from time to time which has kept me maintaining instead of losing.

I am going to Disney World at the end of October and would love to be down 10 before then and then 10 more in November. I have already come a long way this month and want to stay going that direction.

So if you would guys wouldn't mind - I would love the challenge! Any kind of push to keep me out of trouble is greatly welcomed!

ADOPTMOM1 Posts: 8,660
9/21/06 2:05 P

Floral- Happy Birthday yesterday!!! September 10 was my 40th and we had a chocolate and Indian food party so I feel your pain. LOL I think I'm still recovering. Today is a bad eating day for me as I'm running all day. Breakfast was a 200 calorie protein shake and dinner will be some roasted pork and green beans but lunch was at arbys. All I had was a roasted turkey market fresh sandwich (no bacon), some sauce, and one of my son's jalapeno poppers and it was 907 calories!!!!! emoticon

Charity- Welcome! We have alot in common. I'm also a homeschooling mom of 4. I hate to use the term SAHM though because I hardly ever stay at home. LOL Somebody always has something going including me as I'm taking graduate courses here and there.

I ultimately started at 236.5 but started SP at 203 and this challenge at 201. I hit 199.5 today. It's kinda cool that we're all right in the same range.

Well, I'm off to go see if the chiropractor can put my neck back where it's supposed to be. Then it's fly back home to eat and then off to school. I had hoped to get in some bike time to make up for missing Sunday but it doesn't look like that will happen unless I get time after the chiropractor. Oh well, Thursday is my one scheduled day off. My knees are much better this week.


MINEFOREVER SparkPoints: (0)
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9/21/06 1:54 P

I'd love to join in on this!! your post fits in perfectly with my already plan in progress! :D

My name is Charity, I'm 30 and i have 5 kids. I'm a sahm and we homeschool. I exercise 6x/week and I'm watching what I eat through tracking here at SP.

I'm starting this challenge at 204.


SALESSE Posts: 2,804
9/21/06 1:48 P

hi Tami

well yesterday i did bad, it was my birthday and i went to the restaurant for dinner with some of my friend, and at supper time was the same with another group.
Tonight this friend of mine is bringing me to a very special restaurant so i will start back my routine tomorrow.
You are doing good keep it up and i promise that tomorrow i will be doing lots of exercise , going dancing ,and we dance lots from 09:00 pm to 01:00 am lots of fast dance to to 1 fast lol
talk to you tomorrow.
congrat. on your lose emoticon

ADOPTMOM1 Posts: 8,660
9/21/06 10:05 A

hi Floral, How are things going? I did 32 on the bike yesterday and my strength training. I added 2 new exercises (one upper and one lower body) and added weight to the upper body ones and reps to the core ones. Today is my "day off" since it's my day to be busy from mid morning until 9pm.

I'm down to 199.5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SALESSE Posts: 2,804
9/19/06 8:14 P


You are doing good, continue

every little thing count

good evening take care

ADOPTMOM1 Posts: 8,660
9/19/06 6:44 P

Ok, I'm done eating for the day. If their calculations are correct I over shot by about 30 but I've been too lazy to add in a couple things like sugar free cool whip that I used on the baked apple I made and I only guessed on the amount of meat I ate instead of weighing it exactly to see if it really was 5 ounces. I'm in the ballpark for the day though.

Have a good day!


ADOPTMOM1 Posts: 8,660
9/19/06 2:16 P

No, two pounds probably is doable. I'm just not sure with my schedule that I can get it done. We shall see. I homeschool my kids and I'm taking a graduate class myself so towards Thursday through Saturday my life tends to get very hectic, hence my higher calorie allowance on the weekend. It's also why I exercise alot because we tend to grab and go more often on the weekend.

I need to get back in the habit of pulling off the bread on sandwiches. That will cut my calories immensely. I'm not much of a bread person anyway so it's mostly a food of convenience for me. Low carb was hard for me because I missed fruit and sometimes rice for sushi not because of the bread. I'm lucky that I love a wide variety of foods like Japanese and Indian so I get a wide variety of flavors and don't get bored even though I'm eating the same basic proteins and veggies alot.

I also try to cook at home as much during the early part of the week as possible to make up for the weekend. My kids are pretty good eaters and we don't do alot of processed foods because one of my daughters is allergic to peanuts and corn. She doesn't have the dangerous "stop breathing" kind of allergies but they can make her pretty miserable and miserable to live with if she gets food with them, especially corn and high fructose corn syrup so most processed foods are out.

Well, I need to go for now. I also have care of my 89 year old Grandma. she's in a nursing home close by and today is her careplan meeting. The manager of the facility called yesterday to confirm the appointment and said he wants to sit in on the meeting so I'm worried about what that means. She keeps forgetting that she can't walk and getting up and then falling so we need to come up with another solution before she breaks another hip. Ugh!


SALESSE Posts: 2,804
9/19/06 1:53 P


You are doing very good i see
I need to be under 200lbs to have a knee replacement.
But you are right inches count also and very nice when you go down 2 size in your pants lol.
Those 2 kids with me are my grandsons.
I see you must be very busy with 4 kids, but very nice. Most wonderful things in our life
you really think to try to lose 2 lbs a week is too much? maybe it is not leaving much place to cheat lol. but from here to the end of November i will try
At the end of november i am going to Toronto, to visit with my son and daughter for 4 months and it would be nice to surprise them with a new mom last time they saw me i weight 262
So good luck to you Tami here we come lol emoticon we will do our best

ADOPTMOM1 Posts: 8,660
9/19/06 1:37 P

Hey Floral! I'm leaving for Jamaica the Monday after Thanksgiving and I would love to be down 20 pounds though 15 is probably a more realistic goal for me right now. My other alternative is that I would like to be down 2 sizes as I seem to be losing inches but not so many pounds at the moment.

Here's what I'm doing about it:

I do at least 30 minutes on the bike or walking OR 20 minutes on the elliptical torture device 5 to 6 days a week. I aim for 6 but I've been having some hip trouble so sometimes I take an extra day off to let things settle.

I do strength training 3 days a week. I'm currently at the point where I need to add reps to my lower body workout and I just added weight to my upper body. I also want to add some more core training and plan to do some searching through the SP file tonight.

I try to keep my calorie count between 1200-1550 calories Sunday -Thursday and under 1800 on Friday and Saturday. I've been sliding on white foods like sugar and flour but I'm cutting them back out because I'm starting to get headaches again.

When I started I weighted 236.5. As of today I'm at 201.

Today's exercise:

20 minutes on the Elliptical machine. AM Yoga

Be sure to take your measurements too! Since I bumped my workout routine up to 6 days a week I haven't lost a pound but I've lost 2 inches off my waist and 3 inches off my hips. Knowing that I am shrinking helps keep me from getting discouraged when that scale isn't moving because it's been a month.

As for water, I never have a problem getting in at least 8 glasses. Except for a glass of iced tea a day, it's all I drink. I average around 10 glasses.

BTW, do you have kids? I know there was a picture but I got sidetracked in the middle of writing this by mine and forgot. LOL I have 4 ages 10 down to 9 months.


SALESSE Posts: 2,804
9/19/06 11:43 A

I would like to lose 20lbs by the end of november
that is in 10 wks so it is just 2 lbs a week
In December we get ready for the Holiday, it is not easy to alway to be careful.

Is there anybody that want to do this challenge with me.
everyday write down your calories taken during the day
and write down your exercise it really help
also how much water you did drink emoticon emoticon emoticon

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