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2/20/14 1:27 P

Hi Pam! What has worked amongst all I have tried is a Fitbit One. I love it! Hope all is going well for you.


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2/25/13 9:16 P

If anyone comes across this I'm now over at...... Lose 1lb a week (start any time)
Come on by and join in


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2/23/13 1:17 P

My mom went into the hospital the other day. Her appendix had to come out, I took her home last night and she's doing good.

Breakfast and lunch I do pretty good but for dinner I get in trouble. Usually it's take out because it's just me and I have a hard time cooking just for me. I'm working on that. I didn't start exercising yet, today looks to busy but tomorrow I think right when I get up I'll get a workout in. I should've done that today.

I guess that's all for now


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2/21/13 12:38 P

Lets see, where to begin!!
I've been on spark for awhile, I'd lost weight when I was first here but fell off the wagon and rolled down the hill!! I gained everything back plus some of course. I really need to get back on that wagon!!
My intentions for this board is to be accountable, I'll be here daily to give support to anyone who joins me, I'll be honest in my weight loss and what I eat and my exercise that I do. I promise not to dissapear like I've done with other boards. I figured if I create a message board I won't abandon it.

Okay a few personal facts about me. I'm almost 45 (March 27th) I've been married 22 years to an absolutely wonderful man, we have 2 girls, they are 20 and 18. They are both in college, my oldest just went to school in California (we live in Michigan) that was a hard adjustment for me, now my youngest is waiting to see if she's going too. AHHH!! Another adjustment coming up!! I can do it better this time.

Now for the dirty stuff...... Keep in mind I'm only 5'2"....... My current weight is 210 pounds and I would love to get down to 110 pounds......a 100 pound weight loss. I've been 120 before and I loved it so I'm not set on 110.

Sooo enough of all that. If anyone is interested to join me feel free, I'm up for company.

Have a happy healthy day!!


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