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9/28/12 12:10 P

That is so true. I had one once that played the same music all the time and it got really boring after a while. I just always feel like I get a great workout and can pretend that I dance gracefully for that hour. I do love all the squats and punches and kicks and stuff that we do in the choreography.

9/27/12 11:14 P

I've gone to a variety of instructors and there are definitely some I like more than others. I find that I like the classes that feel more "fitnessy" and not as "dancy." By that, I mean they are more than just dancing, but there are actual body weight exercises incorporated and, in the case of zumba toning, some weights as well.

I've noticed that really there are as many types of zumba classes as there are instructors. The instructor can either make you love the class, hate it, or anywhere in between.

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9/27/12 5:09 P

It's not for everyone, but sometimes the difference in instructors makes all the difference in how much you enjoy the class. I like the more latin flavored classes, others prefer the emphasis on hip-hop.

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9/26/12 4:06 P

I'm not in to Zumba but admire people that do!

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9/25/12 2:44 P

YAY! Good for you. I hope it didn't hurt your back.

9/25/12 12:19 P

I did end up going, though I did some modifications during the class. emoticon

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9/25/12 12:11 P

Yes. You should go and give it a try,modify if you need to. Chances are you'll feel much better afterward. Keep it low impact and your back should be fine.

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9/24/12 5:15 P

Can you go to class and do modified movements? Keeping in mind that if it hurts to much, you have the choice to stop?

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9/24/12 4:43 P

Only YOU know whether you are truly hurt enough to stay home or if you are looking for an excuse....

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9/24/12 3:55 P

So to start it out, I woke up this morning with a sore back. It's probably from hiking yesterday, which felt great at the time. I feel fine when I'm up and moving, but when I'm sitting at my desk at work I don't like how it feels. Should I go to the zumba class tonight?

It is worth noting that I don't typically have back issues and I really do want to go.

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