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5/16/14 10:18 A

Thanks you everyone for your time & thoughts. It's as I suspected. Tho I was kind of hoping to hear of other peoples actual experience in trying it.. kind of doing my own research since the web seems to only have more theories & opinions than facts..

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5/16/14 9:10 A

It helps if you can see real research results that prove some of these claims. I agree with the previous posters that if you like lemon in your water, it's fine. But it's not going to help with weight loss.

Coach Jen

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5/16/14 9:03 A

My personal opinion of Shape magazine.... is that they are in the business first and foremost, of selling magazines. And how much truth is actually in the articles and blurbs they publish, is secondary at best. It is not a scientific, peer-reviewed publication. It's Ladies Home Journal with a healthy sort of twist, a lot of which they seem to take from the latest buzz on the internet. So take their recommendations with a large grain of salt.

I would not bother adding lemon, unless you like lemon. imo you'd get a better boost to your metabolism by rising up and moving around more.

5/16/14 8:36 A

I seriously doubt there's any change in your metabolism from drinking a few tablespoons a day of lemon juice. And it can erode the enamel on your teeth. I would rather have a twist of the lemon rind in my water than the juice, although I love lemon juice with vegetables and in other foods.

And maybe I'm cynical, but I doubt Shape magazine has any real convictions about what's healthy and what isn't. They collect health and diet content and aggregate it together to sell magazines, but I don't think there's any Shape editor lying awake at night worried about the consistency of the messages they're putting out.

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5/16/14 8:16 A

From my point of view, a little bit of lemon adds a lot of flavor. It really makes club soda tasty.

However, it is a fruit and as a Type 2, I have to be aware of the extra sugar it adds. It's not a huge amount, but I am particularly sensitive to fruit sugars. They raise my BG pretty quickly.

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5/16/14 7:58 A

I have ready SO many contradicting articles about the benefits (or myths) of squeezing fresh lemon in water every day. Some swear that's a metabolism boost while others say it's affects are mild and not substantial in weight loss efforts.

Tho all do seem to agree that lemon water has it's benefits, (mild detox & digestion aid) there is a huge gap between if it actually speeds up metabolism and aids weight loss.

Surprisingly, two of articles that contradict each other both come from Shape Magazine! I would have expected a health magazine to subscribe to one belief or another but not support both. This has left me even more confused over what is true and what's not..

So what is your experience? Is it just great tasting water or has it made a *real* difference in your weight loss journey?

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