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4/5/12 10:56 A

@Grandmababa, Thank you good luck on your journey too, I did great the first day & have slipped the past 2 days, eaten way to much, & have found myself just grabbing & eating, my daughter had to make cookies last night for her friend's birthday at school, I broke down & had 2, I did start the excerises yesterday & have cardio today so I must walk at least 30 minutes today & I have been using my pedometer to try to walk at least 5000 steps a day. Imat a point this is something I want to to this is something I NEED to do.

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4/5/12 8:53 A

You have a good start to your plan. I, too, have just begun a journal and my next entry must be some clear, concise goals. I love having a place like this where others can help me stay on track. I do have several health issues to battle along with the weight. But, that should never be my excuse. Even when I can do little I can still do something. Good luck on your journey.

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4/5/12 5:55 A

keep up the good work...

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4/4/12 9:31 P

Thank you for your words of encouragement, your right I am doing this, slowly but moving forward, I wish you all the luck in the world on your journey too.

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4/4/12 9:25 P

You should be very proud of yourself for taking the steps toward a better you!!!! Im here on this journey to be there for my daughter as she gets older too. Although I started at 324 lbs, Im losing it and now I even look forward to walking. You can do this!! In fact, you are! Just remember, you are soooo worth it. I hope you have a wonderful weekend coming up. Good luck on your journey.

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4/4/12 2:51 P

I am a 48 year old mother of 3 girls (15,21,29), the weight started creeping up on me like a stalker, a little here a little there, five lbs didn't seem like much till one day you wake up & you 280 lbs, size 26,

I left an abusive relationship after 16 years & have been married to my wonderful high school sweetheart for over 7 years, My life has changed so much but my weight hasn't, I have tried every "weight loss"program , fad, wivestale, I could find & nothing has worked for me, my last resort is surgery, which I am not looking forward to.

I have found that I am addicted to sugar,and an emotional eater , which I proved yesterday when I ate a candy bar after hearing my in laws had to put their beloved dog to sleep after 10 years. I hate that I can't walk 10 -15 feet with out having to stop and catch my breath, I hate hearing my kids cry about how they are concerned about my weight & that their afraid that health problems will take me away from them, so far I have no major health problems, but we all know that can change at any time.

Today I started my "work out" , I won't lie I thought I was going to die. I picked 3 that I thought would be easy ( easy my butt), reverse crunches, back extension, & dumbbell side bends, cramps in my legs from reverse crunches, couldn't breath with back extensions, & thank God I only started with 2 lb weights for the side bends..... But I did it & look I'm still alive so I'm hoping the next time I do them it do them it won't be as bad.

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