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MI-ELLKAYBEE SparkPoints: (228,267)
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2/1/12 9:42 A

If you always want to eat after dinner, plan for it and go ahead and enjoy it without guilt. Save some calories for a snack (I generally have 200-300 calories of my 1200 that I haven't had yet.) If I am NOT hungry, or too busy, or out somewhere, I don't even eat enough calories that day. Just be sure that your after dinner snacks are good, clean food. If you go to bed feeling hungry, it will affect your sleep, too. Your body doesn't know what time you ate, it only knows how much... So if that's your time to want to eat, do it. emoticon emoticon emoticon

MTBF12 SparkPoints: (0)
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2/1/12 9:09 A

Do this one time and you'll not forget.
Get naked, sit on a chair facing a mirror and invision yourself eating something (or actually eat something)...believe me, unless you're skinny..this vision will do the trick to stop you from over eating.

2/1/12 8:52 A

Go to bed early. It's been working the past week and half. I eat around 7-7:30 and in bed by 9-9:45. So not enough time to get hungry and snack.

TEENSOKKEN SparkPoints: (21,828)
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2/1/12 8:41 A

Brush your teeth after diner.
It gives me the feeling I am ready for bed aka stop eating.
And you know everything you will put in your mouth will taste minty and just not as good. So it's not worth putting it in your mouth in the first place.

SARAHSTANLEY SparkPoints: (0)
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2/1/12 8:34 A

I do most of these suggestions. Evenings are my munchies time so I plan for it as another meal. My munchies meal is about 300 cals and is eaten spread out through the evening. This evening's planned 'meal' is a few nuts, 50 calories of 0 fat greek yoghurt over some cherries and a 45cal crispbread with triangle of light laughing cow cheese spread on it. I also have a glass or two of chilled fruit tea.

If I didn't have my evening 'snacks' I'd have failed on this diet within days of starting it.

PEEDIE22 SparkPoints: (0)
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2/1/12 8:31 A

I save myself an after dinner bowl of low sugar cereal, and if I want more than that I take a hot bath or get on the computer to keep my hands busy.

2/1/12 8:29 A

I aim for six small meals a day at 250 calories each. That leaves me plenty of calories for my evening snack so I'm very satisfied. I don't like big meals because they make me feel sluggish and like I overate, but you can eat a lot of good food for 250 calories. This is a new tactic for me and I feel it's knocked out my cravings and "grazing". I feel remotivated and more in control eating this way. Better energy and very satisfied. I hate going to bed hungry. One of my favorites is a bowl of cereal - organic multigrain squares with almond milk - and i'm very satisfied. Sometimes you just have to work with yourself. If you know you need to eat something before bed (I do!), then just plan for it and enjoy it!

AUBREY_25_99 Posts: 93
1/31/12 11:54 P

I save my daily walk for after dinner. It's a great way to get exercise and forget about snacking in the evening!

ONELOVE627 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/31/12 11:11 P

A nice cup of green tea!

CECELW SparkPoints: (231,321)
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1/31/12 11:07 P

think of steak...if your not hungry enough to eat a steak then your not hungry

DAZEFAN408 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 174
1/31/12 10:33 P

Well, if you're female, go do your hair or makeup. If you're a man...I don't know

GOPINTOS Posts: 6,263
1/31/12 10:08 P

I try not to drink much water after supper, just because then I am up all night going to the bathroom. I have about 15 - 20 cups by that time already. What does your supper meal look like? I vary every night, but things like beans and grains are very filling - barley, quinoa, etc. along with salad and sometimes a soup. I usually cant finish it all. Like tonight, I couldnt eat my salad. So if I would have gotten hungry after supper, I might have had my salad. If I have to have something, we like popcorn popped on the stove top. I try to not eat an hour before I go to bed though.

1/31/12 10:06 P

chew sweet mint gum

SPARK921 Posts: 3,353
1/31/12 9:56 P

My three favorites are:

1. Drink a glass of water when cravings hit.
2. Brush my teeth (then things won't taste as good anyway)
3. Stand up and go look in the mirror with my hand on my (ample) stomach. That is usually enough to stop me from craving anything but a walk around the block. :-)

WANT2BHEALTHY60 Posts: 240
1/31/12 9:51 P

I stay out of the kitchen after eating...or eat dinner late...I´m more of a snacker, also and add them into my daily calories.
Having some activity planned helps...and the cup of tea or something low cal to drink helps also.

PR0GR3SS SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 19
1/31/12 9:51 P

Chew gum.

Many nights, I do save myself enough calories for one 90 cal ice cream bar to treat myself at the end of the night.

Drink lemon/lime water.

WOOLFIE Posts: 265
1/31/12 8:29 P

Well, given my track record you shouldn't listen to me..hahah..BUT I just bought some Trader Joe's Turkey Jerky (teraki flavor)..and it seems to stop me from eating (at least til the next food ad on tv) is low fat, hi protein and chewy and salty..there is usually no way a little snack would stop me, but this seems to do it

GLAMIAM SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,583)
Posts: 156
1/31/12 7:49 P

I'm another vote for a cup of tea. I find sipping a cup of hot tea like Chai or whatever other flavor I like after dinner while watching tv works. It takes a long time to finish and I feel like I'm having something, but there's no calories.

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KARENRAU123 Posts: 184
1/31/12 7:34 P

I save calories for an after dinner snack. I am loving my trail mix

JLLYBN2 SparkPoints: (17,639)
Fitness Minutes: (59,089)
Posts: 36
1/31/12 7:19 P

I read about a study that said the smell of peppermint is suppose to curb appetite. Maybe you could try "curiously strong" peppermint altoids. It seems to help me.

EMMANYC Posts: 1,702
1/31/12 6:42 P

I rarely get home before 7:30 and often don't eat until 9, so I don't have much 'after dinner' to deal with.

KICKBOXER75 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 13
1/31/12 6:40 P

I find protein always helps. I'll take 1/2 a portion of my usual protein shakes, and drink about 2 cups of water in between to get that full filling. Gum has also helped me a lot. Good luck!

1THINMAN Posts: 1
1/31/12 5:43 P

Of course you would have to account for it in your Tracker for calories, but Shakeology from Beach Body (Google it) can be VERY filling and it's not sugary fluff junk. It is packed with vitamins and minerals and protein, which we all know helps curb hunger. One scoop with water or crushed/blended ice is 150 calories and 25 grams of protein! I'm a heavy guy, but I regularly drink them for breakfast and upon occasion I have also had after supper as recommended above. Chocolate is the best and it's easy on the stomach. Hope this helps.

CDANDERS05 Posts: 356
1/31/12 5:31 P

It's always good to occupy yourself with something else so you're not thinking about the hunger. Another thing that I do is drink water. Water can be filling and calorie-free! :D

SUEZETZASS SparkPoints: (13,344)
Fitness Minutes: (13,582)
Posts: 29
1/31/12 5:23 P

The more i work out, the hungrier i am right about now. 11:20pm my time. Doesn't matter if i had a great eating day or not. Anytime after 8:00pm and i am looking for a snack or something to eat.....HELP!! I have been eating fruits, drinking lots of water and sometimes i get a sweet tooth, but not too often. My evening snack is also sometimes low fat yogurt with a bit of granola. :(

CFIMBRES01 Posts: 388
1/31/12 5:21 P

yeah the gum helps me too to stop eating and also the exercise

JENNIMC613 Posts: 228
1/31/12 5:18 P

I get a work out of at least 20 minutes a few minutes after dinner. Once I get all sweaty, then take a shower, then clean up the dinner dishes & rest of the kitchen, I very happily sip a cup of tea, or drink some ice water. The exercise in the evening makes me not want to eat.

GARDENSTAR SparkPoints: (11,372)
Fitness Minutes: (22,857)
Posts: 66
1/31/12 4:51 P

Lately I have turned to flavored sugar free chewing gums, such as mint chocolate chip flavor I am chewing now.

KLEINE134 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,393)
Posts: 5
1/31/12 4:00 P

I have a sugar attack about an hour after dinner. I eat fresh fruits (an apple, orange, or grape) and a bottle of water. Usually does the trick for me.

JENJENRN1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,227)
Posts: 4
1/31/12 3:32 P

No offense, but a mint will just not be enough to curb any cravings I have after dinner!! I either have to keep busy, fill my belly with something substantial at dinner, or fill it with fluff items (ice, beverages, etc).

MBW209 Posts: 82
1/31/12 2:50 P

I find I am not actually hungry after dinner - just maybe fidgety and bored, but too tired to really get moving in some way. I find that anything that keeps my mind and hands occupied helps alot - sudoku, crosswords, any kind of needlework, cleaning out a few drawers, etc.
If I actually feel hungry, yogurt and a couple glasses of water do the trick.

SUSAN727 Posts: 1,880
1/31/12 2:28 P

Lately I have been drinking Yogi Herbal Tea Supplement (Breathe Deep-supports Clear Breathing) with some honey.


BEATINGED SparkPoints: (8,331)
Fitness Minutes: (2,771)
Posts: 124
1/31/12 1:57 P

I will usually have a sugar free mint or fill up on ice water or sparkling flavored water.

1/31/12 1:49 P

When my husband and I go shopping weekly we buy snacks that we portion and package for use during the week. We plan 2-3 snacks into our day. Also, I drink a lot of water during and after dinner. If I'm still hungry I reach for one of those pre-portioned snacks. My favorite right now is Triscuit Thin Crisps and a wedge of Laughing Cow Light cheese.

JENJENRN1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,227)
Posts: 4
1/31/12 1:44 P

Get busy!! Do something different every night. Call someone you've been meaning to. Do an extra 10-15 of walking or just stretching. Try on some clothes. That always gets me motivated!
Plan to do something nice for someone you love.

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VIRGOGURL4 SparkPoints: (60,161)
Fitness Minutes: (104,667)
Posts: 1,485
1/31/12 1:26 P

I struggle with this problem too. I find that when I use the SP food tracker to plan dinner beforehand, I'm more likely to stick with it. (Don't forget to run the nutrition report!)

AHUVAK1 SparkPoints: (11,919)
Fitness Minutes: (5,938)
Posts: 200
1/31/12 1:19 P

I love to drink tea in the evening. I also just read GREAT advice on She steams almond milk with some spices in a sauce pan. The unsweetened almond breeze milk has only 40 calories for 8 oz. I add just a touch of honey to it and it tastes delicious.

ANNE007 Posts: 153
1/31/12 1:03 P

Walk the dog, clean the house, do laundry, pick up knitting (or anything that requires constant use of your hands). If you just sit around passing the time, eating is really a last resort if you're not hungry. If eating might lead to a binge, don't have those binge foods around. If all foods are binge foods, bring into the house only what you can eat/serve that day. Then stay at home in the evening :-) emoticon

TOTALPACKAGE12 SparkPoints: (15,130)
Fitness Minutes: (15,808)
Posts: 583
1/31/12 1:02 P

Drink a bottle of water before dinner. Drink another bottle of water with your dinner. Have another bottle of water fater dinnner (while cleaning the kitchen). You will be so full that you won't want to put anything else in your stomach. If you are tired of the water (add tea or crystal light).

1/31/12 12:55 P

do you crave anything in particular? sweet or salty? I tend to crave salty things at night so I usually make myself a hot cup of miso. :)

PARICARP SparkPoints: (15,777)
Fitness Minutes: (20,268)
Posts: 293
1/31/12 12:41 P

These are all great suggestions, thanks.

As to the question about having a snack if I'm hungry, I guess my answer is: I don't think I'm hungry, but I can't really tell. Plus I've recently started having problems with binging again, so even a little snack can trigger something horrendous.

MOMSQUARED82 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (8,234)
Posts: 20
1/31/12 12:26 P

My thing at night is to make myself a cup of flavored tea. My newest favorite is bigelow's vanilla chai

BOOKWORM27S SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (63,497)
Posts: 10,962
1/31/12 12:16 P

Hot tea or decaf coffee

PINKTIFFANY1971 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,575)
Posts: 12
1/31/12 12:13 P

I LOVE almonds and they make a great after dinner snack. I look at it as my treat.

MSPOOH404 Posts: 541
1/31/12 11:38 A

If you are determined to not eat after dinner no matter what, the only thing that has worked for me lately (and to my surprise) was brushing, flossing and rinsing after dinner. Nothing tastes good behind mouthwash! emoticon

SRBROWN had a good question: If you're actually hungry, why not eat a little something? A small snack of veggies, or maybe a little fruit and yogurt, a little peanut butter on a graham cracker...I "budget" in 3 small snacks in addition to my 3 meals, and I find that I'm usually satisfied all day.

Let me know if any of this helps. emoticon

LISAWMI SparkPoints: (50,169)
Fitness Minutes: (37,224)
Posts: 1,416
1/31/12 11:36 A

25 calorie hot cocoa helps me. But also I eat as late as possible so I am not tempted. Some may think that is bad to eat dinner late but it works for me. I usually eat dinner between 7 and 8pm. I go to bed between 9 and 10 and I absolutely cannot fall asleep if I am even a little hungry when I go to bed.

1/31/12 11:29 A

This has always been an issue for me.
My suggestion, which works the best for me of all the things I've tried:
Clean up the kitchen immediately after dinner, then get out of the kitchen and stay out until breakfast.
No excuses, no exceptions, just do it. emoticon

CHANGINGSAM Posts: 3,991
1/31/12 11:29 A

Try drinking water.

I'm curious. If you are hungry, why don't you grab a little snack?

SSPARKS42 Posts: 13
1/31/12 11:29 A

Sometimes I fix myself a cup or pot of tea. I love tea and it's a nice ritual to end the day and remind myself that eating is finished.

PARICARP SparkPoints: (15,777)
Fitness Minutes: (20,268)
Posts: 293
1/31/12 10:39 A

I know brushing teeth helps, but what else?

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