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That 4000 cal binge can only turn into a pound if it's extra for what you body needs. Drop your calories a bit for the week. Adjust the foods so that you are getting the nutrients from less calories. Cottage cheese gives you lots of protein for the calories, big salads with not a lot of dressings or croutons. Tweak that diet and gets lots of exercise. Take a long walk 2 times daily. Burn those calories before bedtime and the go to sleep. Cinnamon bark capsules have work good for me, these help stabilize your blood sugars and are a choice among diabetics. The tired is what gets me....I call it the depression sleep has landed but I really find it to be closer to mimicking the pregnancy sleep. The one where you can sleep sitting up on the sofa with children climbing all over you and their movie is going and all you can think is.....if the diapers hold....I could sleep for 13 mins. When you are truly, clinically depressed.....there is no small problem.

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Your post really struck a chord with me. The past few months, I've been really stressed out and have found myself bingeing like mad as I've slipped into my old depression habit. (I say habit, because I've dealt with depression on and off, more on than off, for over half my life; and the thoughts definitely become rote.)

Firstly, I agree with DRAGONCHILDE's advice to exercise. Secondly, and I mean this is the gentlest way: stop beating yourself up. It's fantastic that you're keeping in mind what you DO have. That perspective will only really serve you if you stop using the knowledge to berate yourself for feeling depressed. Also, telling yourself that your child deserves a happy, upbeat mom suggests that you don't believe you're good enough as you are. Don't do that to yourself. Kids don't need someone modeling constantly upbeat moods and endless energy. They need role models that tell them it's okay to have moments of weakness and then show them how to pick themselves up when they fall down.

Personally, what's worked for me recently is deciding to own my power of what's within my control. It sounds simplistic, but it really does take conscientious commitment. I oftentimes need to very mindfully, repeatedly battle the negative thoughts. Some things, like money worries, I simply cannot change immediately, and I have to accept them as part of my current situation. I have to DECIDE if I'm going to +++add+++ to my worries by self-medicating with food. From my weight maintenance and months of work on emotional eating, I've learned that eating serves to take the focus away from my real problem. When I feel like I don't have power over some aspect of my life, it's a lot easier to gorge myself because 1) I have power over my weight, and 2) focusing on my unhappiness with my weight diverts me from the powerlessness my stressors cause me to feel. Resisting the urge to binge is empowering, though. On successful days, I find strength in that self-empowerment and carry it over in confronting the root issue head-on.

You can do this.

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emoticon Good for you for tracking your nutrition!

emoticon Walking along side you! I recently looked up nutrition for anxiety and depression. . . found that among other things calcium and protein were really important! I was low in both nutrients! I started taking a good calcium supplement and I'm working hard to include enough protein each day in my nutrition. This week, I'm also going to add fiber because that the protein and fiber are supposed to help control cravings.

I hope you get some good feedback. I'm sure there are LOT's of people in the same boat who are not able to post their feelings. I'll bet you have helped many who will read the encouragement here.


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Get up and move.

I know, it sounds weird, but seriously... when you feel that depressive funk falling over you, go for a walk. Exercise increases the feel-good chemicals in your brain, and helps to fight the negative feelings. I've suffered from depression for years, and getting into a regular exercise routine has literally changed my life. Weight loss aside... coming out of the gym panting, exhausted and sweating... feels *good*.

You'll need to eat more, though; 1200 calories isn't enough to support an active adult female.

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I posted a few days ago when I broke my perfect 1200 cal a day week and binged on 3000 calories. Well I topped that number the following three days. I am just in a funk. I am 208 pounds the summer is coming and I am resigned to the fact I will spend another summer overweight, inside because I am uncomfortable with my body. I am only 26 and have a grogeous toddler who deserves to have a happy, upbeat mom.

But right now, we are stressed over bills, me and my husband are finishing degree's (while he is also working) and I am just tired all the time.

I know I have soooooooooooooooo many things to be greatful for and I feel bad that I am so depressed over such insignificant problems... so my question is, when you get depressed and your prone to bingeing, what do you do to find the motivation to keep going forward and to be happy? I am starting tommorrow new again.


The one good thing I did was track EVERYTHING that went in my mouth...thats how I know the calories the last four days topped 4000/day

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