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9/18/12 7:25 P

I have suffered from anxiety problems for many years. Most of them undiagnosed :-( If it's a constant problem, talk to your doctor. That being said , exercise helps me a lot. I also take passion fruit supplements. These seem to help as well. Deep breathing, music( with really loud, really bad singing) , impromptu dance parties with my trying to think of more. Find a way to laugh. keep a silly picture handy, something that cracks you up at the memory of that moment.

Keep breathing girl!

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9/17/12 5:40 P

I get my strength through GOD. There are plenty of short term fixes on Earth, but they don't fix things, they just prolong things. Years ago I also had a couple emotional breakdowns when it just seemed like nothing was going right. I even had two short periods on anti-depressants that did help me rest up a bit and regain my strength to figure out how to really fix my problems. The second time around I added cognitive therapy along with the meds and it help me to focus on problems and solutions instead of numbing meds.

So there are plenty of things a person can do to try to bring their spirits up and exercise is a great one. Working on getting healthier and fitter is yet another one. But sometimes worldly meds come in handy too. In the end though, one needs to look deep and heal the deep rooted issues and focus on the good in life more. And again, in my case, GOD is always there to help me through.

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9/17/12 2:17 P

There are just those times when it's overall a bad week. You know how the ripple effect works with family.

The big event last week was my daughter's (5yr old) adenoidectomy- within a day or two my son (2yr) has some sort of bug that makes him congested and hubby not only gets the same bug but is overwhelmed at work so he is cranky as heck and I am in the middle of grad school and starting my internship. Needless to say kids are stuck on me like glue and at least one wakes me up every hour so I am getting no sleep---
Anxiety up-- Easiest way for me to calm my nerves is to eat- been too busy to prep proper dishes...

ANYWAY- are there any supplements or advice you guys have to help stay calm and relax during these maddening spurts so I can as best as possible falling off the wagon- so to speak?

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