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9/14/09 6:33 P

I get this tingling feeling after a brisk walk. It's a bit weird feeling, but it doesn't last very long.

4/19/09 8:46 A

Ok, thanks, that was really uselfull

NO-PAIN-NO-GAIN Posts: 393
4/19/09 8:44 A

When you work out hard, your muscles start to get a build up of lactic acid which makes them feel heavy like you can't move them much longer. Sometimes it is a mild pain like a tightness in the muscles.

When you stop - the muscles relax and the blood supply regulates and you are able to get the lactic acid to dissipate and be carried out. That tingling feeling is most likely your body recovering and ridding of that lactic acid.

Lactic acid buildup is often confused with delayed onset muscle soreness which happens in the day and days after a heavy workout. Lactic acid buildup only lasts a short time after a workout and the DOMS is caused from the tiny microscopic tears in your muscle fibers and takes a day or 2 to repair.

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4/19/09 8:19 A

I often feel that when I'm 'ready to work' my muscles start to tingle a bit in anticipation. This is not the same as sore feet or DOMS, but rather an energetic, want-to-push-myself kind of a feeling. Perhaps endorphins combined with Pavlov :) A trainer I sometimes work with told me that it was good, because it meant I was listening to what my body was ready to do. I have some of my best workouts at those times.

For me, bad pain from an injury or almost-overwork and when I'm approaching overtraining are very different sensations. Overwork shows itself in my body as a heavy feeling, an overstressed and overtired mind, poor sleep, and often an elevated pulse.

But I could not guess what you are experiencing.

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4/19/09 4:44 A

Does that mean i'm over working myself?

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4/18/09 4:24 P

I sit on my feet, even in chairs, and will get a tingling when I stand after sitting a length of time. I never considered it a good feeling.

Perhaps what you are describing is muscle fatigue.

4/18/09 4:15 P

Does anyone know what that tingling feeling you fet after each workout is? Which is like bubbles are running through your legs! I love that feeling, but is that a good sign?
I used to feel it after intensive workouts, now i get from just a few minutes of walking, slow walking too!

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