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6/22/13 3:39 A

Thanks very much, have a good weekend

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6/21/13 11:08 P

Betablockers do slow the heart rate, and as a consequence, HRM's will tend to underestimate the calorie burn.

Walking is a fairly well studied and understood activity, and online calculators are normally fairly reliable for this.


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6/21/13 6:12 P

Thanks for the reply.
Beta blockers slow or bring down the heart rate which meat the head doesn't beat as fast.

I am keeping within my calorie range but I am on 900 grams under my goal. If you take the BMI I could loose around 2 stone (28lbs) more and still be in the healthy range, not that I am going to.

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6/21/13 12:09 P

I don't know anything about the medication (or beta blockers in general), but just wanted to say that 250 calories sounds closer to accurate for 5k than 450. The general rule is about 300/mile and 5k is 3.1 miles. So 250 might be a bit on the low side, but not terribly low.

Also, I'm not sure what you mean when you say you're staying a little under your goal, but if you're talking about calorie intake and your Spark range, I would recommend staying within that range, rather than under it. As long as all your info is entered correctly, that should be the right number of calories for you based on your activity level.

Congrats on losing what you've lost so far! :)

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6/21/13 3:35 A

I take this for my eyes but it is also a beta blocker. This gives a problem with calorie burn.
When I first started exercising I noticed that my resting heart rate went down to 31 BPM. I went to the doctor but did not see mine. She sent me to the hospital for an ECG which turned out fine and I was told to carry on exercising. The guy there then told me that I was taking a beta blocker.

I now fine that I can walk 5k and a bit and only burn about 250 calories in around an hour. When compared with the SP database it should be about 450+.

I am keeping to my goal, in fact a little under so I am still loosing a little weight. I wonder if anyone else is doing the same.

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