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9/4/11 4:06 P

Just went through my third breast cancer surgery and it is time to focus on what is important in life. It is not work. It is health and people and serving Jesus Christ. Today I will focus on reaching out to one person, I will focus on eating correctly, and I will focus on my plan.

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9/4/11 2:58 P


JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,562
8/29/11 6:52 P

I've been reading Gary Taubes' book "Good Calories Bad Calories" in which he did five years research on most all that had been studied on "Why We Get Fat." The book is very interesting, since he concludes that as we age, INSULIN is the factor that turns the sugars/starches we eat into fat, thus making the brain say "WOW, stomach this girl isn't getting any food, so pump out that GHERLIN so she is HUNGRY and eats something" so it is a vicious cycle as long as we continue to eat processed sugars/starches. He concludes that Dr. Atkins was right in the fact that we don't get fat from being "lazy and a glutton" but we are driven to crave more sugars/starches which INSULIN stores as fat. The muscle becomes "Insulin Resistant" and doesn't want to burn fat so we crave more sugars/starches. Hmmmmmm. Seems like a vicious cycle.
So, I know I can't eat that stuff. The book is really worth reading.
Dr. Atkins never says we can't go back to eating carbs, but just that once we are at our goal weights, we have to CONTROL them, so we don't regain the weight. I know I have to stay with low glycemic fruits and vegetables and away from processed foods. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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8/28/11 9:26 P

You sound just like me with the "again" part. I'm always starting again and some special occasion always gets in the way! But there are always occasions that will tempt, so I'm trying to cope with that.

Good Luck with your goals. I have trouble with the drinking water and eating fruits and vegetables. I'm sure you can do it though.

I just got back from vacation where I ate and drank whatever and whenever I wanted. So I'm going to start again too!

INZIANN88 Posts: 38
8/28/11 9:04 P

Once again I am trying to refocus on my health. I am looking for some support and motivation. I plan on keeping a blog and could use any support and motivation that you all can offer. Feel free to add me as a friend as well. I am more than willing to provide support and motivation as well! emoticon

I have set myself a few small goals for the week. So here they are and I will let everyone know how I do!

Exercise 10 minutes each day
Drink 8 glasses of water each day
Eat at least 5 fruits and veggies each day.

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