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2/16/14 3:49 P

I think over time your body will be adjusting to the new conditions eventually. Meanwhile, I would pay more attention to my nutrition (especially caloric intake). If your caloric intake remains too low the totality of your training, your body may never be able to properly recover, which would not be good for you at all (you might even lose muscle because of this). As long as you manage to recover at least significantly (you would need more calories for that), between your ST sessions, you should be fine.

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2/14/14 8:15 A

I've been doing maintenance all winter because I can't get outside and use my bench. Working in the 10-12 rep zone for 5 sets.

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2/14/14 8:13 A

The way I do it, if I can't put at least an 80% effort into a normal lifting session, then I won't do it. If I still feel good but not great, I do more body weight exercises rather than stuff with weights. It's gentler on my body but I'm still getting a good workout and working on other aspects of strength.

You know your body best and it will tell you when it's too much.

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2/14/14 8:07 A

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How about some higher (8-10) rep "maintenance" ST workouts while your body adjusts?

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2/14/14 7:51 A

I am currently being trained on different jobs for a finishing line at work. Problem is; not being used to the different jobs, my back especially is really sore. I'm actually pretty sore all over. I'm wondering if I need to take a week off lifting while being trained.

I can *handle* doing my lifting but I don't know if it's hurting right now more than helping. I'd like to keep it up but not at the cost of injuring myself. During my strength training, I feel a bit weaker but no pain. Would it be better for me to take some time off or can I continue?

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