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8/13/13 12:14 P

Hey darlin. Get the workout clothes onto a hanger, the kind that clips, and hang it somewhere in the kitchen, from the cabinet, or from the fridge, whatever works! It will be a visual cue to remind you that you need to think of health before cravings!

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8/13/13 11:51 A

As someone who eats a slow carb plan, I can totally empathize with the simple carb cravings! For 6 days a week, I eat only proteins and slow carbs foods. But for one day, (Sunday Funday), I eat whatever I want. At first I had to go through withdrawals and it wasn't a pretty thing! It took discipline and determination and a few days to get through the headaches, lethargy and "need for sugar or simple carbs". Once I got over the physical addiction, I had to overcome the habit. That was a little harder and took a little longer. Changing my nightly snacking menu wasn't easy. I wanted popcorn, chips and dip or ??? I mean, come on, what's a movie without some popcorn right? So instead of denying myself, I delayed myself. I don't eat what I want when I want it, but I do eat it. I had to make a commitment to be in control of my cravings and not let my cravings control my food choices. At least for 6 days a week anyway. Now when I indulge on my Funday, come Monday, I feel bleh from what I ate the day before. It's a great reinforcement for the positive reasons why my eating plan is the way it is.

For the record, when I do want a snack, I eat a serving of nuts. The salty ones satisfy my savory snack craving and the mocha caramel macchiato almonds satisfy my sweet craving. It works, it's healthy and it's carb conscious!

Congratulations on your success!

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I have lost over 80 pounds since 2010 and have been successful in keeping it off. I am in my healthy BMI and body fat % ranges, however I still struggle to lose the elusive "last 10 pounds". Actually I have no idea how many pounds; I just want to lose my fluffy belly.

I know that, with this little left to go, I have to be extremely disciplined and eat lean and clean 90% of the time. I do very well at meal times and enjoy eating well, but am still overwhelmed with bad processed carb cravings when I get home from work and this is the time of day that I find myself most vulnerable to surrendering to the cravings.

I've tried to go right to my bedroom and get changed into comfortable/workout clothes, but I enter the house through my kitchen and I never quite get any further before scrounging for something that is not really on my list of healthy foods. That coupled with having to be in the kitchen at that time to prepare supper, I continue to have trouble getting through this tough time.

Anyone else have this struggle and found ways to overcome it? I'd love to hear some strategies beyond the "keep some cut up veggies in the fridge to munch on" They just don't cut it. I don't like raw veggies and they don't satisfy my urge for sweet and or salty crunch.


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