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10/5/11 10:51 A

As mothers and wives, it is so hard to put ourselves first over the laundry, vacuuming, dusting, cooking, etc. But if we don't feel good about ourselves, its hard to project a positive image to our kids. I want my kids to grow up to be healthy, happy adults who think of more than their weight and how they look. By putting myself first for 1 hour day (the laundry is always there when I get back!), I feel better about myself and have more patience for the kids. Also, the better I feel the more perspective I can give on teenager problems, rather than assuming everything is related to bullying (like I used to do to myself). I have a long way to go, but am happier when I get momma alone time!

MEMEME75 Posts: 658
10/5/11 9:05 A

You sound like me and lots of others mamas too! Good for you for doing this for you! Taking care of you will mean a mom better able to take care of the kids! I know, I am on that journey myself. emoticon

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10/4/11 3:53 P

I turn 30 next month and just hit my high of 200. I always made excuses, dishes, laundry, fighting, crying etc. If I did try to work out my hubby would ask whats for dinner, the kids would freak out if I left or locked my door to work out in my room.
It would break my heart so I'd stop.
I also thought eating right was so expensive but now that I have started to I am eating less food in general.
I don't eat beef anymore, it just grosses me out. If I do I get grass fed from my local butcher as a treat(maybe twice a yr)
As mothers we have to take care of ourselves in turn we take better care of of families. Im less stressed & my girls are already eating 10X better too. :)
Keep it up emoticon

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10/4/11 5:48 A

I've never had this problem of putting myself last. I think it comes from being an only child. I'm extremely selfish by nature and totally subscribe to the idea of "if mama ain't happy, no one is happy."

works very very well for me.

10/3/11 2:47 P

Yes me too as a mom I have lost sight of making me time and focusing on me. My hubby works outta town and after two weeks of him being gone and everything that could go wrong going wrong well when he came home we totally got into it and then I later realized that I took all my stress out on him! Its hard though to put ourselves first when you have kids, a hubby, and a million and one things to do. Today I went outside during my little one's nap and laid down on the lawn chair by the pool (and well Ifell asleep too) but it just felt nice!

Oh, what is that insanity workout? A few of my fb friends are talking about it. Well good luck to you!

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9/30/11 7:57 P

I am a mother of two and I feel that it time to look after myself and work on getting what I want the most and that is to be healthy because if i do not feel good then my kids will see it.

HEALTHY14REAL Posts: 2,549
9/30/11 6:06 P

emoticon emoticon

9/30/11 5:28 P

Hello! So I have been a depressed, overweight, using all the excuses this crazy life has thrown my way to hide myself and just not care about my body and my emotional well being, which for many women go hand and hand ;) I am 29 and I am NOT going into my 30's.... fat.

I just started "Insanity". Today was day 2. I am sticking to this thing. I am going at it as if I am attacking it. I have finally realized that for myself to be happy and satisfied in this life.... I have to do it. And I am :) I am also strongly thinking about going vegan since I saw this documentary called "Forks over Knives". If you haven't seen it, you totally should. Its on Netflix also. Wish all of you who feel like I do/did all the best and the will power and strength to FIGHT your mind and PUSH yourself.


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