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5/27/13 8:09 A

They're suppose to be really bad this year. I hike a lot with my family and I've only had 1 on me before about 7-8 years ago. This year I've had two on me so far!! Just yesterday I had one crawling up my arm in our van on the way to hiking. Must have been hiding out on mine or my husband's backpack from the night before. They are flippin' gross. Ugh. Luckily I found them before they bit me.

Stay on the path and out of tall grass!

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5/27/13 5:07 A

Yeah the forest around my house can get pretty infested. It was horrible last year. I pulled several off myself and my dog actually got a really bad case of lyme disease. I hated seeing him in so much pain, but he's fine now after it got treated. But I really hate them and I show no mercy when I see them.

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5/27/13 3:54 A

glad i am moving in a week away from tick country

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5/26/13 11:43 P

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OMG, I'd problably freak out if I found one on my body!!!!

5/26/13 10:46 P

Just pulled one off my stomach. This is the absolutely worst year I can remember for ticks. Our woods is INFESTED with them. I pull them off of myself at least 1x/day and also get at least 2 off of my dog daily. I hate ticks!!

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5/26/13 10:19 P

Hate them!!!

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5/26/13 10:14 P

YUK YUK YUK YUK YUK, EWE GROSS. NOt sure if it came across I absolutely hate these disgusting little critters. I went on a hike with my family today and found 3 of them...and one had already latched it parasitical nastiness onto me. Somehow in my family I managed to get the sister found one and my daughter had one. How is this fair????

Anyway, what outdoor nasties do you hate....I wouldn't blame you if it were ticks, I have to say they are the worst.

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