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11/6/12 7:44 A

GREAT job throwing out the candy.

You asked if anyone else struggles with this concept--tossing food. Well, I used to, all the time. But now, nope! My health means too much to me to even give it a second thought.

I also figure I can either throw the food away now or throw away money on doctors I'll need if I continue to eat whatever is in front of me just because it's there.

Again, wonderful job!

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11/6/12 4:01 A

emoticon I used to have to do that too, no trigger foods in the house! As you go further in your journey, you'll be able to be around them more.

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11/5/12 10:14 P

YOU DESERVE a HIGH FIVE! emoticon emoticon and here is a high five from me to you emoticon

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11/5/12 10:11 P

Great move! This person I know brought it up to the school I work at. We give candy to kids as a reward. Not sure thats such a good idea because of the problem with obesity now a days, but it does motivate children to keep trying especially those that struggle. But I admire you for throwing yours away. That is a wonderful plan. emoticon

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11/5/12 1:14 P

Thanks Shennig. I'll look for it at my library

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11/4/12 3:10 P

Check out the book "Intuitive Eating". It has helped me immensely in this area and I would recommend it to anyone.

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11/3/12 8:19 P

Daily successes matter a great deal!

I throw away food every week. My husband hates it because of the financial waste. Though I agree with him, it is better given away or tossed outside to animals to eat (neighbor dogs, cats, and wildlife like raccoons) than on my waste.

Ideally, we would eat what we bring in or home. But neither of us need an entire pan of brownies. So I eat a little, DH eats some, and I freeze or toss the rest.

I try to get food prepared and purchased in servings sizes of 2-4. DH eats a lot of anything. My couch potato husband is about 60 pounds overweight and doesn't care about it. So he eat what I don't.

I throw it away if it spoils, so why not throw it away before it spoils?

It took me at least a decade before I could find a healthy balance between food and eating it. Now I can have a plate of cookies and only eat a few. I don't need the entire plate like I did when I was in college. Gaining confidence and reminding myself of healthy life choices I am making helps me eat in reasonable amount watching portion control.

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11/3/12 7:26 P

I sat in another room while my husband passed out the candy. I physically knew I wasn't strong enough to be around the bowl without helping my self to 1, 2 or 30 pieces of candy! My husband even have me a high-five at the end of the night. That was my success for the day...

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11/3/12 4:00 P


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11/3/12 3:30 P

I agree--I feel waaaay too guilty throwing out food. I freeze portions too--it works out great for lazy days! Maybe it's because I'm from a small midwestern town, but couldn't you give the food or candy to a daycare, neighbors, or take it to work? Of course, if you have 3 bites of supper left on your plate, by all means toss it out or give to the dog, but extra cookies, brownies or the like usually go over pretty well in the break-room.

I also see the bigger picture here too--not feeling obligated to eat everything just because it's there, and I applaud you on your will power to throw the food away or get rid of it!!

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11/3/12 1:15 P

I hear you, Stardust2K4. I hate throwing away food. There is so much hunger and food insecurity in the world. I feel terrible when I toss stuff out.

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11/2/12 8:13 A

thankfully we have a place to give the candy.

However, if I cook too much and know it; I usually divide it into an additional portion and freeze or refrigerate for a different meal.

I hope you don't go over the top in the other direction and "fear" foods to the point of obsessiveness

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11/1/12 11:51 P

M fiance and I bought Halloween candy, and we had ONE trick-or-treater! I didn't want to sit at home and eat it all, and since I didn't have a place to donate it, I just threw it away. I've been trying to separate myself from my food to the point where I don't feel obligated to eat it just because it's there. I've been trying to do that with food I prepare too. If I get full, and if I know that my fiance isn't going to eat it, why keep it? I have a feeling that working on this will help my emotional eating and the anxiety that comes with food for me. I think it will also put an end my habitual need to eat or finish off everything so it doesn't go to waste.

Does anyone else struggle with throwing away food?

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