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DIBBSGRAHAM SparkPoints: (1,793)
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11/17/12 11:54 P

Thank you. Your messages really were encouraging. Ill have a better attitude tommorrw! Promise!

GOING4MUSCLE Posts: 5,233
11/17/12 8:52 P

Of course you have hope!

Weight loss is never linear. The scale will always experience those wild upward swings, so that's why it's important to have other methods for judging how everything is coming along, such as...

Measuring for inch loss
How your clothing fits
Body Fat testing

As an example, for myself, I used to think that 130lbs was my rock bottom scale weight. So many times, this is where my weight loss would come to a screeching halt and I thought that was it. But in 2011, at the weight of 130lbs, I just made the decision to let my body do what IT want's to do, rather than it having *me* tell it what I want it to do.

Once I took that mentality..its been smooth sailing! I now weigh 105lbs and am in the best shape of my life. What really helped, was that I gave up stressing about what the scale said. If it went down...great! If it stayed put..great! If it went up a pound or two..I knew it was *normal*, cause I knew I was still on track.

So keep pushing it! You'll get to where you want to be!! emoticon

JSWITHERS SparkPoints: (48)
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11/17/12 8:21 P

Hi I was 618 lbs. I lost 320 but I can't seem to lose any more. During that time I felt the same way you have to stay strong stay the course good luck

REBCCA SparkPoints: (416,133)
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11/17/12 7:12 P

Hello DibbsGraham,

Of course you have hope. Adopting a healthy lifestyle that will bring you lasting benefits of healthy weight, thriving energy, habits of consistency, perseverance and patience is a process and does take time.

It is nearly 9 years since I reached my goal weight and I am still learning new ways to be healthier. Hang in here and know that even when you are not seeing scale results you want you ARE forming habits to enrich and empower you and your life. emoticon

ALISSASJOURNEY SparkPoints: (14,758)
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11/17/12 5:01 P

You can do this!! I lost 10 pounds fairly quickly and now am having trouble losing more. I have maintained the weight loss, but need to lose about 40 more. If you need a buddy, I am more than willing! Just remember that everyday is new and you will reach your goals!

DIBBSGRAHAM SparkPoints: (1,793)
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11/17/12 4:15 P

Please tell me I have hope. Thought I'd done so well.
It's been six months and I work out and eat steam packs of veggies all the time. I lost ten pounds but gained 4 back jn like a month.
Feel like I'm always struggling. Please tell me that this fifteen can come off. I'm so depressed and sad over being always out of step with the other girls.
It's always been like this. Please help me!

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