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9/10/13 9:55 A

That sounds so good! Does the coconut milk just taste like vanilla, or is it a little coconutty? I LOVE coconut :)

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9/9/13 11:03 P

I make black bean brownies. They're full of fiber, healthy fat, protein, 2.5g of sugar.... and chocolatey!

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9/9/13 9:53 P

Hey all!!! I have been gone for some time and needed to come back and evaluate right away. In order for me to stay on track I have to have some goodies, so I don't feel deprived. Last night I tried something and I am so so SO glad I did! I wanted to make chocolate pops so I have something to fight my sweet cravings with, that won't kill the calorie budget, or the wallet. I can't tell you exact amounts, but I will put it up on SP Recipes as soon as I make it again and measure everything. I looked around and found the perfect ingredients to a great and simple chocolate pop! I used SoDelicious brand Vanilla coconut milk ( it's organic and naturally sweetened with 8g sugar) about 16 oz. I put it in a small pot and started to heat it on medium heat, I then stirred in some organic raw honey, and unsweetened cocoa powder. Again I cannot tell you the amounts but it taste just like hot cocoa! So you can drink it like that, OR put it in Popsicle molds and freeze it! My son ate 2 of them today, and I had one, they were fantastic and so simple!

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