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8/1/13 8:01 A

I did P90X before CE, but I was always rushing through the arm stuff. Chalean was right and doing it slow does way more for muscle building. I had that nice cut at the top of my arm - was so nice. Bringing it back! :D

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8/1/13 7:31 A

I noticed that too going through Burn. But in Push and Lean it wasn't as bad with water retention. Remember though; you're upping the weights more for fewer reps in Push. LOVE the program :)

7/31/13 10:48 P

this is very reassuring, thanks! i always get this and panic.

also, your blog name? it's awesome. stop asking about my baby! she's almost 7! :D

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2/21/13 3:59 A

I guess the extra 4lbs of water weight went to my thighs :| Thank you guys!

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2/20/13 8:32 P


I just started my third go around with CLX last week.
Can't say my clothes fit tighter but I did gain the expected 4 lbs in water weight. My clothes have a little wiggle room anyway LOL.

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2/20/13 6:44 P

I don't do Chalean extreme, but this is a common reaction to a new, more challenging exercise routine. Your muscles will soak up water in response to the new demands you're placing on it. This water has to go somewhere, and can often result in some inches gained.

It should be temporary, though, and should go away as your body adapts.

KAYEMM3 Posts: 1,577
2/20/13 12:52 P

Did any of you ever notice that your pants started to fit tighter in the thigh area? This is the third time I'm doing it, yet this is the first time my pants started to not fit because of that area. I eat clean, drink enough water, exercise enough, I'm just not sure why I'm going through this now. I've stuck to the routine more religiously this time, so I'm not sure if maybe I'm just late in getting this response? I'm currently in the first week of the Push phase. Any comments are appreciated!

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