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10/1/12 7:01 P

It turned out that both the rehearsal dinner and the wedding were buffet style. I was able to make sure my plates had a lot of the vegetables, and smaller servings of the meat. I also avoided the desserts. I did have a good number of beers between the events and the after parties, but I was able to put into dancing enough time that I did not feel too uncomfortable with the results.

I did eat a salad before I went, so that when I hit the buffet I wasn't ravenous and making mistakes.

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9/28/12 1:29 P

The idea of eating something healthy before you go, so that you're not starving and can limit your intake, is workable here, too- kind of like what is said for holiday parties.

If you allow yourself to enjoy everything a bit, control your empty calories (limit alcohol and desserts), then you can claim a win!

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9/28/12 11:30 A

As I approach my goal weight, I tend to agree with Bill. If I don't give myself the 2-5% days (like weddings or dates), then I'm being obsessive, which is why I got to bad health in the first place.

On the other hand, when I just starting out, it helped to maintain consistency as much as possible and I think it's OK to go in with a plan and do your best to stick to it (think ahead, be proactive).

I love how you gents push my thinking every day. Keep it up.

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9/28/12 11:06 A

If it's a buffet-style deal, I probably eat far less than I would for a sit-down deal- too hard to maneuver around, and I don't want to look like I'm pigging out in front of friends/family! I might have a beer, or a couple of glasses of wine, but I never feel that I over-indulge at weddings.

PS- I like Bill's answer. I think more along those lines, too. Besides, I usually indulge a bit on weekends anyways, so that would be my indulgence.

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9/28/12 8:09 A

I probably sound like a broken record, but I don't really avoid much during special occasions. I've calculated that holidays and special events make up about 5% of the days in the year. If I'm doing it right the 95% of the time, the 5% doesn't matter. If I'm slipping up the other 95% of the time, I'd best focus on that.

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9/28/12 12:14 A

The best wedding strategy is just to stay far away from all of

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9/27/12 9:55 P

Like any function I go to, I stay within portions and avoid the cakes, sweets, and drinks. If it's a sit down meal the are usually nice portions. If it is pot luck, I take a couple bites of each dish. If it's a buffett of select items, I take the small or half pieces of foods. Even if I do eat cake or sweets, I just take a couple bites or ask for a small piece. And I drink mostly water since one can really go overboard with sodas and other drinks at those functions. But one or too beers, wines, etc. is not a sin. ;-)

NHOYLE1 Posts: 351
9/27/12 2:39 P

This weekend me and my GF are attending a rehearsal dinner and wedding. These things are difficult to not get tripped up at, both because of the indulgent style food at this kind of thing and the booze that is there to add in unwanted calories.

What are your wedding strategies for keeping strong?

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