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the flu is definitely no fun. Keep pushing those fluids and try to get some rest. If you still have a fever, call your doctor, just to be safe. A fever shouldn't last longer than a few days and if you're already into your second week, then it's time to check with your doctor. You may need a prescription to squelch this thing if your immune system is too weak to fight it off.

If your throat is sore, drink lots of hot/warm tea with honey. Honey is naturally soothing as well as having plenty of anti-oxidants.


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Have you seen a doctor? The flu is no joke. It nearly killed me 4 years ago.

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12/2/13 6:18 A

Eat Blueberrries...Similar to tea, blueberries are a powerful antioxidant that contains diarrhea-fighting tannins. Doctors in Sweden often prescribe a dried blueberry soup to patients suffering from acute diarrhea.

When experiencing diarrhea, with or without vomiting...gentle on the stomach foods include

Salted crackers
Soda crackers
Bland cereal
Dry toast
Boiled or baked potatoes
Plain pasta or noodles
Plain Yogurt can help too, and even though it is high in calories Swanson Chicken Ala King out of the can with 2 pieces of toasted rye bread may help you feel better, as well as, some homemade chicken soup.

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My husband and I have had a nasty virus for three weeks. We feel better and then the dry cough returns. There's no cure except to wait for the virus to die!

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12/2/13 1:06 A

Hope you get to feeling better, drink lots of water. emoticon

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12/2/13 1:00 A

Oh my goodness! I've been fighting a virus for more than a week and a half and I think its winning! No energy at all. Fever keeps popping back up. Food all tastes like yuck. Take care everyone. This years flu does not play fair!

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