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5/19/12 10:53 P


thank you for the tip. I'll stock up. Chocolate is my biggest weakness.

Have a great weekend.

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5/19/12 5:02 P

Hi there! Good luck. I enjoy a Weight Watchers Brownie when I crave chocolate or cake. They are half the calories of a Little Debbie one and talk about yummy!

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5/15/12 1:37 P

So this time will be different!

Hi to all,

This is actually my first time doing a blog or string of posts where all can see. I've decided to step out of my comfort zone to move forward. This year is a big one for me. My personal and professional life seem to be in flux. So what better time to grab the bull by the horns and DO something about it.

So aside from trying to find a new job - I've been one of the lucky ones in the Canadian federal government to be cut - I want to loose the 10 lbs that krept back over the holidays. The main reason is because nothing fits!

Here I am, poised to make a true difference. Watch out Hollywood, here I come! Well, maybe not quite that but you get the drift.

I started tracking last Friday, then skipped most of the weekend (the two pieces of chocolate cake could not appear on here!!!) and re-decided to continue tracking yesterday. I can see how much of a challenge this is going to be... sigh.

But here I am. Craving for that chocolate bar. MMM chocolate, I can just hear it calling.

Oh yes, here I am, and I promise (fingers crossed behind my back :) ) that I will track everything and do my exercises.

Mmm chocolate...

Yes this is going to be an interesting ride but I have to do it. I want to look and feel fantastic, and be healthy for the rest of my life.

Stay tuned. I've really decided to keep this journal and track my journey.

Oh I hope this is the right place to write all of this. Me and technology, we are just so NOT friends at times.

But if you are reading this and know that I have put this at the wrong place, please let me know.

If it's the right place, then hang on, and maybe we can do this journey together.

This is day, ummm, 5, or is it 3 (if I subtract the weekend)? Anyways, it's the beginning...

New Me 4 Life 9

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