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1/14/13 3:58 A

(Adding to UNIDENT's reminder- that is for total body weight training! You can do training every day but only if you alternate muscle groups. Basically, each muscle group needs at least a full day's rest. Weight training damage the muscle fibers, and your body repairs the small tears when you rest, so you get stronger/see gains only when you allow it to rest and repair. Doing total body like what you proposed is good 3x/week. But you can also do six days a week with upper on day 1, lower on day 2, core on day 3, etc. you just do not want to work the same muscles on consecutive days)

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1/14/13 2:39 A

A "weight loss routine" would look identical. Some cardio, some strength, with a dietary restriction on total calorie intake.

As posted, it's a myth that doing weights will bulk you up or even add muscle if you're losing weight.

Any weight loss is never pure fat. It's going to be fat, water, muscle, and bone density. Doing strength training minimises both muscle loss and bone density loss, ensuring that a greater proportion of your loss is just fat.

It sounds to me like you are doing great! Good job making healthy choices~!

(Remember that strength training should only be done every second day, so on alternate days just do more cardio).

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Hey, Spunk!

It's a myth that using weights to strength train will bulk women up, and this is especially false during weight-loss. Put simply, if you're in a calorie deficit (burning more than you take in), you're going to lose weight. No real way around that. Usually, the weight loss from eating low-cal is a mix of fat and lean tissue (ie, muscle). Strength training DOES build up muscle, yes, but that is the point! Since you will be losing some muscle due to the weight loss, you want to make sure you don't lose muscle from inactivity, and you can even prevent some of the weight-loss muscle loss, too.

Strength does not always been building muscle, too. You gain strength in two ways: activating inactive muscle fibers and building muscle. If you are new to strength training, you will probably active inactive fiber and start to use your muscles more efficiently a lot more than you build new muscles

Also, women do not make the same hormones that men do (like testosterone). Those hormones really dictate how bulky we can get. I know people- even guys actually- who weight lift a LOT, are quite strong, but look scrawny (two points in case: a friend James, who is over 6', ~150-160 lbs, and can do pull ups like no other, and a girl named Tessie who climbs). For me personally, I don't "bulk up" especially in my arms. I can do bench presses till the cows come home, and I won't get big. My arms are so darn small that when I get sports armbands, they fall off!

So, don't be worried. Use the weights! Keep your muscle! You will look and feel better IMO if you do.

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Okay so I have been trying to "train myself to make healthy decisions". I have to say I have been doing fairly well with a little slip up here and there. As far as my FastBreak goals I have been doing rather well sticking to those... I have stopped drinking regular soda and if I need to cheat it is diet or zero, we have been cooking at home eliminating eating out almost 90%, and I got a gym membership 4 days ago and have gone twice.

So my gym plan is:
- I will go after work on days that I work which is mostly 4-5 days a week.
- To eliminate over excercising I will not go on Sat or Sun

Get to the point right? ;)

So I used the workout generator on the site and I liked the Total Body Workout it seemed fun and easy to do. I added 7 minutes on the elliptical to start and get my heart rate up and I ended the workout with 10 minutes walking at 3.5 mph on the treadmill. I guess my question is a lot of what is in the Total Body workout is involving weights which I would assume would burn calories but also build muscle. I don't want to be bulky I am trying to lose weight.

The workout that I am doing is it possible to achieve or should I be working on a Weight loss routing instead. If so what would that equal? I am having trouble finding one with the generator. At this point if I had to create one it would be the elliptical, treadmill, bikes....

I am so confused so I am looking for all of the help I can get.


1. Squats on Leg Press
2. Heel Raise on Leg Press
3. Single Leg Squats on Leg Press
4. Seated Chest Press Machine
5. Seated Row Machine
6. Seated Lat Pulldown
7. Seated Overhead Press
8.Seated Triceps Extinsion (actually haven't done cause I don't know which machine to use)
9. Preacher Curl Machine (Haven't done this one either)
10. Abdominal Crunch Machine
11. Seated Back Extension
12. Knee Raises on Captain's Chair

Most of these had a goal of 3 reps of 15 some I have not been able to complete but for the most part I have.

Thanks in advance!!!

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