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SAMHAPPY1 Posts: 1,305
11/18/13 7:21 P

I've been vegan for 4 1/2 years and protein has never been a problem for me.

It sounds like you eat milk and eggs so try not to overdo it on those and add a healthy amount of whole grains, vegetables, fruit, legumes and nuts and you should be getting what you need.

The factory farmed chickens in stores today are not the same "happy" chickens of yesterday's family farms and I hope I don't come off as biased, but you really don't need meat to thrive.

Sometimes you just get hungry. Listen to your body, eat some healthy foods and try not to stress about it. emoticon

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SIMPLYME80 Posts: 406
11/17/13 6:30 P

Hi, that was me long ago! My uncle had a farm where a chicken was chosen to be dinner! Same with the cows, one would be chosen to slaughter/process for freezer beef for the year. Although I was a child at the time-I peeked in and saw! I refused to eat! It got so bad I wouldn't even touch a veggie that was plucked out of the ground-it was Killed and I was supposed to eat it! Refused to drink milk after I saw where it came from! I was starving refusing to eat. Then my uncle the farmer (father of 8) explained about the food chain, it was ok to eat and that it was the reason there were farmers to provide food to the stores so people can eat. I was ok with that, but to this day I will only buy packaged meats, and my freezer beef (cow/bull) is chosen by the farmer for us and already processed when we pick it up.

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
11/16/13 7:27 P

It can be startling to see how we obtain our meat proteins. I wouldn't like it at all, either. But (as another poster mentioned), if it's purely a moral decision, I'd try to reconcile myself with it.

You certainly *can* get proteins from other sources... but you won't be providing your body with the proper balance of amino and fatty acids present in those foods. All protein isn't created equal, as is the case with all of our macronutrients. The source is important, too.

I see plenty of posts stating that the deletion of any whole food group is "bad." I think, within some boundaries, this is probably a reasonable perspective. For essential nutrients, at least.

Try to get over that bad experience. It's your health, after all. This is the way we are intended to exist. It's just that in our Western world we've been divided and "protected" from reality. Doesn't seem to me it's done us much benefit.

GYPSYGOTH SparkPoints: (94,944)
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11/16/13 6:53 P

Well you SHOULD be doing more weight training than not much at all, if you don't want a hunchback when you're an old lady! emoticon

I am eating more animals than I did before because I'm trying to get my protein up. I just try to always choose humanely raised animals. Killing is horrible, but it is a fact of life, and one I've come to accept, if I am supporting the closed circle of a small farm (where animal manure is used to fertilize and there are no petroleum inputs or outputs and every animal gets sunshine and its mommy!).

I can tell you about a person who is very active and was a vegetarian: my brother, who snowboards and does yoga and rock-climbs and dances and runs around like a crazy person 100% of the time, and was told by his doctor that if he didn't start eating some meat, he was going to waste away to nothing but sinew and be unable to sustain the kind of muscle mass that all of these activities (compounded) require. He eats sustainably-raised meats now. (And he's put on a good 15 pounds of muscle, thankfully!)

Ultimately it is your conscience. Thankfully we don't have to hunt and/or kill all of our own food because there are wonderful farmers who are willing to do it for us. Just don't support the horrible cycle of factory farming, which besides the horrors for the animals is destroying our planet.

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11/15/13 2:38 P

If I wasn't eating meat for moral reasons, I wouldn't give that up just for protein. As others have said, there are many ways to get protein in the diet .

That being said, I love meat and eat it 3-5x/week. It's the natural way of things in my view. If humans hadn't developed their hunting skills and stayed as herbivores, we wouldn't have developed the intelligence that we have.

If you aren't eating enough fats you can be hungry too. What are your fat levels like? Do you eat non-fat or lowfat dairy? (I have been much happier since changing to lowfat from non-fat).

I like your idea of eating at maintenance for a few weeks. I've been doing that myself for the past few weeks (not even tracking on the site). It's refreshing and allows you to work on mindful eating as opposed to doggedly following a plan all the time.Its important to make sure to meet fitness goals for the week too. (HRM/fitbit helps!)

11/14/13 10:19 P

Thanks for all the thoughts!

I'm wondering if this is just happening because I am getting closer to my goal weight.

I did notice one thing that's different, and it's that I haven't been drinking as much water. I moved and I do NOT like the water here at all. I made myself drink more water today.

I'll relax a little bit, and perhaps take the rest of this week or next week also and eat at maintence. After that I'll go back to eating at a deficit.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
11/14/13 4:02 P

Many people think it is the protein which keeps us full, and in one way it can.. it takes a while to digest. However what gives us that satisfying feeling of fullness, is fat.

I am talking about the fat in the chicken, yes, but you get fat from butter, oil, and macadamia nuts too. Try adding a Tbsp. of olive oil to a veggie stir fry, or have macadamia nuts for a snack ( 90 % fat ), and see if that helps. If not, try eating some meat, and try that too. It may just be that 1.5 lbs a week is too fast.

I found that I could lose 3 lbs a week just fine for about 10 weeks, and then all of a sudden, i would be ravenous, and eat enough to slow down to a lb a week max. I didn't eat different food, just ate 2800 calories, instead of 1800. The body is adaptable, but when you are losing weight, there are many physiological things happening inside the body, and losing too fast sometimes causes the body to go " Whoa! Stop this! ". I would up calories 250-500 a day,and see if weight loss drops to .5-1.0 lbs a week, and stick to that for a month. Eventually, you will feel ready for another speed course of weight loss, and can drop those 500 calories, or choose to keep an extra 250, and just cut back the other 250, and lose 1 lb a week, instead of 1.5. Maybe that will prevent hitting the wall again.

It is better to give in to your body, and eat a little more, and be in neutral for a while, than it is to force the body to lose,lose,lose, until, you get so ravenous, you go crazy, and gain weight back.

JENNA3 SparkPoints: (75,289)
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11/14/13 9:38 A

It sounds like you know very well how different foods affect you. If you are eating a lot of the same foods on a regular basis, your body can get used to them. Try eating something different. Plan a new menu with a few foods that are new or unusual for your diet. I'm not saying go against your regular plan, just add some variety. That can help your body wake up again and actually use the fuel you're giving it. Changing up your activity can do the same thing. Try a new exercise or activity.


NIRERIN Posts: 14,297
11/14/13 9:00 A

1. if you're anywhere near the middle of 5' [or especially above], 1.5lbs per week is really aggressive for your current size. one pound per week might even be pushing it. so scaling back on your deficit might help overall. do remember that the more active you are, the less of a deficit you can support as your get closer to maintenance. you simply just don't have the extra fat reserves to cover the big gaps anymore. and as you're getting close to maintenance, you really need to eat closer to what your maintenance would be.
2. while you might have known a kind of emotional eating before, remember that emotional eating comes in all different stripes and shapes. so while you may have conquered one kind, it's possible that this is a different version of the same thing. so if you are stressed, bored, mad, happy, nervous, pay attention and see if you do need to work out a way around this new [for you] kind of emotional eating. by all means leave it for last, but entertain the thought that it might be this.
and as you are close, would it be possible that you are trying to sabotage yourself?
3. as you have been eating more how comparable are your macros to what they were before? fiber? have you introduced any new foods? by the same token that you know eggs fill you up are you by chance eating a higher proportion of foods that don't fill you up? and are there any other foods that fill you up? i find eggs useless, but i'll make a vegetable curry and serve it over mashed potatoes and greens and i find that quite filling and it's pretty low cal. so if you have other foods like that, start rotating them in a little more. if a broth based vegetable soup usually does the trick, puree some beans and stir it into the already filling soup. or make a big pot of chili and have it over a baked potato or polenta. instead of just having greens, have greens and grits. peppers, onions and mushrooms are great additions to this as well.

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,314
11/14/13 8:45 A

Instead of the red meat which can cause inflammation try more nuts...

Walnuts are a great source of omega 3's and good for your heart 7 Walnut Halves approx...100 Calories

Almonds balance blood sugar...A good rule is to have 20 almonds and is about 140 calories
Pistachio's help reduce stress...28 per day and they also help create a sense of fullness.

Pine nuts...a tablespoon of pine nuts eaten right before a meal will help you eat less because this healthy pinolenic acid triggers a rise in two hormones that turn off hunger....and that's according to reports made by the Journal Lipids in Health and Disease.

CERTHIA SparkPoints: (22,539)
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11/14/13 7:36 A

Try it? See how it makes you feel? Animal protein does not have to be from land animals, perhaps you would feel more comfortable eating fish?

I think your calorie intake sounds just fine for your activity level. I wonder what you are typically eating? I find that for me foods that are higher in fats and/or complex carbohydrates offer better satiety than most fruits and vegetables. Filling food for me are beans, seeds, nuts, fatty fish, whole-grain breads..

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
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11/14/13 7:34 A

Determining why hunger increases is difficult, complex and not fully understood but it is fairly normal when losing weight due to ghrelin and leptin levels. When I started approaching and reached my goal weight I was insatiable. I began eating everything in sight and couldn't stop. Totally out of control. I gained back 15 lbs quickly after reaching my goal weight. I tried many things before I just decided to maintain my higher weight, eat at maintenance and when I felt hungry for awhile. Of course this contributed to the last 5 lbs gained but I eventually leveled out. That was my last ditch attempt and it worked for me. It *may* not be what's happening to you but if it continues, it's worth looking into.

I've decided that my original goal weight was too low for me but I am still about 5 lbs higher than I'd like to be. I've been maintaining my current weight for about 4-5 months. For the longest time even dropping below 1600-1800 cals would leave me starving and I'd eventually cave-in and overeat. Only recently and after cutting back a bit on my exercise/strength training I'm find for the first time in months I've been satisfied on as low as 1300 cals. I'm thinking my hormone imbalances from weight loss played a major role in my hunger levels.

You may benefit from this article on weight loss and the role of ghrelin and leptin:

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11/13/13 9:20 P

Thoughts and opinions are welcome.

In January, I beheaded a chicken, and ever since then I stopped eating meat. I can't handle it anymore after doing it first hand.

Lately I have been doing so well and losing weight consistently. I am very active. I eat 1500-2000 calories per day, quite often 1700-1900. I wesr a fitbit, and everyday I eat 800-1000 calories fewer than it says that i burn. I am steadily losing 1-1.5 pound per week. I am guessing the fitbit overestimstes a bit, which is why I ate at a larger deficit. I m definitely not starving myself. I eat 50-60 grams of protein per day. I eat at least 5 servings of vegetables per day. This has been working, because, like I said, I am active. Most of my activity comes from walking or jogging- mostly low intensity, and I don't do much weight training at all.

I don't know what my problem is, but for the past four days, I have been ridiculously hungry. I have not been more active than usual- less, actually. I'm not binge eating, because I am making pretty healthy choices and monitoring myself. But I just could not take feeling so hungry, and so I have eaten a LOT. Yesterday was the worst. When I get hungry like this, I always eat an egg because they have fat and protein and it usually does the trick. But it has NOT been working. I don't know what my problem is, but I have eaten more calories than I have burned and I don't want to GAIN weight.

I'm pretty sure this isn't emotional because I know what emotional eating looks like in my life- I will eat a bunch of popcorn and a bowl of ice cream while watching TV or something like that. This is not really like that. I thought after a day or so, my body would "catch up" but I don't feel that happening.

I'm thinking of just eating meat again tomorrow. I wonder if the extra protein will help fix this problem. I also wonder if I should wait it out, or try something else.

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