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7/25/12 11:52 A

Update: I bought it and I love it. Don't care for ab or lower back routines on it but I have no complaints. It was a little awkward at first and swapping rods out seemed to be a pain but I rememered that it's no different than swapping plates at the gym.

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7/21/12 8:17 P

Agreed its a great machine for basic bodybuilding. I really like the results Im getting with mine but if you are looking to get huge its not enough. Im pretty big already and a bit older so its perfect for what I want with just a little free weight work thrown in.

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6/28/12 6:03 P

The way I got my bowflex was ebay for a couple hundred, new in the box even. The story I got was it was a gift from a girls boyfriend and it made her so made she just wanted it out of the But something like workout equipment I do not have a problem with buying used as long as they work. I even seen them at second hand shops and on craigslist all the time. People get them and then they just sit so they want them gone.

As far as once you get them, I ran through the rods that they come with fairly easily so I had to get the add on box to add a couple more 50# rods. But these machines to me are not meant to be used to bulk up with heavy weights, they are great for getting in shape and staying in shape.

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6/28/12 9:13 A

Anyone have good luck with these? I would have posted in the general boards but I'm looking for other men's opinion since our weight requirements are usually higher than the ladies'.

It's a lot of freakin dough to to regret spending.

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