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4/1/11 7:31 A

It is amazing how stubborn we can be sometimes. I knew for years that soda was causing my acid reflux. Yes, I had it bad. I would stop the soda's for almost two years then start back up. Well i have been off soda's for three weeks this Saturday. other than one mild flare up yesterday. I have a feeling I may be allergic to cheese or garlic. Will have to figure out which one. I haven't had a bit of problems and have been able to stop taking the acid reflux med. Good thing because that stuff cost a fortune.
I'm so glad to hear you stopped smoking and are working out that is great. The weight loss is an added bonus. Best of luck to you.


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3/30/11 10:34 A

My dad recently survived an Aortic Aneurysm. He had to get surgery to fix the Y shaped part of his Aorta down around his pelvic area. My Grandfather on my mom's side died of a massive heart attack at 70. This all recently happened. I had a scare on my 28th birthday. My entire left side went numb. I went to the ER and found (after some tests) it was a horrible migraine. It was enough to scare me. I quit smoking and as soon as I felt I could breath easier I started working out. I have been working out daily. I feel better and I am losing weight. I also have not been having as many headaches.

Its nice to be told by doctors that I look good inside and that I am fine. Instead of 'going with it' and thinking I am invincible (like most people my age), I intend to keep it that way by getting healthy and staying healthy now and forever.

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3/28/11 6:57 P

My dad also died young -- at 43-- of a heart attack. That experience has led me to a life of fitness, no-smoking, and being mindful about my heart health. Being at my dad's exact age of death this year has spurred me to make additional health changes -- I wanted to start running more and lose weight so my BMI is in the normal range. I want to live for a long, long time!

SUNRISE14 Posts: 5,216
3/28/11 7:13 A

Understand where you are coming from . I got a step daughter that has lots of health issues that effect our lives daily ! Don't know how to help her and am working on taking care of myself so i can be there for DH and her ! My prayers are with you ! God Bless you for caring enough to take care of him ! emoticon

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3/28/11 7:04 A

I'm 29 and have endometreosis and possibly PCOS. I want to have kids one day and with my existing conditions hindering my fertility, being very overweight isn't helping either. I'm hoping this site gives me the kick in the butt I need to get on track and stay on it!

3/27/11 10:40 P

Good luck to every on their journey to good health. I feel for you all for the struggles you have gone through to try and get someone well. I wish you continued success to everyone.

I have to give out Kudos to my daughter too. Because my dad is having a few memory issues right now she is taking him to the doctors appointments and keeping up with the home health nurse.

He has argued with her about some stuff but she is just as bullhead as he is. She makes sure the doctors know everything now. Where I don't think my dad had been doing in the past. She has three appointments for him this week alone. I am thankful for all her help too.

I have a business on the side that I am trying to bring back to life. When I make it I can then quit the day job and work nights only dedicating more time to my dad and free up time for my daughter.

Again best wish to all of you and thank you so much for your support. I really do appreciate it.

Frances L. Tonry

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3/26/11 6:51 P

After years of eating bad, drinking and smoking, my dad passed away from heart problems at 44. I was 20. It was hard. 3 of my children have never known their grandpa. By that age, my dad had already had 3 massive heartaches, a quardruple by-pass and was on a list for a new heart. I am going to be 44 this year. I am chosing not to have a life like that. I am going to be here for my kids and grandkids, and if the Good Lord allows it, great-grandkids.
Good luck to you on your journey to good health too.

3/26/11 1:20 P

You are a wonderful daughter to take him into your home and try to nurse him back to health. I have a husband who is 100 lbs overweight, diabetic, bad knees, 3 stents and uncontrollable hypertension. All I can do is try to set a good example, but once they are used to eating bad, it's so hard to change them! After his mini-stroke in November from uncontrollable hypertension, he vowed to lose weight and get in shape, which lasted about 1 week. I started making green smoothies for breakfast and he lost weight and felt better. After a month of it, he let me know he was tired of them, so I stopped and he's back to bad health again. He's in control of his own health. You are in control of your father's destiny now, and I commend you for your work and wish you the best of luck in getting him self-sufficient again. The book Green For Life by Victoria Boutenko is a great start to incorporating green smoothies into a diet, and I wish you the best of luck in both of you reaching your goals!

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3/26/11 12:37 A

Any guy who weighed 450# did a lot of damage to himself, but he can still turn it around I'm sure. My FIL smoked most of his life and had a cholesterol level of 800 when he finally changed his diet. He had a stroke rather than a heart attack and was paralyzed on his left side for about 10 yrs before he died at 88. That was difficult.

3/24/11 10:17 P

I have spent each month for the last 4 months in the hospital with my dad. This past month twice in one month.

He has congestive heart failure, cyrosis of the liver, and kidney issues. He is 72 and some would say that is to be expected. But it's not his second wife he married just before I moved to the south he use to live out west. She never cooked and they only ate processed foods. Mind you my dad could have learned to cook too. He went from about 265 to 450 lbs. He became a diabetic, has knee problems and more health issues.

Since moving here without his wife and living with me he has lost 138 lbs. Unfortunately it still isn't enough he has started eating a lot better and these scares with the hospital really are getting to him.

what I have learned is I don't need to work as hard as he did all his life, I need to eat better, exercise more and take better care of myself.

I have lost almost 8 lbs and have gone cold turkey on my soda's and exercise more and eating better. I don't want the health issues my dad has.

So for those of you that might be stalling take a look at your parents see if they are in good health. If not and you follow what they have done you will see yourself there in twenty years. Look at friends etc.

Use what ever excuse it is you want but get healthy.

I love my dad and I hurt for all he is going through I want him better but the years of not taking care of himself are catching up to him.


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