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IRISHFANUH87 Posts: 1,038
4/12/13 4:55 P

People who are late all the time, incompetent employees, people who think there is an 'r' in the wash, and people who guilt-trip. And lots of other things, this is the short list.

TIG123GER SparkPoints: (77,547)
Fitness Minutes: (17,448)
Posts: 2,116
4/12/13 10:22 A

When checkers at stores talk with other store employees rather than paying attention to the customer and the job at hand, often slowing down the line or messing up the ringing up.

MAUDEANDBUNNY SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,863)
Posts: 31
4/12/13 10:10 A

People who say they are a vegetarian but eat fish. Then your NOT a vegetarian! emoticon

SUNSHINE99999 Posts: 19,849
4/12/13 9:19 A

people who feel like they always have to one up someone else's story.

4/12/13 8:46 A

People who say..."Yous" as a plural for you.
People who finish other 's sentences and continuously "butt" in.
People who lie.
Slow drivers. They can be dangerous on the road. Fast drivers for the same reason.
Eating with your mouth open.

HEAT04 Posts: 116
4/12/13 7:53 A

People who don't blow their nose and I have to listen to them "sniff" all day - annoys the heck out of me! Headphones are a blessing in a cube environment.

Entitled people

Loud chewers of anything


EMILYMARGO SparkPoints: (12,060)
Fitness Minutes: (7,301)
Posts: 351
4/12/13 7:19 A

Grammatical and spelling errors on the Internet, bullies, slow drivers, sideways rain, that watery stuff at the tops of yogurt, when people chew their gum like cows, school buses, snobs, and most of all when people joke about being "OCD" or "ADD" about certain things, when they don't even know the sad side of those disorders (I'm speaking here as the older sister of a 16-yr old boy with Asperger's)

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,510
4/12/13 7:03 A

people who try to be 'funny' by criticizing someone else.

people who spend more time trying to figure out ways to get out of doing what they should do, when they should JUST do what needs to be done.
{uh that me?}

control freaks who won't compromise or collaborate...unless things go their way.

ONELITTLEPILL SparkPoints: (72,735)
Fitness Minutes: (43,012)
Posts: 1,056
4/12/13 3:58 A

there are an awful lot of things that annoy me, so I won't bore everyone with a list. A good number of them have to do with driving. I particularly hate slowness, like 10 under...

CHARDY0125 SparkPoints: (13,037)
Fitness Minutes: (9,932)
Posts: 563
4/12/13 2:53 A

Ungrateful people

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (598,750)
Fitness Minutes: (356,687)
Posts: 17,051
4/12/13 12:01 A

negative people

FISHER011 Posts: 1,603
4/11/13 11:34 P

people who walk in front of my walker, making me almost trip on my face-usually pushy teens too busy or on their phones or are with friends not caring about if I can stop without hurting myself emoticon emoticon

JO88BAKO SparkPoints: (319,671)
Fitness Minutes: (174,737)
Posts: 17,165
4/11/13 11:25 P

Cursing and using the Lord's Name in vein in public

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,581
4/11/13 10:52 P

When people are trying to make something plural and they add an 's' that is not supposed to be there. The plural of fruit is fruit, you do not add an 's' to make it plural. Fruits is wrong.

And that people who should know better say pleaded instead of pled. You didn't bleeded when you cut yourself, you bled. I got confirmation from an English teacher. She told me I am correct.

That felt better

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PAMLICO-DAZE SparkPoints: (46,810)
Fitness Minutes: (34,007)
Posts: 1,215
4/11/13 10:50 P

Food pushers

MUSHCAT Posts: 4,639
4/11/13 10:21 P

My husband when he doesn't leave an adequate tip when we eat out. I was raised by my mother and grandmother, both of whom made their living as waitresses.

RENATA144 SparkPoints: (207,563)
Fitness Minutes: (75,250)
Posts: 49,480
4/11/13 10:02 P

It breaks my heart that my hubby is eating habits are changing for the worse. I find myself nagging him to eat healthy foods but the choices he's made would kill me if I ate like that since I'm diabetic. It hurts to see him trying to kill himself.

ALISALEA Posts: 161
4/11/13 9:50 P

I see several people posted about tailgaters and I agree that's annoying, but on the other side of that is people who drive way under the speed limit. If the speed limit is 65 and you're driving 47 OF COURSE traffic is going to be on your tail and changing lanes to get around you. IMO slow drivers are just as/more dangerous than speeders. I expect to be able to drive at whatever is the posted speed. Obviously I'm not talking about special circumstances, like in the middle of a thunderstorm. If you ain't got anywhere to go, stay at home! (Can you tell I deal with drivers like this every day going to and from work? LOL)

RUBENB2003 Posts: 14,837
4/11/13 9:43 P

When somebody calls me and I can't answer and they keep calling back. When you finally answers because you think it's urgent and it's not.

EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
4/11/13 9:38 P

Yes! Spay your pets if you don't want any babies!

If you really want their babies, then you MUST care for them!

If you don't want to care for them, then SPAY YOUR PETS!!!!!!

UMBILICAL Posts: 12,786
4/11/13 9:08 P

Circumstances beyond my control

MONIEE2 SparkPoints: (152,211)
Fitness Minutes: (49,819)
Posts: 4,739
4/11/13 8:49 P

Stop riding my bumper, stop texting, stop driving too fast when it's raining.....


MKRETIRED Posts: 2,196
4/11/13 7:52 P

People who text and talk on their cell phone while driving.

LULUCALLY SparkPoints: (18,546)
Fitness Minutes: (17,348)
Posts: 834
4/11/13 4:19 P

I'm with Christina on the pet thing. If you get a pet, it's a commitment. And it's never cute to let them have litters so your kids get to experience it. Get your pet fixed. It's better for the pet's health and better to not bring unwanted animals into the world.

But the most annoying thing is when people drop off their unwanted pets in the country or in front of a animal protection center. Take responsibility of the animal. You made a choice to bring it into your lives. Do the right thing when you decide you don;t want it any more. Find a good home for it.

emoticon emoticon

PHDMAMA06 SparkPoints: (93,518)
Fitness Minutes: (105,855)
Posts: 6,334
4/11/13 2:59 P

I could write a novel, ha. But I'll just list a couple...

I HATE it when people tailgate me, especially if the weather is bad and the roads are slippery. Sets my nerves on edge. Also, around here, a lot of people turn on their brights and don't dim them if they come near other cars. Drives me crazy!!

I don't like it when people are rude/uppity with cashiers, servers at restaurant, customer service reps, etc, especially if it's for no good reason. I worked in the service industry for MANY years, those jobs are HARD and often don't pay well, and the people who work in them don't deserve to be treated badly!

Also really bugs me when people get pets and don't treat them as the commitment that they SHOULD be. e.g. get a puppy, don't invest the time in training it, decide to get rid of it because it's chewing/jumping/barking, whatever.

4/11/13 2:19 P

People who break dates at the last minute annoy me too. Especially when I've invited them to dinner or a BBQ and they have RSVP'd and I bought food for them already.

It's annoying to find trendy clothes in a smaller size that I love, and then find out they don't even make it in my size. Back I go to the "Double Knit" department!

Big, big annoyance is when I gift someone with something by mail or by leaving it with another person to give to them, and I don't even hear back one word from them.
Over a year ago, while getting ready to attend a nephew's college graduation, I tripped in the bathroom and broke my shoulder really badly. My daughter called and let his mother know what happened, and we subsequently sent a large check to congratulate him. The check was cashed, and not only didn't we even get a "thank you," but absolutely no-one on that side of the family even called to see how I was doing. Was that RUDE? or what!

CLRWILLIAMS25 SparkPoints: (34,625)
Fitness Minutes: (35,554)
Posts: 1,091
4/11/13 12:53 P

GERARLAUR- I totally agree! People are total sheep when it comes to the news. Whatever the newscasters decide is important ends up being all people care about for that week or two. (gun control, gay marriage, occupy wall street, e. coli, horse meat etc)

ASHLEYGILLE SparkPoints: (12,749)
Fitness Minutes: (2,227)
Posts: 1,890
4/11/13 11:45 A


RK1177 SparkPoints: (14,775)
Fitness Minutes: (1,404)
Posts: 529
4/11/13 11:44 A

ugh - LAZY coworkers who do NOTHING. They sit and "phone it in", (or in my workplace - lay around!)

They constantly leave their work and go and find something to eat. EVEN if they JUST had lunch OR will be leaving in an HOUR and can go home and have dinner!!

MOM2ACAT SparkPoints: (190,535)
Fitness Minutes: (41,579)
Posts: 30,457
4/11/13 11:15 A

DANYLEIN, that bugs me too when people don't use turn signals.

Also people who throw their cigarette butts out of their car windows when they are driving.

I'm living with cancer, and I get annoyed with people that tell me what I should be doing as far as my treatment, and send me emails about "cures" such as diets involving eating massive amounts of asparagus or drinking a lot of lemon juice. I prefer to get treated by someone who actually went through years of medical school, not someone who believes everything they read on the internet.

SHURNP SparkPoints: (12,008)
Fitness Minutes: (1,508)
Posts: 222
4/11/13 11:08 A

Great response MBRASSFIELD2

MBRASSFIELD2 SparkPoints: (5,352)
Fitness Minutes: (879)
Posts: 71
4/11/13 11:04 A

Negative people.

GERARLAUR Posts: 341
4/11/13 11:03 A

The News -- the constant repetitive, negative, bad news. And the way the newscasters enjoy"alarming" people and making it sound worse than it actually is. I think the news should be on in the morning, at dinner time. That's it! Enough is enough with these constant news reporters.

DIETER27 Posts: 8,978
4/11/13 11:01 A

People whom take advantage of others
People who bully or abuse others

JOANIEBUG46 Posts: 4,214
4/11/13 10:46 A

Snobs. The people who think that they are better than others for whatever reason; especially if they take advantage of other people.

GRIZ1GIRL SparkPoints: (201,527)
Fitness Minutes: (261,305)
Posts: 2,243
4/11/13 10:45 A

People who text while driving or talk on their cell while driving--SOOO dangerous! Especially with kids in the backseat!

CLRWILLIAMS25 SparkPoints: (34,625)
Fitness Minutes: (35,554)
Posts: 1,091
4/11/13 10:25 A

-When people consistently break plans at the last minute
-Drivers who drive in the lane that is ending and try to cut in front of everyone at the last minute
-Spelling/grammatical errors (especially online when it underlines misspelled words for you!)

TIG123GER SparkPoints: (77,547)
Fitness Minutes: (17,448)
Posts: 2,116
4/11/13 10:20 A

I hate when people are always late - we have one friend who is always 10-15 minutes late to everything we ever plan even though we let him set the time since he always seems to be the one under a crunch. HATE IT!!

GOLDEELOCKS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (29,283)
Posts: 1,425
4/11/13 9:05 A

Many things when ur OCD, but repetitive questions can annoy me!! js

DANYLEIN SparkPoints: (94,726)
Fitness Minutes: (33,086)
Posts: 359
4/11/13 9:05 A

- Arrogant people
- people who don't use their turn signals


KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
4/11/13 8:54 A

People who let their Pit Bulls run loose in the neighborhood. They chase after me when I walk. One chased me again this morning, it's scary!

KJANE54 Posts: 428
4/10/13 11:19 P


JIACOLO SparkPoints: (565,421)
Fitness Minutes: (220,953)
Posts: 31,545
4/10/13 11:18 P

People who don't do their jobs or who try to do mine.

DIANITAH SparkPoints: (72,865)
Fitness Minutes: (7,365)
Posts: 3,083
4/10/13 11:13 P

People being late (ugh so disrespectful).
People (usually girls) cracking their gum super loud.
Slow drivers in the passing lane.

DAVEED Posts: 2,956
4/10/13 10:49 P

tailgaters and people who drive aggressively.

MUSHCAT Posts: 4,639
4/10/13 10:49 P

Not being able to find the clean startbof a new roll of toilet paper.

TRACYLYNN853 Posts: 490
4/10/13 10:43 P

I agree with the post below this one! Cant stand fake people at all.

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
4/10/13 10:22 P

fake people who act like they are better then you that really annoys me

LUCASMOM2003 SparkPoints: (45,806)
Fitness Minutes: (39,250)
Posts: 1,670
4/10/13 10:15 P

The cold weather again.

EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
4/10/13 10:13 P

I hate it when anyone forgets things! Especially myself or someone I know when it's important!

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