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JANLUCY Posts: 1,524
12/16/10 8:14 A

Oooo, I can see where not tracking those things would lead me into a bunch of trouble, but if that works for you, you are lucky! :-)

JPRICE217 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (20,859)
Posts: 3,755
12/16/10 8:11 A

I do the same thing. Thank you for giving me something to think about.

POKERHONEY1028 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (513)
Posts: 166
12/16/10 7:52 A

I also am guilty of not tracking gum, I also stopped tracking things that had no calories, fat, carbs or protein. I usually manually enter my foods because I need to be accurate and the suggestions don't match what I eat. I also don't track tums,cough syrup or pepto and it all has calories. I'm going to start.

PITTYJAX Posts: 740
12/16/10 7:30 A

I wasn't tracking butter-on-the-bread, milk-in-the-coffee, "little" things like that. Turns out that the body counts everything that goes into one's mouth! So this week, I'm tracking EVERYTHING except medications. In just 4 days, my body is responding to the honesty.

12/16/10 7:18 A

I don't use a tracker but I keep a total going on paper or in my head. I don't track things little things that I forget such as gum and I also don't measure vegetables such as broccoli and I'll just give it a round number like 50 but I do track most everything else and I tend to track UP so an apple no matter how small I call 100 etc. I round everything UP so any extra little calories I didn't count are typically included by default.

7WORSHIPS Posts: 3,262
12/16/10 6:40 A

vitamins and supplements

GATORJOY Posts: 5,201
12/16/10 6:37 A

I don't track gum either!

ONESPOTLEFT SparkPoints: (123,311)
Fitness Minutes: (137,452)
Posts: 3,340
12/16/10 6:19 A

usually I don't track tea or coffee

I drink both undiluted; but they still have calories


FINAL2010 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,095)
Posts: 102
12/16/10 4:19 A

i dont track gum, and seriously a lot of food here in Africa i just cant find the calories it contains! so i just measure EVERYTHING well almost everything
but i concentrate on tracking my fitness stuffs

12/16/10 2:45 A

I personally don't bother tracking tea but I always drink it plain without any milk or sugar so it should not be too significant. Although just now I checked the nutrition tracker and learned that brewed tea contains .3 calories per fluid ounce.

LOSING107 Posts: 236
12/16/10 1:04 A

I don't track gum, or tea unless it is sweetened.

12/15/10 11:54 P

I don't usually track tea or coffee and today gum

12/15/10 11:42 P

I never tracked stuff like that either. My weight loss was always right where it should be too, so I figured I was either burning more calories than was being counted or my other foods were being overestimated a little.

I don't track at all now, and I've been maintaining my weight just fine so.. meh.

ALLRONIX Posts: 265
12/15/10 11:04 P

I'll honestly admit the tracker frustrates the hell out of me. Weighing and measuring EVERYTHING left me hungry and tearing my hair out. My best weight loss streak (10 lbs) came when I STOPPED using it and gunned it on the fitness tracker.

FIORENZA SparkPoints: (108,726)
Fitness Minutes: (106,502)
Posts: 3,937
12/15/10 7:15 P


MTNCLIMBER88 Posts: 1,229
12/4/10 2:15 P

Loe this post! I don't tell my tracker about the pack of gum I chew every day at work...I can't help it! Some people chain smoke, I chain-chew...but I'm pretty sure my habit is healthier!

CELECAT73 Posts: 31
12/4/10 1:08 P

lovetoplay - too funny!

runningsushi - I went through an obsessive tracking phase. It was helpful in helping me determine good portions and all, but after a while I got a good feel for that stuff even without the tracker. I'm tracking more casually right now, because it does keep me accountable so I don't do silly things like eat an entire bag of croutons in one sitting.

This is my third time using sparkpeople to try and lose weight. I've learned good eating habits from my last two stints, my focus now is on moving around more.

Today I did a 14 minute mile plus 20 minutes of yoga. I feel good!

12/4/10 11:11 A

I loved your post and found it hilarious. I do not think you are cheating yourself if you do those things once in a while. Yes, it might hurt your success but you seem to be doing well the rest of the time so why not enjoy life and pick the fat off the roast three times a year?

You can get take the tracking to extremes and I found it made me crazy after a while as I was tracking everything and immediately after I had eaten had to go online and track it. It is so much better to my mind's well-being to take myself a little less serious.

COCONNOR10 Posts: 608
12/4/10 11:06 A

LMAO Love to Play!! :) My mom and I used to play that game with broken cookies. If it wasn't a whole cookie, it didn't count. lol.

I haven't tracked in a long, long time, but when I did, and I was counting everything, it was becoming an obsession.

Everyone needs to do something different to make weight loss work for them. For me, it's about balance. It's eating mostly good food, but eating a little bit of bad food sometimes and being okay with that. If, everytime I licked the spoon from the icing, I had to guiltily run to the computer and track it to make sure I didn't go over my calories/sugar/fat for the day, I wouldn't feel like I was living my life. I don't take spoonfuls of icing anymore, but sharing the slightly covered icing spoon with my daughter and watching her face light up is a moment that I would never be willing to trade.

-POOKIE- SparkPoints: (327,934)
Fitness Minutes: (95,815)
Posts: 22,213
12/4/10 7:07 A

"if you don't track everything, you're only cheating on yourself! Be true to yourself!"

Exactly. Who are you fooling? Who cares except your health? Nobody looking at your tracker is going to give two hoots wether you have cookies or not on it.

But you should care.

RECIPE4ME Posts: 382
12/3/10 11:22 P

if you don't track everything, you're only cheating on yourself! Be true to yourself!

CATHEITE Posts: 4,837
12/3/10 10:42 P

I don't hold anything back. My nutrition tracker knows all. emoticon

12/3/10 4:50 P

ha haa haa

LOVE_TO_PLAY SparkPoints: (706)
Fitness Minutes: (1,863)
Posts: 81
12/3/10 1:08 P

Oh! The $0.50 boston cream donut at the local bakery shop! At 3pm donuts go on for 1/2 price (just found that out yesterday!) and I figured at less than $1.00 it doesn't count for calories :)

And, fyi, it was sooooo good.

718GEMINI Posts: 471
12/3/10 12:06 P

I don't track tea (I drink it plain), the rare diet soda, sugar-free gum, herbs and spices. That's about it, I think. Of course I sometimes forget to add something, but for the most part I try to track everything else.

ETA: I wanted to add that one reason I try to track mostly everything is because I'm not interested in just calories. I also want to see how much sodium, etc, I'm consuming (one reason why I'll track something like ketchup). And I include my multivitamin because there are a few nutrients I tend to be low on.

Edited by: 718GEMINI at: 12/3/2010 (12:09)
12/3/10 10:29 A

I look at the tracker as an estimate anyways, so I don't always bother with ketchup, a packet of Splenda, spices, and such. I figure even if you were completely vigilant you'd still be working with a margin of error, and I think it's good not to get too worked up about it.

GINGERVISTA Posts: 6,236
12/3/10 10:26 A

I used to play that game until I fudged so much I just gave up the tracker; however, since I've been truthful with both myself & SparkPeople, my weight loss has reflected it & I'm so much happier. Even when I had a mini-splurge & ate more of a snack than I'd planned, I included that, where it showed I was off the charts. I WILL say that the few times I had a bit more than I'd planned but still included it, I was still within my range, so.......I'm tracking everything no matter what, & that's been working great. emoticon

THE_GOPHER Posts: 328
12/3/10 10:21 A

I don't track my diet pepsi, but I did once play around with the amount I might drink in a day and it was still 0 calories.

I sometimes don't track ketchup because I sometimes can't be bothered to measure it. I measure EVERYTHING else, so I cut myself a little slack there =)

I don't track tea, though I will track coffee.

SUMSUMS SparkPoints: (14,846)
Fitness Minutes: (10,312)
Posts: 1,456
12/3/10 1:52 A

I don't track tea or coffee, but i also only use stevia in it. I dont input my vitamins because i want to see my ranges from real food. I track everything else.

SCIFIFAN Posts: 1,119
12/2/10 10:35 P

You're not the only one; I don't track every bite either, or things like coffee, tea or catsup.

Yes, I know they do 'add up' but the extras really are minimal for me (I did track things like that a few times, just to see) and since I'm usually at 1400 calories or under, the extras don't seem to be hurting me.

I also know I'd be better off either to not eat these extras at all or to track each tiny bite, but I also know I'd probably quit if I got that particular. You have to do what works for you. I think it's great when people are that accurate and disciplined.

I am losing slowly but steadily, so it's working out.

CELECAT73 Posts: 31
12/2/10 10:17 P

I also want to clarify that these are not things I do every day! Some of these things (like cheese balls or picking the fat off a freshly baked ham) only happen 3 or 4 times a year AT MOST. The others happen maybe once or twice a month.

The holiday season is a season of chea-... er... I mean, celebration! I happen to be celebrating this year by getting back on track with my diet and exercise. My diet is fairly under control, even with the occasional indulgence. It is really my increasingly sedentary lifestyle that has been hurting my once girlish figure. :)

12/2/10 10:00 P

I can sympathize! I tend not to track the finger licks of cake batter, although I did track an ice cream sample I had at the grocery store the other day and I had to laugh at my need to track!

LIVINTODAY Posts: 7,803
12/2/10 9:24 P

Don't track my vitamins or Omega three.
Don't track my catsup (that might be bad)

FITMATHGEEK Posts: 1,226
12/2/10 9:06 P

Those "0 calorie" dill spears that are laden with SODIUM. :-/ I noticed that since I've started eating them I haven't lost weight! (a month).

SUNSHINE084 Posts: 4,464
12/2/10 8:40 P

I actually track everything... this helps me see when I am emotionally eating. Even the nipple on PB on a cracker. It all counts.

12/2/10 8:17 P

I don't track very low calorie drinks (like 10 calories or less) or coffee (with splenda and a splash of skim milk).
I also don't track vitamins.

Sometimes I don't track my sneaky dips into the peanut butter jar :)

DARKFLAME2009 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (8,297)
Posts: 1,625
12/2/10 6:41 P

I don't track cough drops, or neo citrin....those kinds of things shouldn't matter...

I don't track coffee or tea if it's black with sweetener.....

I don't track ketchup (since i use so little and rarely use it...)

12/2/10 6:38 P

condiments and sugar, butter

CRUISEGUY SparkPoints: (36,134)
Fitness Minutes: (24,676)
Posts: 2,619
12/2/10 6:15 P

Yep, those little nibbles and tastes that don't get tracked can sure add up. So can measuring improperly and estimating, or eating those "heaping" teaspoons and tablespoons and not tracking the complete amount.

I don't track diet sodas, sugar free mints, or sugar free gum. But I do try to limit those because more than just a couple can add up to some serious calories!

Edited by: CRUISEGUY at: 12/2/2010 (18:17)
BUBRA007 SparkPoints: (14,384)
Fitness Minutes: (7,426)
Posts: 754
12/2/10 5:12 P

You made me laugh too! I do the same thing, also I don't count an after dinner starlight mint, or the few skittles I can convince my greedy kids to share with mommy! LOL!!

MSGNOME Posts: 555
12/2/10 3:27 P

I don't always track my tea and coffee. I just put a little bit of milk in and usually I'm too lazy to bother.

MAPHIX74 Posts: 375
12/2/10 1:43 P

I have no clue how many calories are in them...

12/2/10 1:39 P

I don't track things like cough drops. I would get depressed to know that 150 calories went towards 10 coughdrops to keep from coughing my lungs out.

CELECAT73 Posts: 31
12/2/10 10:46 A

The way I know that I am (mostly) within my range is that I usually hit the low to middle half of my range with my "real" eating. My goal is longer-range: instead of trying to lose 50 pounds fast, I'm trying to change my lifestyle to one of more balanced eating and more exercise. I don't expect to see pounds melting away at a phenomenol rate, but I do expect that by this time next year I will be slimmer and have more energy.

I wish everyone the best of luck in their healthy lifestyle choices and goals. :)

And I'm happy that at least one person was amused. ;)

TABU077 Posts: 636
12/2/10 10:09 A

I have to track every bite to be sure I'm within my range. It's an obsession, and I have to admit...I'm always at the low end of my range anyways. To each his/her own! Best of luck to you in your journey and Happy Holidays!

TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
12/2/10 10:08 A

Take a look at this holiday video to see how those tastes might influence your success.

Coach Tanya

12/2/10 9:59 A

I'm glad that's working for you.

For me, I need to track EVERY bite because if I don't, I would not know if I was in my calorie range (mostly).

I'm the type who has lied to herself in the past - that the spoon licking and child leftover nibbles weren't "real" calories. And all those lies added up to my weight gain (well, each 3 pregnancies and some medication side effects added to the gain, but lying about my food intake is what prevented me from losing it).

By tracking every little bite and nibble, I can see how they add up and have noticed that, right now, I'm not doing too bad. Finishing the half a piece of pumpkin bread my toddler didn't eat for snack yesterday didn't put me over my goal (even when we stopped at a buffet for dinner).

I don't want to spend any more time in denial. Now is the time for me to really learn what healthy eating looks like, including spoon licking and nibbles. If I leave those out, the only person I'm lying to is me, and I'm worth my total honesty.

BRASKIN SparkPoints: (74,348)
Fitness Minutes: (69,911)
Posts: 1,730
12/2/10 6:32 A

Thanks for bringing a laugh to my early morning. I've often wondered about that "little bit of...whatever" emoticon

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
12/2/10 2:07 A

May I ask how you know you're staying (mostly) within your calorie limit if you don't track those things? They can certainly add up as almost everything you listed is high-calorie, low-nutrition nibbles that can really pack on the calories quickly!

CELECAT73 Posts: 31
12/1/10 11:01 P

1. Licking/spooning up pan drippings when I have cooked something especially yummy.

2. Bites I take off my kids' plates.

3. The sample foods I eat at the grocery store.

4. Just how much I heap each tablespoon of cheese ball.

5. And, I confess, I like to eat the fatty pieces of meat. Not too much, or I get a tummy ache, but I do like to pick.

I'm sure there are more. I am not a perfect dieter, I suppose, but I am maintaining my enjoyment of food and staying (mostly) within my daily calorie limit.

Everyone have a safe and fun month of December!

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