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SANDRACOLATO SparkPoints: (24,996)
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3/9/14 4:42 A

Thanks a lot for all your suggestions!!
Yesterday I finished my last presentation for university and thanks God I had a great grade. Today I ate pretty healthy and tomorrow Im going to the gym (today I had to sleep). I downloaded a lot of great workout music and although all the problems with my parents are not resolved, I know that soon everything will be better.

As you all said, Im trying not to beat myself up, I even saw a good friend that I hadn't looked in 3 months and he said that was more skinny, so I guess that all my effort is paying back!

I will read the articles that some members have posted.

Thanks all for all your great support, its something that I cannot pay back!


MAMA_CD Posts: 1,507
3/7/14 9:38 P

I know it's a difficult time, but recognizing that we can't control others, and recognizing what we can and cannot change helps to refocus. You can't change your parents but you can change yourself. All the best!

CJGODESS101 SparkPoints: (30,781)
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3/7/14 5:13 P

Coach Nicole has a really good kickboxing video. I usually take all my aggression out on kickboxing. The video is only 10 minutes long, so it can be fit into the day somewhere.

Don't beat yourself up, you had a rough week, its almost over (I hope??) Start fresh next week. Give yourself a pat on the back for everything you have accomplished.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
3/7/14 4:47 P

You know what helped me the best? Not having junk food around. Point blank.

I go to the store, and only buy what is on my list. I put blinders on and just zero in on what is on that piece of paper (and I get out of the store in no time flat). I don't aimlessly wander around the store gazing at stuff - I get what I need and I get out.

No junk food in the house means, no snacking (binging) on it. If I want to binge - my go to food is popcorn - I can make a huge bowl of it, with just a little salt (sometimes a little powdered sugar) - for like 300 calories. And that's a big bowl.

Other than that - I can binge on apples or carrots or cauliflower.

The best stress reliever is exercise. Go for a brisk 15-20 minute walk to clear your head.

Other things you can do is - take a hot bubble bath. Try a yoga video for free on youtube (or Zumba). Start a journal (open a blank word document). Call a friend and talk. Clean. Learn how to meditate.

SAMMI-SAM SparkPoints: (26,311)
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3/7/14 4:35 P


ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (198,661)
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3/7/14 10:12 A


Every single member of Spark has experienced these kinds of feelings. Stop beating yourself up because you think you're not in control. You're not a machine. You're a normal human being with perfectly normal human emotions. There will be times you turn to food for comfort and that doesn't make you a bad person or an unhealthy one.

You have to accept that there will be times like these. As long as this doesn't happen all the time, you'll be okay.

You've already mentioned that you feel you've made positive gains towards how you react to stress. That's great ! That IS a step in the right direction. As I have said in past,"Don't look at good health or weight loss with an all or nothing mentality". If the only healthy thing you did for yourself today was drink 8 glasses of water, that's still a step in the right direction.

Keep eating your healthy breakfast and try your best to stay away from the junk. Here's what I've learned from my own experiences,"If you eat crap, you will feel like crap". So, do your best to try to eat healthy foods that nourish your body. Eating healthy as best you can WILL help you get through these stressful times.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (250,566)
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3/7/14 4:14 A

Hi Sandra - I am sorry to hear that you are going through such a stressful time.

I think that there may be a few ways that can help you with your stress:

You may not have time to go to the gym for exercise (great stress buster) but you could break the exercise down to small increments and do it in snatches. Things like a 10 minute walk during lunch, or a few squats while waiting for dinner to cook/reheat. Do 10 minutes exercise when you get up in the morning. It all helps.

Added to that, ensure that you start the day with a very healthy and filling breakfast including some fruit and lean protein, and preferably some whole-grains as well. Make sure that you get some dark, leafy green into your day.

You aren't hungry, but you are trying to console yourself with food. Below are a couple links that you may find very helpful:

If, after reading and applying the tips from those articles you still are having issues, I would suggest that you talk with someone at your College. They normally have Counselors for students.

Good luck, and take care,
Kris xxx

SANDRACOLATO SparkPoints: (24,996)
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3/6/14 11:49 P

During my time in Spark people, I've been able to learn how to deal with stress and to stop using food as a way to escape my feelings. Still I'm not perfect and there are parts of my life that I cannot control: My parents are going through a divorce right now and Im feeling terrible. During this whole week I've been able to eat healthy food during the morning but from the morning on I only eat junk and today was a low point: Although I felt full I went to the grocery store and ate 2 sandwiches of nutella and 1 bunch of pringles… Im really trying my best and Im speaking with my parents about everything but the stress keeps going up.

Moreover, this week I had special course thats been really intensive, because our teacher is a guest from Germany and she has to leave quickly so, between that and my other courses in the university, I don't have time to go to the gym (only during this week), which is usual my way lose stress.

Does anyone has passed trough a similar situation?

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