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KNUCKLES145 Posts: 16,138
12/11/12 3:22 P

to me, prank calls like these are the same as bullying.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (198,661)
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12/11/12 3:11 P

ABC News is reporting that the radio show in Australia has been canceled and $500,000 is being donated to the nurse's family.

JENNIFER_67 SparkPoints: (0)
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12/11/12 1:01 P

I agree with CubKatie and JustDoIt011, in hindsight the the prank was a bad idea, but there is no way the DJs could have predicted that something like this was going to happen. If you read the transcripts from their call, they never expected to get beyond the inital nurse / switchboard operator. There was no malicious intent. It was a stupid joke that went horribly wrong. But it was not done in any mean spirited way. Nobody would ever dream that they would get put through to the princess' room, let alone get private information, just because they used a bad fake accent of the Queen. These DJs will feel badly enough about this for the rest of their lives. That's punishment enough.

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JUSTDOIT011 Posts: 1,461
12/11/12 11:14 A

I think the prank call was a bad idea, but I don't think the radio hosts should be "blamed" for her death. Many people face challenges in life that are embarrassing, humiliating, and many people face being fired from their job or reprimended. But many people choose not to committ suicide. She chose wrongly (if indeed it was suicide and not something else). Only she should be blamed for her death, not the radio hosts.

CUBKATIE Posts: 61
12/11/12 11:13 A

While I think that it is a tragedy, what has happened, I also think that people are being pretty harsh on the DJs. DJs across our country do this type of thing all of the time and people love listening to them. Unfortunately, this time it ended badly. I don't condone what they did but I think it's ridiculous to be sending them death threats and blaming the whole situation on them. They didn't make her take her own life. Obviously she had other issues if that pushed her over the edge. She chose that path, abandoning her children, no one forced her to do it.

I_HEART_MY_FAM Posts: 1,809
12/11/12 10:44 A

FITGLAMGIRL- You never know what you might do until faced with it. Message is do not mess with others in a hurtful way, you never know what has happened or what is going on in their lives.You are saying this shouldn't have caused her to take her life and some of the things I have been through say I shouldn't be wholesome and my chances were slim to none on survival without drugs, alcohol or suicide. We are all different, that prank is what led this lady to her breaking point no matter what she may or may have not went through. She may have not been through very much and this was the doozie, because we all know that when we survive something it makes us stronger, or maybe she wasn't strong enough because she did have a good life without too many hurts. Who knows, bad taste of joke to make some innocent person so public and left to feel inadequate. Stars and such put themselves out so they take the good with the bad buttthis was just an ordinary working woman and it was devastating no matter what!! We do not need to analyze her or catorgorize her she is one person. This incident broke her, it broke her spirit, and that is a shame!

12/11/12 4:17 A

I think the thing here is that she was completely humiliated. The audio clips were all over the media here and in Australia, repeated many times. The hospital have insisted that she was not disciplined in any way.

Don't judge women for leaving their husbands and children when they can earn a good salary in another country! Millions of women all over the world do this, our hospitals - and yours too - would collapse if they didn't. Most of the children are cared for by grandmothers. It's not ideal but it's done for the good of the whole family

FITGLAMGIRL Posts: 2,045
12/10/12 11:02 P

Ok I know this is all over the news, but something doesn't add up here. This was a nurse with a husband and kids that she left behind. The prank was uncalled for, but would you really take your life over it and leave your family behind and your kids motherless over a prank call. I know that I wouldn't.

There had to be much more going on than that. It's sad anyway you look at it.

RIET69 SparkPoints: (47,087)
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Posts: 3,116
12/10/12 2:43 P

I too abhor pranks that go too far, which they too often do.

DMJAKES Posts: 1,635
12/10/12 1:17 P

This truly is sad.....and a perfect example of why people like Howard Stern (and these two clowns, whoever they are) should NEVER be encouraged to get laughs at someone else's expense. You never know how much you're hurting someone if you're hiding behind a phone or computer screen when you're pulling that prank.

KNUCKLES145 Posts: 16,138
12/10/12 1:07 P

the people who "encourage" the prank calls are just as much to blame.

I do hope the DJ's are sincere, and not just putting on a show.

TESS5389 Posts: 152
12/10/12 1:04 P

I feel for the family that lost their wife, mother, sister, daughter. My prayers go out to all of them. However, to vilify the two DJ's, who were only doing what they were told to do as part of their job, is just wrong. This was not the first prank call ever made in the history of radio, they had no idea what the outcome would be. I guess I'm just trying to say that I feel for all the parties involved in this situation.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,529
12/10/12 12:51 P

I saw an interview with these DJ s and they are so remorseful. I don't think that any law could punish them any more than they are punishing themselves.

FIRECOM SparkPoints: (0)
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12/10/12 12:38 P

It turns out that the DJs were just doing what they were told. Their prank was cleared and approved by the station attorneys. Stupid is as stupid does.

CAMEOSUN SparkPoints: (86,617)
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Posts: 10,426
12/10/12 12:33 P

You reap what you sow. The pranksters will get theirs.

Prayers for the nurse's family.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,529
12/9/12 7:18 P

I am sure the DJs didn't intend for the tragic circumcumstances. Sadly it happened and they can't undo it. A husband and children will be suffering this Christmas because of someones carelessness. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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KNUCKLES145 Posts: 16,138
12/9/12 5:50 P

I hate HATE prank calls

TOPCAT93 SparkPoints: (9,020)
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Posts: 319
12/9/12 5:17 P

pranks with malicious intent are terrible and have horrific outcomes. They should have to apologize or make good for their pranks.

GRAPHICS2 Posts: 13,944
12/9/12 5:09 P

Pranks are always stupid, and these pranksters did not know how deadly this whould have become. Just goes to show that , what's fun for me, is not necessarily fun for someone else.
My prayers and sympathy go out to the family of this dear lady

SCAREWALDORF SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 2,083
12/9/12 5:01 P

Whilst I agree with absolutely EVERYTHING that has been said here, you have to consider how many radio DJs have made prank phone calls through the ages. Yes, this was a stupid prank to play, but I am sure that the DJs had no idea it would go this far. My sympathies are still with the family of the nurse though.

FRAN0426 Posts: 21,108
12/9/12 4:58 P

What a tragedy. I hope the DJ's have benn properly reprimanded--like getting let go of their job. How irresponsible and senseless of them.

MUSHCAT Posts: 4,639
12/9/12 4:41 P

This is an excellent example of how things can go horribly wrong despite no malicious intent. Also that all actions have consequences no matter how unforseen. The lesson to be learned is to really think about what you say or do before speaking or acting.

SCHEALTHNUTT SparkPoints: (49,055)
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Posts: 1,913
12/9/12 4:29 P

I empathize. As a nurse you want to do no harm. Her guilt was probably more than she could bear.She breached a confidence.,but not knowingly. It is so sad.

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STARMIZER2000 SparkPoints: (142,622)
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Posts: 2,218
12/9/12 8:24 A

I heard about that, I think it is so said. I hope the responsible parties are punished

HAPPYWRITER7 Posts: 9,723
12/8/12 10:11 P

You never know the personal circumstances of the person you are 'pranking' - not so funny now is it? Many of us dont think enough of the person on the other side

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,529
12/8/12 9:01 P

This is all very sad. And the children that no longer have their mother. And on top of that the prank wasn't funny. Those things never are

SNOWJESTER SparkPoints: (29,896)
Fitness Minutes: (21,528)
Posts: 985
12/8/12 5:08 P

The prank wasn't even funny. That poor woman must have gotten into trouble. It's all so sad and pointless that a life ended over this nonsense. I'm with everyone who hopes the dj's get fired.

DANLENO1949 SparkPoints: (72,728)
Fitness Minutes: (28,701)
Posts: 3,483
12/8/12 4:26 P

My thoughts are with her family at this sad time. I hope justice is done and these two very unfunny presenters are the next two on the unemployed register. As the radio station seems to be defending them I doubt it very much.

BABYSOX Posts: 3,063
12/8/12 12:44 P

Perhaps this happened to help others learn a lesson that needed to be taught. Sincerest sympathies for the nurse's family and everyone involved.

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TDEMAIO2 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (19,646)
Posts: 1,667
12/8/12 12:39 P

They should be FIRED for such a stupid senseless with no regard for anyone another than their ratings- I think the whole radio company should have to pay the family of the poor nurse - whats this world coming too? GOD help us

BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
Fitness Minutes: (82,255)
Posts: 2,954
12/8/12 11:19 A

All in the name of ratings --- what a senseless waste

12/8/12 11:10 A

Such a senseless loss. My heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to her family and coworkers.

12/8/12 11:08 A

such a tragic loss. my heart and prayers go out to her family and her co-workers. I hope through this some lessons will be learned in terms of respecting privacy and ethical boundaries- if not by the pranksters and other media, but also by us and our children. help us teach our youth that not all jokes are funny- they are just a warped type of bullying.and that is wrong. just because public opinion tolerates some behaviours it doesn;t make them right.

so, so sad

DEELB1 SparkPoints: (12,436)
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Posts: 106
12/8/12 9:08 A

emoticon Poor thing! She had more on her mind!

EWL978 Posts: 2,021
12/8/12 9:07 A

There's nothing I can say that hasn't already been written do we teach children that when they grow up they have to THINK??

JEFFGIRL Posts: 11,255
12/8/12 9:03 A

I believed that I, like everyone, think this is a devastating turn of events. So sad she left two children. As my husband said "it wasn't so important that she should have taken her life".
No doubt the hospital gave her lots of flak, and we do not know a person's breaking point.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
12/8/12 7:46 A

I detest this type of behaviour - your own promotion at the expense of others

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (577,358)
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Posts: 16,338
12/8/12 2:07 A

This is very, very sad!!!!

JIACOLO SparkPoints: (553,380)
Fitness Minutes: (220,317)
Posts: 30,521
12/7/12 11:38 P

What a horrible nightmare this has all turned out to be. And for what? A couple of laughs. I feel sad for the nurse's family and for her that she felt suicide was her only option.

MOLLYSGAN Posts: 481
12/7/12 11:30 P

I hope she did not kill her self because of the prank call, those DJ should be hold for the responsibilities for it.

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
12/7/12 11:26 P

This nurse had 2 kids ... I'm so sick to my stomach, I can't believe the stupid things people are doing in this day and age , they are suppose to be adults! They went into hiding and took down their facebook pages as they were laughing and having a good ole time at this poor woman's expense.... they closed their twitter accounts and r in hiding, i guess they don't think it's funny now do they?????????????????
I feel bad for Kate and William as they must feel awful this happening all because the poor woman had morning sickness.
I hope these two dj's get fired , they have blood on their hands and it makes me so mad that they didn't even think of what the heck could happen to these poor nurses!
Nurses have enough stress on them, this poor woman probably got in huge trouble , we don't know if she was suspended or fired of course the hospital is going to say they were behind her now....
Just makes me sick

JUSTYNA12 SparkPoints: (4,176)
Fitness Minutes: (57,422)
Posts: 18
12/7/12 10:26 P

so sad
my heart goes to the family of the nurse

I_HEART_MY_FAM Posts: 1,809
12/7/12 1:58 P

I don't handle pain very well. Pain from people being so crude. I am a survivor to all types of abuse, but with too many people at once slamming me I am not sure I could handle that either. Her death will not be in vane as I am turning to God to make me stronger and she will be the one who made me reach out that much more. I need more strength to weather my storms because I never want to feel as she did. My heart hurts for the loss of her even though I never met her. I think I can say I understand what she did even though it was wrong. I'm deeply saddened today. I don't even know her name but I will look it up so I can pray for her and her family. May she rest in peace. I will never forget this and try to use it in a postive fashion could mean the difference bettween life and death for another.

12/7/12 1:54 P

The prank wasn't even funny and now it turned into a nightmare. What foolishness.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (198,661)
Fitness Minutes: (296,823)
Posts: 27,204
12/7/12 1:39 P

I read about this on the Daily Mail website. What a sad story. Two children are left without a mother because of a "prank call" by a radio station. such a shame. No one should want to commit suicide over something like this.

Also, if she didn't commit suicide and her death was from natural causes, the stress from either the humiliation or media scrutiny could have pushed her heart over the edge.

Edited by: ARCHIMEDESII at: 12/7/2012 (14:06)
FEDGIRL4 Posts: 2,182
12/7/12 1:03 P

I felt so sorry for those nurses. It's too bad that the one nurse felt compelled to take her own life (if she did).

The demand for instant gratification and instant news is getting beyond extremes. Unfortunately there will always be people who want stuff like that. So, the paparazzi will go to any lengths to get "the story", "the scandal", or "the picture."

That being said, when you are in a situation like this nurse was with their country's royalty, you have to treat all calls as fake. Quite a price to pay for a lesson learned.

CAYCESMOM Posts: 381
12/7/12 12:34 P

I heard about this when I got to work. Devastating.

I_HEART_MY_FAM Posts: 1,809
12/7/12 12:27 P

The Duchess Kate Middleton that is married to Prince William and the so called prank where Kate was hospitalized for severe morning sickness.

MAGGIEVAN SparkPoints: (204,392)
Fitness Minutes: (83,980)
Posts: 47,641
12/7/12 12:18 P

I don't know what you are talking about. Please keep in mind that many Sparkers live in other countries.

I_HEART_MY_FAM Posts: 1,809
12/7/12 12:10 P

I was angry when I heard about the call. Obviously the two callers did not think anything through. They made those two nurses into laughing stalks that could possibly get fired from their jobs, and that would have been bad enough, but now one is dead after taking her own life, she could not handle the pressure I am sure. I am glad I have a clean conscious and never thought any of it was funny, if I would have I would be more then sad I would be angry with myself. This was not a prank, this was world wide embarrassment, shame on those callers they have blood on their hands now and I feel for them for not realizing how big of an impact that would be on the nurses, so big one took her own life. :( Imagine how those nurses feel/felt with the world laughing at them saying how dumb blah blah blah. I seen my local tv news anchors throwing out jokes and other tv shows. So senseless, so sad! :(

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