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The apparatus (usually called a Power Tower) should have a bar across the top. Try hanging from the bar (as if about to do a pullup) and do the same exercise in that position. It's a much better abs workout than using the back pad and resting your arms on the pads. This exercise is called hanging knee raise. It's the precursor for what is arguably the best abs exercise of all time, the hanging leg raise.

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The first day I walked into the gym to check it out I saw this guy on this stand of sorts. And he was working out. I thought wow that will really work out the abs! And so the first night I went to workout I made a beeline for it. Turns out it is hard to do! Lol. At least for me. And now I can't figure out what it's called.
It has two poles that you stand between and arm wrests on either side with handles to hold onto. You lift your body up off the floor and dangle then left your knees as close to your chest as possible and repeat.
In the past three days I have finally managed to do 5 at a time but with difficulty but am really looking forward to seeing my progress on how many I can get up to. But I can't put it in my fitness tracker for the lack of name D:
Any ideas?

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