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2/18/14 7:10 P

Personally, I kind of like the phrasing. It reminds me that, when I am looking at my almost filled calorie allotment for the day, it is my option to exercise more to open up more calories to eat. In the end, it puts the responsibility on me and I appreciate that.

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2/18/14 6:27 P

While it is true that higher levels of activity can require higher levels of intake to support them (even while losing weight), I think you make a good point that that phrasing perhaps gives the wrong impression.


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2/18/14 4:25 P

Thanks for the feedback! I'll pass it along.

Coach Jen

2/18/14 4:05 P

Technically it is true. However it is much easier to eat those extra calories than it is to burn them!

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2/18/14 3:56 P

Hi Jillona,

You don't HAVE to eat back the calories you burned. That's what I like about sparkpeople they give you a range every day to fall within. Some days I eat all of my calorie allowance and some days I'm on the low end of the range. Sometimes if I workout really hard I like knowing I can have those extra calories and sometimes I don't need them. emoticon on becoming a sparkperson!

2/18/14 3:45 P

I understand your concern, but the thing I think you're missing is that even if you eat the maximum calories that SP gives you, you will still burn calories based off of their math because they calculate your BMR and give you a calorie allotment less that what you burn at rest. So if your BMR is 1800 calories/day the might tell you to eat between 1200-1500 calories/day so that you'll have a deficit of 300-600 calories/day. That's all without exercising, so exercising will increase that range. Sure, you could eat less calories to make a bigger deficit but the idea of this site is slow and steady weight loss.

The problem I have with this system (and this is something I need to change about myself) is that I know what days I'm going to workout, but I don't always know what kind of workout I'll do until I get to the gym. It all depends on how I feel, which machines are open, what I need to make for dinner that night, how much time I have, etc. So, after all is said and done and I log my workouts I am missing 800-1000 calories and I have a 600 calorie meal planned.

emoticon Slow and steady wins the race...

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2/18/14 3:04 P

I know it can hurt my metabolism if I don't eat enough because I burned a lot of calories. But still, I used another program before which did this the same way and for me it just doesn't feel right to "eat back" most of the calories I just burned. emoticon

Additionally I'm just not hungry at all after I work out - I even tend to eat LESS the more I move. (Except for swimming, after I went swimming I don't want to do anything else then eat spaghetti and other carbohydrates emoticon )

But still thank you for your answer!

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2/18/14 2:44 P

If you don't eat enough to support your activity, you can hinder your progress by slowing down your metabolism and/or getting burnt out. SP does the math and provides a calorie range, so when you exercise you are granted more calories that day. I don't see this as hurting your progress. As long as you stay in the calorie range SP gives you, you should be able to meet your weight loss goals. So yes, if you burn more calories, you can and should eat more!

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2/18/14 2:36 P

I'm new to SparkPeople and I'm very impressed about all the help and support you can get here for free! Thank you so much everybody!

But there's a little thing that I'm pretty skeptic about: On the Nutrition Tracker SP writes: "the more calories you burn, the more you can eat". I actually think that's the wrong way to look at it. I want to work out because I like to move and to be active. This little sentences just seems to motivate me to eat more and I guess that probably slows down or even hurts the progress you're making.. I don't know how you guys think about it, but I just felt like I would have to share my concerns... If someone of the "responsible" staff reads this, maybe you should think about it again.

All in all I'm just grateful though! - J

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