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GOOSIEMOON SparkPoints: (238,240)
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2/3/14 9:47 A

Thanks for all of the great tips!

VIDABUENA2010 Posts: 121
2/3/14 6:18 A

I do the same as GOHAWKES1. It really works!

IRELAND0528 SparkPoints: (122)
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2/3/14 3:06 A

I find I snack at night it is a night mare luckly I am changing my work schedual back to a night shift if possible because I find that I have so much energy at night but my nights are spent indulging in food that is packing on the pounds

2/2/14 11:39 P

TY SO MUCHERS for posting this !! I had NOT realized to the extent I am my own worse enemy when it comes to sleep. Once I go to bed,,, in less than 2 hrs, I am up to pee,,, I do this 3 times,, and figure :ENOUGH: when I wake up at that 3rd time,,often it's only after 5 or 6 hrs,,, and YES I am a diabetic, though my AC 1 is only 5.3,,, I've had an amputation of toe,, and also many uclers, the last one only a few months ago. My AC1 has been GREAT for about 3 yrs. Losing the 70lbs I did SURE DID HELP !!!! I can ONLY IMAGINE how MANY more toes,, or even MY FOOT being amputatied if I HAD NOT !!

So now to CORRECT that SLEEP !! maybe a sleep study would help,, it did the last time showing Restless Leg Symdrome,, which progressed to neuropathy, of which I've just had surg on in Aug,, and now that does NOT wake me up as it used to and is under control. If ur legs are bothering you, I'd STRONGLY suggest this to anyone who reads the reply.

GOHAWKIS1 SparkPoints: (61,310)
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2/2/14 10:00 P

I try to keep no/low carb snacks at my desk and at home so that I don't have the "opportunity" for mindless snacking. I also try to eat light meals and have a good-for-me snack between meals. I try to control stress and boredom rather than let them control me emoticon

USED2BFRENCH SparkPoints: (3,630)
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2/1/14 10:35 A

Amen! I totally understand and agree with you!

SHRINKING7 Posts: 328
2/1/14 5:14 A

I have really enjoyed reading this thread. I often work late into the night and early morning trying to catch up on a very stressful job and the fatigue and stress leads straight to carb binges. I never have good weight loss when i am so over tired.

SLRASSLL Posts: 136
1/31/14 6:36 P

I find that when I am tired I just can't seem to stop snacking for energy. It doesn't seem to matter what it is as long as I am fueling up. Sadly, it doesn't really help and I'm still worn out.

1/31/14 5:46 P

absolutely! if I just take a nap I can save myself hundreds of calories.

I'm still learning and sparking.

OWLVR54 Posts: 4,152
1/31/14 2:49 P

I saw my counsellor today and I was telling her about three or four things that cause me to eat and boredom was close to the top with stress, emotional eating, etc. She suggested I do something to do to keep my mind off the food for whatever the reason, so that is one thing I will be working on this next week.

Keep on pushing and keep positive..

FLORADITA SparkPoints: (64,375)
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1/31/14 2:27 P

This resonates so strongly with me. If I am truly exhausted, especially if I am stressed as well, it is a carb nightmare. Cake, cookies, chocolate...just anything I can get my hands on will go into my mouth. I am great in times of crisis, calm cool and collected but as soon as the crisis is over, the eating begins. Crazy food, things I never would normally eat. It is as if the control centre in my brain gets highjacked. I know it is not hunger, it is my response to fatigue and stress.

BRUNETTWOMAN SparkPoints: (0)
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1/31/14 11:46 A

This blog all makes since !! I wandered why I couldn't stop eating at night ! I will just grab anything and eat till it is gone ! And at that time I just don't really think of anything ! I guess it is like you say ~~ I just don't care! I don't take trazadone anymore to help me go to sleep and that was a real milestone !! thanks for these blogs !! Sometimes you just can't pin point what the problem is and it is right there before you.

TUNYBUN SparkPoints: (1,806)
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1/31/14 11:22 A

this is very true like a vicious cycle.

210014631 SparkPoints: (35,652)
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1/31/14 5:11 A

yes fatigue and boredom drive my eating habits

KRISZTA11 SparkPoints: (116,817)
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Posts: 4,443
1/31/14 5:06 A

Interesting thread, thank you everybody for sharing your experience!
For me fatigue-overeating-fatigue was an endless vicious cycle for years, together with boredom and depression.
Now, after maintaining my goal weight for two and half years, I still fall into this pit regularly...
It is amazing how easy it is to go back to the automatic reaction, even if I know overeating will only make me more tired.

TLB1630 SparkPoints: (44,671)
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Posts: 548
1/30/14 8:58 P

If "fatigue" in relating to late nights, then YES!!! Fatigue and boredom go hand in hand!

OWLVR54 Posts: 4,152
1/30/14 7:23 P

When I am tired I will grab the easiest to eat no matter how healthy or calories. I try not to do that now.

CHERRY666 Posts: 601
1/30/14 5:41 P

"cruisin' for crumbs"

LOL. I'll have to keep that phrase in mind when I'm fatigued and grazing. No more "cruisin' for crumbs!"

CHERRY666 Posts: 601
1/30/14 5:39 P

I absolutely do that! If I'm too tired, I just do NOT care and have a terrible tendency to overeat. I'm trying to be more cognizant of this, but it's tough. I try to set myself up for success by having healthy things ready, but again, when I'm too tired to care, I'm just too tired to care! Plus, I crave carb-laden sweets and not necessarily those carrot sticks and hummus I have ready. It's a process but I think I am getting better at making the right decison.

CBKS810 SparkPoints: (9,824)
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Posts: 34
1/30/14 5:22 P

So let's try this, next time fatigue hits, don't hit the fridge for energy, instead, lay your head down and and take a ten minute power nap. Then have your afternoon coffee :)
Another thing I've seen to be true, the less I eat, the better I feel. I try to eat just enough to keep hunger at bay. On days when I don't do this, I just keep eating, the 'gauge in my head' breaks, and I feel terrible the whole day long. Lovely, right?

TRISHATRYIN SparkPoints: (11,900)
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Posts: 921
1/30/14 2:26 P

yep, me too yesicanyesiwill.

YESICANYESIWILL SparkPoints: (26,976)
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Posts: 2,994
1/30/14 1:41 P

It is such a vicious cycle- so tired, you overeat and/or eat the wrong things, which in turn makes you so tired, which in turn makes you overeat and/or eat the wrong things... I've been on the roller coaster for years... I break the cycle now and then, but always seem to end up on it again.

LKG9999 Posts: 1,747
1/30/14 12:34 P

This is one of the two main challenges I face staying on-track with healthy, well-proportioned eating. I have been diagnosed with CFS and fibromyalgia. Fortunately I seem to have a more mild version of both so I am able to work, but need a LOT of extra rest. So far here is what I find is working to help keep me on-track with the low-carb eating plan I started 4 months ago:

- Minimum amount of sleep at night is 8 hours
- Weekend mornings I hang out a virtual "Do Not Disturb" sign and do not schedule any appointments, projects or commitments prior to noon unless absolutely necessary
- Stock up on veggies, chicken, protein bars, etc. weekly and in bulk
- Buy food pre-packed in a way that makes preparation easier for me: chicken breasts that are individually wrapped, fresh veggies ready-to-cook like broccoli florets and trimmed green beans
- I have developed a rotating repertoire of dinners that take about 5-10 minutes to prepare and 15 minutes to cook from the standard supplies I have on hand
- I carry an extra protein bar with me in case I do become desperately hunger, but in 4 months have only needed it 1-2 times

After sticking to this plan for four months I am noticing that my carb cravings are greatly reduced, my overall energy is better, and I am not as achy.

BUNNYLAMB SparkPoints: (52,562)
Fitness Minutes: (35,798)
Posts: 555
1/30/14 11:34 A

Yes, I feel it too, although for me personally there are other things that cause me to go for the unhealthy snacks more than tiredness does (just because I think I more frequently feel anxious than I do tired).

Russell below mentioned something I read and have noticed in myself too, the link between fatigue and overeating goes both ways: overeating definitely makes me sleepy. This is probably something that is obvious to a lot of people but it wasn't to me! I can't remember where I saw it (likely on here somewhere!) but there was a simple "how do you feel after your meal" chart and it basically said that if you feel sleepy after a meal it means you probably ate too much. Controlling my fat and calories at lunchtime *massively* helped my post-lunch slump at work, which has nearly eliminated that desparate feeling for coffee/sweets in the afternoon. On days when I feel hungry all day I try to have several healthy snacks instead of big meals.

LSTEWART21 SparkPoints: (188)
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Posts: 10
1/30/14 11:27 A

Actually I see alot of you having great sucess and I just want to say congrats - I know it is not easy!

LSTEWART21 SparkPoints: (188)
Fitness Minutes: (205)
Posts: 10
1/30/14 11:24 A

Hello Jaydee16. I can't believe you have lost over fifty pounds. How the hell did you do that??

1/30/14 10:11 A

This is definitely me. Even though I'm good about getting 7-8 hours of sleep each night, I don't get enough physical rest. Sometimes when I have a lot I need to do and I'm tired, I think that eating will give me the energy I need to keep driving myself. It really doesn't though.

Now I make myself sit down and REST a while when I feel like that.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
1/30/14 10:06 A

When I get tired, I go to bed now.

I used to eat when I was tired when I ate a bunch of carby foods, but then, I also overate when I was bored, or angry, or many other reasons. Most of all because I had cravings. I also felt tired when I overate, which is kind of the reverse of what is being discussed here.

By doing low carb, I got rid of the cravings, and hence the overeating, in all these situations, because I no longer want certain foods, or ever feel hungry. Being back in control allows me to think, " I'm tired ", and instead of making a sandwich, I go to bed.

CHANTENAY SparkPoints: (25,601)
Fitness Minutes: (19,986)
Posts: 721
1/30/14 7:43 A

When I'm tired, I eat more.

PHYLFISC Posts: 1,425
1/29/14 1:04 P

Interesting, my weight started creeping back up when my hours of sleep decreased! Never put the two things together!

BANDOMOM1 SparkPoints: (3,254)
Fitness Minutes: (3,530)
Posts: 337
1/29/14 10:46 A

For years I ate because I was stressed, because I was happy, sad, bored or just because. I have changed my habits, I eat healthy, I exercise , and I simply feel so much better. I felt so tired and sluggish when I feed my body crap. Now I treat my body well, and it amazes me how well I feel. I once read : Americans treat their Cars Better than their Bodies: and I now learned that I want to treat Both my Body well, and my Car of course too!

SLEEKDEAC Posts: 305
1/29/14 9:02 A

I like the idea of having 'go to' foods prepared for times when tired. Also helps not to have the junk around, but I can sometimes get into trouble even with non-junk. Like eating too many nuts or too much cheese.

JAYDEE16 Posts: 257
1/29/14 8:36 A

If I were a scientific case study of one person, I would absolutely prove the hypothesis that inadequate sleep leads to serious food cravings and higher calorie consumption - and I'm not talking craving or overeating broccoli here. :) When I am overtired all I want is sugar, sugar, sugar (and coffee, coffee, coffee)! It's not exactly that I think I can "justify" it because I didn't get enough sleep, but it's more like that desperate feeling that I just have to make it until the end of the day. So in my tired brain, if sugar and caffeine are going to do that, then calories be damned - onward to the cake, full speed ahead!

Yeah, so, it's not good. Sleep is a big part of what we call "self-control" or "willpower" at least for me.

USED2BFRENCH SparkPoints: (3,630)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 36
1/29/14 8:09 A

I never realized that my food choices impact my sleep, and my sleep impacts my food choices!!! What a concept! Thank you for educating me! emoticon

RAWCOOKIE Posts: 13,057
1/29/14 3:58 A

interesting thread - I struggle to get regular sleep because of shifts and do notice the food chaos that can ensue! There was a comment here about
"..... when you're tired all your defenses are gone, so it's very easy to turn to food for a pick-me-up (or for any other wrong reason)" which I think sums it up for me - because when those defenses are down/gone - I feel sort of 'sorry for myself' - my self-esteem/respect is low - so it's kind a search for comfort (as well as being self-harming!). Also, in those moments, just after work (between work and home maybe) or last thing before bed, there are fewer social controls around - other people are rushing by, doing their own thing - at the end of the day we've probably focussed on helping other people get to bed (maybe children, people we care for etc) - it's 'snatched' food in my case, and the emotion is often 'to hell with it!' in a 'don't care' way - which often means 'nobody cares about me' which means 'I don't care about me'

Gosh, sorry, I didn't realise this reply was going to become a self-analysis - please consider it personal to me! and thank you for reading it xxx

ANARIE Posts: 13,200
1/29/14 1:57 A

Honestly, I think that some research team is going to discover that this is the real key behind the "obesity epidemic." The trend toward increasing obesity in the US very closely follows the decrease in average hours of sleep. It's especially dramatic in children and teens. The average American grade-school child today gets 2 hours less sleep a night than the average child in the early 1970s! In other countries, obesity increased when TV stopped signing off early, even if the rest of the national lifestyle didn't change much.

The research that has been done so far is finding that it goes beyond poor judgment and increased hunger. People who are sleep deprived can gain weight even if calories are 100% controlled. I find that really scary-- and in fact I'm going to go to bed right now!

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,764
1/28/14 9:23 P

fatigue definitely gets your defenses down but having stuff pre-made helps you to make good choices.

SEASIDER1 Posts: 106
1/28/14 8:09 P

I find when I get enough sleep I am not as hungry. Years ago I had a fitness person told me I was tired because I wasn't getting enough of the correct foods. So I ate the correct foods and gained 30lbs. Then I decided to sleep when I felt tired and lost 35lbs. emoticon

IAMAUNTYEM Posts: 6,700
1/28/14 5:54 P

I agree that when you're tired all your defenses are gone, so it's very easy to turn to food for a pick-me-up (or for any other wrong reason).
Where I differ, though, is that I believe that there is tired, and then there is bone tired (tired to the bone?). I am a good sleeper, and I sleep like a rock. When my children were babies, I admit I got less than 8, but I napped when they napped. Once they were sleeping 8, I was back to 8.
But I have been bone tired a lot of times, and for a lot of years. Sleep doesn't fix that kind of tired.
In my case, that kind of tired went away 2 years after the last kid left home (the parents were already gone by then), and it was as if all my worries were gone as well. (I still have dh, but I don't worry because I know where he/we are headed.)

Edited by: IAMAUNTYEM at: 1/28/2014 (18:11)
AZULVIOLETA6 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (74,443)
Posts: 3,293
1/28/14 5:35 P

Well, that is good to know! You can prep homemade foods ahead of time so that when you are tired you can just grab-and-go.

KDYLOSE Posts: 1,651
1/28/14 4:09 P

I think being tired tends to make people crave carbs.

1/28/14 2:51 P

I agree. When I'm tired, it's easier just to buy a bag of chips than to cook a healthy meal. I work in front of a computer all day, and although it's not physical work, I get quite fatigued at the end of the day from staring at the screen. My danger-zone is between 4-5 pm. I find that if I eat a banana and some peanut butter (a tablespoon) approximately 30 to 60 minutes before I leave work, I have enough energy to get to the gym after work. It took some trial and error to figure that one out.

Edited by: FREDDYMOM2 at: 1/28/2014 (14:53)
1/28/14 2:06 P

Yep I was just going to say I've seen studies that show not getting enough sleep leads to a substantial calorie increase during the day. That's one of the reasons why getting enough sleep is so important.

1/28/14 1:54 P

If you aren't getting enough sleep, it's not just that you make poorer choices because you're tired -- you're also hungrier. Studies show that a lack of sleep leads to lower levels of the hormone leptin, which can cause an increased appetite.

WHYNOTJ1 SparkPoints: (119,891)
Fitness Minutes: (122,971)
Posts: 5,716
1/28/14 1:30 P

Yup, I've noticed I snack (and make bad choices in doing so) when I'm "too tired to go to bed."
Now I'm trying to learn to recognize it in time and just go to bed without "cruisin' for crumbs" first.

1/28/14 1:08 P

When I'm tired, I don't want to workout. Not working out leads me to not caring about what I eat, so I end up binge eating. 8 hours of sleep is key for me!

GIPPER1961 Posts: 766
1/28/14 12:38 P

I would guess that it is nearly universal, but I know for sure that I am my own worst enemy when I am tired. Those days I have to make sure i eat enough not to get hungry and reach for sugar

GETULLY SparkPoints: (146,355)
Fitness Minutes: (36,187)
Posts: 7,846
1/28/14 12:37 P

So true. When I am zapped all I want is to eat something and fall in bed. I do not care what just something so I do not wake up in the middle of the night with a roaring hunger.

1/28/14 11:53 A

Yes, when I am tired I don't pay attention to my food choices as much as normal. Planning ahead (stuff that can be heated up quickly) and keeping junk food out of the house helps.

CINDYA1962 Posts: 1,154
1/28/14 11:46 A

After years and years of studying, analyzing and reanalyzing my eating habits (if I only had a nickel for each time), I've finally realized that yes, sure, I eat out of stress, and yes, I eat because it tastes good, etc. but I'm finally realizing the role that fatigue plays. I make my absolute worst choices simply because I'm too tired to care. Anyone else?

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