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4/12/13 4:51 P

That is so awesome!! You're kicking serious butt! I know how hard it is when your go-to snack isn't really an option anymore. You did so good! emoticon

Yesterday was the first time I've been proud of myself in almost 3 years. It was the first day on my weight-loss plan and I stuck with it and exceeded my expectations. Gave myself a nice pat on the back for that one!

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4/11/13 1:52 A

Awesome, that is great you are reading labels and practiced great strength to put them back and leave store without them. All these steps lead to great success. I am proud of you too. emoticon

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4/10/13 11:57 P

The last time I felt really proud of myself was last week when I went to the Supermarket for eggs and milk. On my way into the store I had the thought that I could buy Oreos, and make up individual sized serving bags to have on hand for snacks. I read the label and aw that THREE cookies was 140 calories and a high degree of fat. Then I looked at popcorn and it was also 140 calories per serving and high fat. I looked at several other things and ALL of them were high in fat and calories. At the checkout, I was feeling a little sorry for myself so thought I would buy a small pack of M & M's. I read the label on that, as well. It was 230 calories and very high in fat. I put the pack back on the shelf, paid for my milk and eggs and left the store. When I got home, I treated myself to a cup of seedless grapes and savored the sweetness of each one! I was SO VERY PROUD OF MYSELF for making good choices. There is NO WAY I could ever eat just THREE Oreos or just ONE CUP of popcorn, and I was able to recognize this before I bought these things. Maybe one day I will be able to eat just three Oreos. It is perhaps a goal for myself. All things in moderation!


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