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The key to a successful change is doing it 24-7-365 year in and out.. And it helps having a active job so one doesn't go cold having to do mindless cardio.. When most people are thinking about exercise at the end of my day I can relax because I do what is equal to a 5 km each day.
And eating being 80% my exercise is covered.. I just fit in weight training when I have early days and free days..

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3/22/13 11:52 P

Believe in yourself and know you are worth it!

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3/22/13 11:47 P

It's simple. Put aside negative feelings and emotions, logic and reasons rule

3/22/13 9:34 A

While I agree that change in habits can be simplified to a paradigm shift in thinking I don't agree that that INTIAL action to DO the thinking is easy. If I were afraid to jump off the diving board it's really just a simply matter of jumping off the board, righ? But that's not the hang up, the hang up is the intiating of the jump.

maybe I missed the point of the thread?

Good topic, though!

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3/21/13 10:59 P

I think that change is hard on humankind. We resist it. We rationalize our choices, even when we know they are bad for us. And we chose what we want, rather than what we need, way too often.

My changes about diet and weight came when I was sick and tired of my status quo. I finally wanted it to be different. Wanted! I knew for years that I should have done it, but I just didn't want to bad enough yet. Then, one day, I did. That shift is what I focus on. I want it to be different now. And that is all the motivation I need. I want it!

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3/21/13 10:54 P

On habits, turns out the 21 day rule to create a habit, is not so. For most habits it's about 66 days according to some new research (there's a continuum though, with soe people taking much longer, and the harder the habit the longer it takes to develop).

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I agree with I_HEART_MY_FAM
Changing your lifestyle and developing healthy habits is a lot more complicated than just
being motivated and wanting to lose weight.
Successful change requires mentally, emotionally, and physically learning and adopting new ways...permanently. And for most of us that's after a life long way of doing thing.
It's a slow learning process and a roller-coaster because it has to happen while your life goes on...and MURPHY'S LAW..always happens.

So it is hard.....and it is worth it....and if we figure out how to survive this battle from all directions, we will come out victorious

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3/21/13 8:45 P

I agree with you to a certain extent. Changes and habits are very different though. A change is much easier then a habit to conquer. With a habit usually one needs to find something to replace that bad habit with. I understand that still can fall under change, but more of a commitment and will power.

I am not eating what I was eating in my 20s, and now I am in my mid 40's. The changes were not hard for me, only portion control is hard and eating too often because those are habits. I don't have a desired habit food. I switch foods all the time. I know some do habit foods though, where they need pizza a few times a week, I am not like that with any food. That may be bad though because I am a food lover and like most anything when prepared good.

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3/21/13 8:22 P

Many have made the claim that change is hard. But what they don't realize is that they make changes all of the time without complaint when the changes they make are changes they choose to make to better their lives. How many people found it difficult to start using cellular phones, watching TV, driving a car, getting a new car that they wanted and adding every one of those unhealthy foods that led to your weight gain to your list of preferred daily food choices? Many of these changes came without much effort apart from paying for them or overcoming the resistance to trying something new. Take a mental picture (for younger people just use 3 different moments in time for reference) of what you ate when you were a child, what you were eating when you were in your early 20's, and what you are eating today. Are the foods in your refrigerator and pantry identical at these three different moments in time. If so, you are unique and if I might be so bold to say, boring! Otherwise it required CHANGES in your life to transition to the differences that brought this about. As we travel through time, we have opportunities to try new things at the same time we get bored with what has become routine! So what is really the truth? FORCED CHANGE is difficult but definitely not impossible. When you have to change due to EXTERNAL FORCES and for FOREIGN REASONS, you tend to want to resist! But knowing this should be empowering. What is required for successful change is a DESIRE FOR CHANGE that is in line with providing you pleasure and reward for those changes. What should make change easy is that you desire to make those changes because it is beneficial for you and in line with what you want for yourself.

The phrases "Change is Hard" or "It is just too Hard to Change" says that the change is being externally dictated and what is hard is your accepting the desire to change in order to enact the actions to bring that change about. Routines must change, information must be gained, accepted and processed into action and the desire to do these things must be internalized! You have to want to change in order to make any change that matters and that will last.

So what is the standard process for successful change? Think of a scale where on one side you have what you have now. Your current routine, your current food choices, your current educational training, your current experience of what you've tried and your current physical activity and whether you are happy or not where you are now. This goes on the side of the scale that when it is heaviest, there will be no change! On the other side should be where you can place the things that will influence change! New foods that you try, education you gain as you learn about healthy eating and a healthy life style, changes to your daily activities that improve your daily experiences, changes in your routines that bring benefits that you desire and you can instantly realize. Fall in love with the future you envision for yourself as well as the benefits that you will gain because of the changes that you will make.

Think of a time when you met a romantic partner in the past! Did you have problems changing your daily routine to include them? How much were you willing to reschedule, change about what you liked or didn't like and CHANGE in order to be with that person?

The key to change is to want, to own and to desire the change! To not to change is to want, own and desire the place and condition of where you are now. Change requires that the scale be tipped in the direction of desired change!

The scale is yours as well as the things on the scale are yours! What you don't have to tip the scales in the direction of change is what you need to pursue in order the offset the balance. Desire and commitment is what will get you there. Then it is only a matter of time until you arrive at your goal because of the changes that you decided not to live without!

Now that you have the keys to change, what will you decide to do with them? Ignore them because it requires change to accept them OR reach out, grab them and start searching for the locks to open and to start moving yourself toward your goals?

I wish you the best and know that when you really want something bad enough, you are going to get it. If you don't have it and when you aren't moving toward it, you must just not really want it! And that is okay with me. Is it okay with YOU?

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