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5/13/13 11:59 P

You have an entire year to train, so you should be more than fine.

The best advice I can give is to take it slowly. If your patient you will be able to get to the finish line (not only in the race, but in your diet and fitness goals as well)

Exercise Wise:
For the first few weeks start by walking 30 minutes 3x a week. Than try some biking, as it's easy on the joints but builds up muscle and endurance. After a month or so, why not look at one of Sparkpeoples free 5K Programs? One of them (I believe) helps you learn how to run a minimum of a 5K in 8 weeks, however if need be you can spread out the program to as long as you like.

Swimming or using an elliptical is a great way to help build up strength for running. These two exercises are good because it doesn't put too much pressure on the joints while working the same muscles that running does.


Diet Wise:

Start by simply cutting back on junk food and eating more fruits, veggies and whole grains. This will help you lose a few pounds as well as make sure your getting in the right diet for running.

From there you can start looking at Sparkpeoples diet program for you and try to work your way down to their recommended caloric amount. Take your time in reaching that specific amount because you is almost impossible to make the change over night. Decide on how many calories to cut out every week (ex: 50 or 100 calories less than your usual every week until you reach the sparkpeoples recommended caloric goal).

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5/13/13 4:44 P

Thank you, MLAN:D It's kind of a strange family situation, but the sister setting it up is not her niece has lived with my dad since she was five, and was raised with my younger siblings (a big age difference from me and the mother of my niece) as her sisters, so even though the sister that is setting it up is officially her aunt, she thinks of her and calls her her sister. LOL crazy, I know, and I'm sure you didn't need all that background, but figured I'd clarify. The last thing my Katie (my sister) and my niece (Amy) did together was do the 5K together, less than a month before Amy passed. Amy was a special needs teenager, and Katie did the entire 5K pushing Amy's wheelchair. Getting into shape so I can participate in next years 5K in Amy's honor feels like the very least I can do, and possibly future ones as well if there will be any.

I don't know if this is allowed or not.....but I think it is open to anyone who wants to join, and it is going to be held in North Carolina. If anyone would like to check out the details, you can find them at the Amy Renee Clevenger Bradley 5K Fun Run facebook page.

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5/13/13 4:37 P

Thank you so much, these are awesome ideas! My main immediate goals are to cut down, then eliminate soda, which is a big vice for me, and to set up a one mile route for walking...I would like to walk it at least once a day, twice if I can. When it becomes comfortable, I will increase the distance, and continue the patter. When I can get to about three miles, I will begin to introduce running into it, continuing the same pattern. Doing it in spurts until my stamina and ability builds.

I hope I can do it. I have to be careful because I have a vertigo disorder called Meniere's syndrome and if I do too much, get too hot, or move too fast, I can get very dizzy and very sick if I'm not careful, and I do see a few days in the future when I either over do it and get sick, or have to take days off because I am too dizzy to risk it.

. Some new things I am putting into place too....I am using one of those saucer sized plates for my meals rather than a full size plate, and that helps me to remember to cut portions. One of my biggest problems is that usually I only eat once or twice a day.....I am going to reduce my supper portion, eat fruit for breakfast and a salad of some sort during mid day as lunch. It's going to be slow going to get into buying habits for that because as I've previously stated, I live on a strict budget that truthfully barely covers what we need for a month for my family. It's going to take some finagling to manage to get the things I need to help with my new eating habits, but once it's accomplished, I hope it will work. I need to increase my water intake, but since I am going to cut down/cut out soda, which I drink more than anything, does anyone have suggestions of a healthy juice or something so that I'm not just drinking water 24/7? Oh, also, does green tea really work as a detox/diet aid? I got some last night for hot tea, with mint in it, but does it really work?

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5/12/13 7:59 A

You have gotten a lot of great advice. I am not sure I can add anything without being repetitive. I wanted to stop by and say that I am so sorry for the loss of your niece! I think it's great that her mom is trying to set up a 5k in her honor.

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5/11/13 9:02 P

TLBOYD12 - Start where you are. You don't have to do a complete 180 on your life and change everything at once and turn into a whole-food vegan to be healthy. :)

When I started, I bought whole wheat spaghetti, and mixed it half and half. That's it. Get yourself a scale, and start measuring everything. Don't worry about making it perfect! Start where you are, and make small changes. After learning to mix my pasta half and half (I hated the texture of whole grain pasta. Now I love it!) I just started cutting portions. If you're having pizza for dinner? Choose veggies instead of meats. Eat two pieces instead of three.

There IS a way out of it. You just have to work with where you are. You get a calorie range here;start measuring your servings of what you're eating now, and aim to stay in that range. Once you've mastered that, you can start boosting the healthy quotient. When you make small changes, your family will be more open to them. My husband went from Mr Brown (brown everything, even the damn vegetables were deep fried and breaded) to volunteering to make a monster salad for dinner. :)

It WILL happen.

As for your 5k? you have tons of time. Start by walking 10 minutes a day. You can DO this! I did!

I promise.You just have to fight for it. Baby steps, all the way!

The next thing I want you to do is consider creating a public Sparkpage. You don't have to share personal information, but doing that will allow us to help support you in your journey. Blogging helps you get your thoughts out about your progress. It lets you make friends, and keep in touch with them. People who participate in the community here are so much more likely to succeed... and the science backs it up! We want to be here for you... help us make that happen!

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5/11/13 8:51 P

Well I definitely need to lose weight along with preparing for the goal of managing a 5k. That's an area that I have trouble with. As previously stated, I know next to nothing about how to count calories, gauge nutrition levels, etc, and there is also the cost to consider. I live on a very strict budget that barely gets us what we need to get through a month, and I live in a house with four other people who have no desire or interest in eating in a healthier manner. I don't have the money to buy two sets of groceries; I already try to cook as healthy as possible and we now use almost no packaged foods, but it gets expensive, especially when I have to try to accommodate all of us instead of just me. In that area, I feel totally lost and really frustrated that there might not be a way out of it.

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5/10/13 10:41 P

For most people, weight loss is 70% nutrition, and just 30% exercise (although exercise brings many other health and fitness benefits with it). And obviously with your 5K objectives, exercise should definitely be part of your plan.

Spark's Fitness Maps
allow you to map your route and work out how far you walked, without the need to buy a pedometer.


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5/10/13 6:52 P

You should visit the Getting Started page. It's a step-by-step list you can follow to get yourself in the groove with Sparkpeople insofar as nutrition and exercise is concerned:

With everything, take it slow and just do what you can. An entire year to work yourself up to a 5k is ample time. (And remember, you can always walk a 5k, too!)

Running is not an easy occupation to get into. There are some folks for whom it comes naturally, and there are others - like myself - whom are extremely challenged to even jog a quarter of a mile. I can do advanced aerobics til the cows come home, but ask me to run?? Yeah. tough stuff - I'm working on it, though. I'm mentioning that as I don't want you to get disappointed if you find out you're in the same group of endurance activity people as me.

BUT, you should try for sure! You may be lucky and be a natural runner. :) But ease yourself into it. For now, just walk short distances at a pace that you feel is manageable. Keep adding those distances til you get to three miles then start increasing your speed. If you can get yourself up to a good 4mph gait, you're doing stellar. And at that point, then start practicing the couch to 5k program where you start introducing short running spurts.

It's real encouraging you have a year to work on it. You can definitely do it!!

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5/10/13 4:06 P

Thank you all so much for the tips and advice! All very helpful and it seems that the general consensus is to start slowly as far as the exercise/running goes, which makes sense, and I do have time so it's not like I have to feel the need to jump right into it full tilt with things beyond my ability. I didn't know about the calorie tracker....I am just learning the site, but it will help a lot, because I know that obviously dietary and eating habits will have to go with the exercise if I'm going to lose weight along with getting more exercise and working toward the 5k goal ,and as previously stated, I know NOTHING, literally. I am leaving right now to go for a walk....I am going to have to get a step/distance counter or something because I live in a rural area without city blocks to be able to accurately judge my distance.

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,369
5/10/13 10:49 A

Sorry for your loss! You have been given some good information here, but I also wanted to add that we do have 5k training plans that you may find helpful:

Coach Denise

JLEMUS1 Posts: 4,054
5/10/13 9:03 A

Sorry for your loss, just take a step then another start with 10 minutes and move on from there!! Good luck!!

5/10/13 7:25 A

I'm so sorry about your loss. I think it's great that you want to honor your niece's memory by getting into better shape. You've received great advice about starting slow and doing Couch to 5K when you're ready to start running.

I'd also recommend planning your exercise milestones from where you need to be a year from now, then working backwards. For example, if the 5K will be June 1, 2014, mark that down, then mark down that you need to run 2 miles by April 15, 1 mile by March 1, etc. The little goals in between will help your eventual goal feel less daunting!

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,452
5/10/13 6:44 A

A couple of good places to start:

* Track your food (using the Nutrition Tracker) - even just a couple of weeks can be really educative (I know it was for me) about where your calories are coming from, and can help you identify areas where you can knock off a few hundred calories without feeling deprived. It is all really eye-opening about portion size, and portion control.

* Walking is a great place to start with exercise - it is simple, moderate in intensity, requires no special training or equipment, and burns about 100 calories per mile walked. Also, it is generally recommended to build up a solid walking base (3 months or so) before starting to run. And when you do start running, I would strongly recommend a Couch to 5K plan as the best way to transition to running.


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5/10/13 2:58 A

I think you could get to the point of running the whole thing.

From my own experience running when I wasn't used to it at all, it was a tough go. But I think, chipping away at it piece by piece, surprising things can be done.

My main thing is cycling, which I do an awful lot. I run too, 10 miles a week or so right now. I am absolutely slow at running, but I couldn't care less. I work on my body mechanics and concentrate on getting healthy exercise - speed is entirely beside the point.

If you want to run the 5k, even just to say you did it, I think that is a wonderful goal. It's a real accomplishment to run that far, and it is really neat to commemorate someone's passing in that way. A toast to her life and a celebration of your accomplishment would be really nice, I think.

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5/10/13 1:10 A

I'm so sorry for your loss....

but you will always know your niece would be ever so proud of you...whether you can run it all or not! Just that you are out there, working towards it. So what if you end up walking the whole course?!! That's way more than you can do now...!

Best wishes, and work slowly and consistently towards your goal of honoring her life.

PS..have you checked at your library if they have free internet access to Spark???

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5/10/13 12:50 A

thank you:D I will definitely have to start out walking, because beginning with running is out of the question for sure. My problem is that I'm impatient lol. I want to get out there and already be at, or at least close, to where I've set my goal right away, or at least get there quickly, but that is obviously unrealistic. I think that's a good idea, to take it in increments. And I don't know what I was thinking, calling it one mile lol. I'll be happy if I could get to the point of running a mile well, but I want to run the entire thing.

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5/10/13 12:34 A

So you have a year to go from zero to 5k (3.1 miles). Or so.

You could start walking. Do something like a half mile at a time until you feel comfortable with it, then add distance in half mile increments. Maybe 2 or 3 times a week.

When you are comfortable walking 3.1 miles, if you want you might start running. I would start with a quarter mile. Then walk the rest. When that is comfortable, add another quarter mile to the running and walk the rest. And so on. Make every 2nd or 3rd week a rest week, where you just walk. That will prevent fatigue from accumulating too badly.

That is just generally the kind of thing I would expect could work. Please don't consider it informed, usable advice.

But you could start something like that now and make it another goal to get up to speed on a starting-from-scratch program, particularly with respect to injury prevention. Get some better advice than the example above. Running can be hard on the joints. It needs a pretty careful start.

I think the most important thing for your goals is just to get started. That sounds like walking to me, which is pretty safe.

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5/9/13 11:10 P

I signed up for this site a long while back but for lack of internet did not use it, but I am back now, even if for three weeks per month (prepay internet sucks).

My 17 year old niece died last week and my sister is setting up a 5K fun run in her honor to take place around this time next year. I am absolutely determined to take part in this.

Except...I don't know where to begin, what to do? *Sobs*

I used to be somewhat athletic, though not necessarily health conscious. But I am now just turned 37, and I now have a vertigo disorder that curbs much of what I can do in the way of some activities. Apparently I have the kind of body that requires lots of activity to stay in shape.

I am 5' 3" and I weigh somewhere between 260 to 290, not exactly sure, and I am the heaviest I have ever been in my life. I am hoping that my motivation to run one full mile at the fun run in honor of my wonderful, beautiful niece will help me to get in shape and lose weight also. If I can, that will also have the effect, I think, of abolishing some other health issues that I am positive are tied in with being over weight.

But Where do I start? If I wait until I manage to lose enough weight to begin trying to train, I might never be ready this time next year, but I know I can't just jump into it. And I know nothing of nutrition or the best sorts of diets or anything like that.

I'm like a lost little lamb in a forest and it is discouraging. I don't want to lose my motivation and confidence before I even start. My niece deserves better and I want to honor her in that way by this time next year so I can run with many of the other people who loved her so much.

Any tips, ideas suggestions out there on where to begin at least??

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