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3/19/13 1:26 A

Macy's will also measure you. I've heard that most of us wear bras that are too big in band size and too small in cup size. I found that to be true by trying on the same bra in different sizes than my usual and it makes such a difference.

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3/19/13 12:26 A

My go-to favorite bra is from Cacique, but they don't make it in plain black anymore (they have it in this wierd black/flesh-tone combination...UGLY), which annoys me. They have no solid black bras that fit me right. I don't know the name of the style I like, but it's the one that is all lace except for mesh in the back, wide straps, no padding. I am also irritated by the fact that other than this bra, they don't seem to be making any cute bras anymore that don't have padding...or padding AND an additional removable pad. I'm a 40DDD...I have my own padding! Seriously, why would anyone with D+ breasts want extra padding? It is insane.

I needed a red plunge bra in an emergency the other day (it was a dance situation...long story) so I ran into a Cacique and found that I needed a bigger size than usual. So I have lost almost 100 pounds but my boobs are BIGGER? How is this possible?

I'm also annoyed with Cacique because I am now too small on the bottom to buy panties there. They used to carry a 10/12, but not anymore. My current crop of comfy cotton panties for working out...well, when they wear out (already way too big) I have no idea how I am going to replace them. I don't even understand how mainstream panty sizing works.

I have several Frederick's of Hollywood bras that I like a lot. They have a pretty good selection of larger sizes. All of those tend to be a bit cleavage-tastic though, so they aren't everyday-appropriate.

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3/18/13 9:44 P

Anything by Victoria Secret!

3/18/13 9:26 P

Wacoal sports bra

3/18/13 9:06 P

MissRuth, I never would have considered that. Thank you so much for sharing that.

Turtlesdove, the Caciques run from around $35-$50, depending on the one you choose. They almost always have them buy one get one half off or buy one get one free. I wait till they have a good sale and buy several.

And yes, I'm crooked, too. One side is bigger than the other. It didn't start till after I had my kids though. How about you ladies? Lopsided for life, or just after babies?

And ladies, I am really enjoying this thread. Nothing better than a bunch of strangers bonding over bras. The internet is so cool :)

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,314
3/18/13 5:15 P

I don't think having one breast slightly larger than the other, would be any more unusual than having one foot that's a little longer than the other. Our bodies are not totally exactly symetrical. You could fit the bra to the larger breast, and then if the other cup wasn't filled out enough, use a "cookie" or "cutlet" to give it better shape.

I had a lumpectomy for breast cancer, and oddly enough because of excess scar tissue, the breast that had surgery is now slightly bigger than the other one. Even though they had to remove a chunk of it. I fit bras to the larger one (so everything stays contained) and look for a little padding to help even things out.

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
3/18/13 4:41 P

that's funny. There is an ad on here that just popped up about Genie bras. Anybody have one and do you recommend it? Seems like it would squish me together.

3/18/13 4:32 P

oh man. getting measured at a real bra store (or very good department store) is totally worth it.

KARA623 Posts: 727
3/18/13 4:24 P

I went to Lane Bryant to get my bras all the way up till about 5 lbs ago when I was measured at a 34D/DD and could no longer get my size there. :-( Theirs are the BEST. The trauma of trying on almost every single bra at Victoria's Secret before settling on the Dream Angels demi was hideous, but bras at other stores just don't support like Cacique's do. Even the really expensive ones at Nordstrom don't look as good and support as well.

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
3/18/13 3:48 P

this is pretty embarrassing, but one of my breasts is slightly larger than the other one. A little hangs out on one side. Any one else have this problem?

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3/18/13 2:54 P

Thanks, MissRuth.

Your explanation about breasts getting bigger (without cosmetic surgery!) makes sense.

But I am NEVER going to go and get officially fitted for a bra by someone in a store. As I said, I have found a few that seem to fit right, and look right under my clothes. I will stick with the size and style I know works for me and leave it at that.

GARDENDIVA2 Posts: 612
3/16/13 4:49 P

MISSRUTH, Thank you for the explanation. I always just assumed that menopause just gave me permanent "period" boobs.

Lane Bryant and Victoria Secret are owned by the same company so I think that the quality is similar in each store. If I recall correctly, the largest band size that VS carries is a 38.

For a proper fitting I agree that you should go to a specialty store. They advertised that they did proper fittings at our local Lane Bryant store. The girl measured me with all my clothes on and then gave me a range of cup sizes to try. That is not a proper fitting. When I went to a specialty store she measure my body where the band should sit and she knew just by look what the correct cup size was.

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3/16/13 12:13 P

I really like the Phoebe by Moving Comfort which his for high impact. I also wear CW-X bras when I run.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,314
3/16/13 11:50 A

This is just an FYI, for anyone who's interested. When we're younger, our breast tissue is more dense; its more glandural and connective tissue, plus some fat tissue. As you age and go through menopause, your hormone levels drop and the breast tissue becomes less glandural, less dense, and more fatty tissue.

So as we get older it can be entirely normal to need a larger cup size, because the composition of the tissue has changed. Your band size would probably go down as you lost the weight though because that's an "around the rib cage" measurement.

Nothing beats getting measured by someone who knows what they're doing (And I reckon the little girl at VS *may* not be the best choice here). A lot of the large department stores hold "bra fit events" -- you could get measured, try on some bras, and if they seem pricey-- write down the brands/ styles / sizes and then cruise the 'net for a better deal. (I've ordered from; I'm not affiliated with them in any way, I've just had good experiences with them. They carry a TON of stuff in loads of sizes.) But from my personal experience-- don't order anything you haven't actually tried on first, in a store.

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3/16/13 11:37 A

I have bone to pick with bra makers. Do they really need to add SO much padding to their bras? I'm a 36 dd and I know the padding adds support but I don't need that much added bulk to my wardrobe!

3/16/13 11:11 A

I am very busty. I went to the mall one day and got a bra fitting from Dillards. Best thing I ever did. I was wearing the Bali bra for years.I would always got a 38DDDD or a 40DDD but the middle thingy in the bra would always poke out or I had side buldge. I got fitted and I actually wear a 40H. I about died when she said that. I can wear a 40G depending on the make of the bra. The bra I bought at Dillards are a little expensive but the best bra I have ever worn..It fits perfect. Here is the name of it.
Wacoal Basic Beauty BodySuede Full-Busted Underwire Bra $48.00

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3/16/13 11:10 A

I never have much luck finding my size at Victoria 's Secret. I will check Lane Bryant.
Thanks everyone!!

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3/16/13 10:57 A

This is actually a topic of interest to me. I used to be a 34 B most of my life, I think. The cross-your heart type of bras seemed to work okay for me in that size.

I now find that I need a 34 C, and at times I think maybe it should even be D, and this is without gaining weight! In fact I'm at my goal weight and weigh less than I did in high school. I have never heard of breasts getting bigger as you age, long after childbirth years, unless weight is also gained everywhere. I wonder if it is me that changed size, or have they changed they way they make the bras?

I don't like spending a lot of money on a bra but it is hard to find any 34 Cs in most local discount stores. C range bras usually start in the 36 or greater chest size.

Many bras that seem to look okay in the pictures of models in the stores, don't hold my girls in, at all. Throughout the day, I fall out or parts come out over the bra. I think the experts would claim the bra is the wrong size. It might be the wrong style for me, but a different size would not make much difference, I am sure. One style I like (no falling out!) and found in my size was the Joe Boxer Balconette bra sold by K-mart. My only complaint is that I could not get it in pure white. I need some plain white bras for some of the clothes I wear (no blue colored trim, etc.)

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
3/15/13 12:08 P

@fitandhappy, I would say any bra that holds my boulders in. I'm tired of all these bras in which part of me hangs out. You know, I need a good over the shoulder boulder holder! And I'd like for them to be separated, not squished together like their in love!

BTW, how much does the Caciqua bra cost at Lane Bryant or wherever?

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3/14/13 11:42 P

VS's Amazing bra--beautiful, great shape, lots of lift. But it's possible it only goes to a 38DDD.

3/14/13 11:36 P

Ahhhh, my dream bra is one that opens first time every time....

/couldn't help myself.

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3/14/13 10:40 P

I don't know exactly what size I am, like never been measured professionally. Is there a good common store like LB that will measure for you?

R3DROBIN Posts: 1,389
3/14/13 10:24 P

about 6 weeks ago i went to lane bryant and also found the bras of my dreams!! i also found out im a 38F! thank goodness for lane bryant having cute and sexy 38F bras!! i now own 5 amazing bras!! 2 very sexy ones and 3 every day ones. i love love love them!!

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
3/14/13 10:06 P

@ Kj Yes when your a 36 dd Victoria's Secret works for you but when your higher they don't make bra's that are our size I think they only go up to a 40 dd if I'm not mistaken might be wrong don't quote me. I bet your girl looks amazing in it , so you enjoy hahaha
When I get back down to a 36 d I'll also be shopping back at Victoria's Secret hahaha

3/14/13 8:18 P

The Cacique bra is made by Lane Bryant. Is that the one you are asking about? T

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
3/14/13 9:45 A

I live in Georgia, as a matter of fact, I live within 10 miles of filming that show and the walking dead, too. Where do I find that bra?

3/14/13 9:17 A

i do have one. it's the most comfortable one i've ever had. but Target / manufacturer discontinued it, I guess, as I haven't seen it in a few years. the ones I have are now breaking apart :(

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
3/14/13 9:00 A

I don't have cable so can't watch the show but I'd like to. It's amazing how many women don't wear the right size. I just bought a bra, don't know the brand, at Kohl's and had to get a DDD.

3/14/13 8:59 A

I know, women's topic only but my gf loves dragging me to shop for bras and she swears by VS's Bombshell Bra and I gotta admit, at 50 standing at 5'4" and weighing about 135lbs her 36DDs look HUGE with this bra on, not to mention when she wears peekaboo/keyhole tops, drives-me-NUTZ!
( . Y . )

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
3/14/13 8:56 A

i am a Cacique fan too. I couldn't believe they measured me at a DDD.

CHEETARA79 Posts: 3,972
3/14/13 8:51 A

When I weighed 235 pounds, I was easily a 42 D or DD now I think I'm around a 36 B at 173 pounds. I should buy a new bra soon. I've had good luck shopping at the higher end department stores, like Bloomingdales or Nordstrom. They are more expensive but the bras are high quality and the sales people really know what's up.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
3/14/13 7:07 A

I used to live near a shop that had a woman who knew her stuff (probably like the show, which I've never seen).

It was a shame when the store closed, and I never knew where she went after that.

Knowing what to look for and buy is well worth it.
When you find what works, it makes a big difference in how you feel/look.

My local WMart certainly cannot compare, and it's the only one in the area that I know of (I believe the fancy dress/prom shop has recently started selling lingere, so perhaps I should make a visit and see what they have)

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
3/14/13 1:00 A

hahaha that was cute I know what you mean by the 2 black eyes hahaha I'm glad you found some you like and avoid the black eye scenario hahaha

FITWITHIN Posts: 26,169
3/13/13 10:48 P

I'm still in search for the ultimate bar.

3/13/13 9:53 P

I'm a Cacique fan, too. I bought a different brand a few months ago and TOTALLY regretted it. I won't make that mistake again! I just got two of the Cacique Sport sports bras, and I'm. In. Love! So comfortable, and I don't worry about giving myself black eyes during my workouts! lol


LJUSTICE32 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/13/13 9:21 P

I just started watching that show! I think they are hilarious! I have a hard time finding cute bras. Im a DDD. There is a store in our mall that goes up to N. Man are they pricey! I get mine at Catherines, sister store to Lane Bryant.

GLITTERFAIRY77 Posts: 8,023
3/13/13 8:58 P

I hate bras.

I also hate the aging process.

I only like bras because they make the sweater puppies look like they did b.c. I have found a couple at Target that are fine. I'm totally getting measured, though. D cups/DD cups can be difficult to shop for.

DACHI9 SparkPoints: (7,051)
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3/13/13 5:00 P

Thanks for the info. That apparatus is the bain of my existance!

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
3/13/13 1:20 P

I watch double diva's and these girls can tell you what kind of bra you need and then you see these girls go frumpy to fab standing up nice and tall with all the support in the world.
Well I can't go to Georgia for that kind of attention to the girls so where did I find my dream bra?????????? LANE BRYANT!!!
I got the Cacique and my girls are standing proud and look perky! Right now if you buy 2 you get one free, but I only bought one. This bra is the best bra I have ever worn and you know Sherri Shepard from the view she even wears this bra and she's got some big girls.
Might want to try this one ladies, your girls will never be happier emoticon

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