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2/15/06 12:02 P

I agree with you. I always wondered what type of job let's you leave for a minimum of 2 weeks to go to The Ranch and then let's you apparantly work part time to get fit. I need to apply!

HITCHEDIN06 Posts: 68
2/15/06 11:04 A

Personally, I don't think it's realistic... I think I remember hearing that they work out at least 4 hours a day. I would guess that even these small groups are working out like mad when they are sent home from The Ranch. I'm like you - I struggle to find an hour here or there each day get to the gym. Oh - and it looks like those contestants are given equipment to keep at home. If only I could have $10,000 worth of equipment at home!!

BJF2008 Posts: 685
2/14/06 11:49 P

Do you think it is realistic for the average person? I mean I struggle to fit in 4 hours a week to work out. It seems like they work out way more than that and they drop weight so fast. I do find it motivational!!! Anyone have any thoughts?

A1KAYOS Posts: 7,082
2/10/06 7:55 A

I love the biggest loser but had that it conflicts with Lost...which wins out in my house! The only times I get to watch it now is during repeats or if I remember to record it!

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2/9/06 8:50 P

i 'made' my fiance watch it with me last night for modivation. he's going to do a 'biggest loser at home' beginning of next month.. 2 weeks of gym and healthy eating.

HITCHEDIN06 Posts: 68
2/9/06 3:37 P

SPATINO I was misty-eyed last night too!! Especialy when she put on the dress that had been too small... and it zipped right up. I had to wipe the tears off my cheeks before FI came home. :)

That's my exact scenario (bought a too-small dress for motivation) and I'm hoping that everything I'm doing right now will pay off in a couple of months when it's time to start fittings. If it doesn't... I just can't think about it.

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SPATINO Posts: 29
2/9/06 2:06 P

I LOVE the Biggest Loser. Although the fact that their online diet stuff etc costs $ is stupid. I guess the have to come up with the 50k somehow right?I like free support like on this board! I LOVE SP so far.

Back to the biggest loser- I think competition is VERY healthy. I hope the losing teams and people just realize that if you make life into a big game then everyone can be winners. I love seeing Jillian bully people and kick their butts! Thats what I need! I love to see the healthy things people can do for themselves. The biggest loser in the past couple of seasons has become VERY motivational for me. I cry occasionally! (don't tell)

2/9/06 1:59 P

what is your opinion of the biggest loser???

couirous to find out from the consumers point of view?

SPATINO Posts: 29
2/9/06 12:59 P

they didn't have to use it all towards the wedding. any person in their right mind wouldn't have. 20-30k is extravagent enough, put the rest towards a house!

2/9/06 11:46 A

I say it also and heard the most profound words ever heard from a client.

He said that there are no short cuts to weight loss and it was hard work, but it was totally worth it.

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2/9/06 11:33 A

I can't help but think that 50K could be better spent... like a really nice downpayment, or a year of law school, or a couple of new cars...

MRS.CATMAN Posts: 238
2/9/06 10:06 A

Did anyone see it? It was two engaged couples competeing for a $50,000 dream wedding!

It was quite inspirational.

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