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12/29/12 7:59 A

That's great advise Lisa! Thanks a lot! I am already in my second week and I have stepped it up a notch in regards to cardio. I am very serious with my diet and have made lots of changes to my diet. I wanted to ask people here for their opinion on drinks like Gatorade, Powerade etc.

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12/26/12 3:43 A

A couple of things the trainer at my gym told someone who was almost at goal weight, but still had a lot of Belly fat:

1. Step up the cardio exercises
2. Watch the sugar intake (like in yogurts, dressings, juice, sports drinks)
3. Ditch carbonated beverages- it causes bloating- soda, diet soda and beer- get rid of it
4. Try Safflower oil and Borage oil supplements- they are NOT diet pills, they are supplements with CLA and GLA naturally found in our body, but usually in low amounts, they can help aid the fat cells in releasing excess fat during weight loss.

Best wishes!

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12/25/12 5:29 A

Hello everyone!

I wanted to create this thread to keep track of my fitness program for the experts to advise and friends to support. This is just a normal program I created for myself nothing excessive or intense. Here we go:

Weight: 80 Kgs
Height : 170 cm

Target weight: 65- 70 kgs
Target result: Losing my Ugly Belly!

Diet: Common sense diet - lots of veggies and fruits and less oily and fatty food. I have taken advice from friends on this forum and have been eating small amounts of slow digesting carbs and healthy fats
+ Drinking 3 litres of water.
Sleep: 8hrs +

Week 1:
Day 1:

-30 minutes of walking and 10 minutes of jogging. ( Total distance : 3.5km) It was very hard to run after a long time and I had to break my run at regular intervals.( Very bad!)
-3 sets Push ups (Basic ) - 15,15,20 reps respectively.


Distance - 3.5 Km. Walked for 20 mins for 2.25Km. Slow jogging with no breaks for 1.25 Km. I know its not much of a workout but I want to take it slow and steady with the history of my previous knee injury plus I have Plantar Fibroma.
3 sets Push ups (DIamond) - 10,10,15 reps respectively


Distance - 3.5 Km. Walking : 1Km (10mins). Jogging (slow) : 2.5Km. I am slowly gaining confidence in my running and I feel like I can keep pushing myself more and more everyday.
5 sets of push (Basic) - 20,20,25,25,30 reps respectively. (I got this idea from a guy who has been doing the 100 push up challenge from this website -
.dpbs )


Distance - 3.5Km. Walking: few steps didn't calculate time. Jogging (slow) : 3.5 Km. I just started running the whole distance ... I wanted to break it at the half way mark but I felt I can push myself a bit more and I kept on going until I reached the finishing point. I felt great after that ... felt like I can go on for another Km ... but I will save it for the next day!
5 sets of push (Diamond) - 15,15,20,20,30 reps respectively.

Now that's the progress so far ... I will be running a bit faster and I will add more distance in the coming days! (Woohoo) I will be doing different types of push-ups in the coming days. That's my plan so far.

I haven't felt this motivated regarding fitness in a long time! I welcome all the experts and the experienced to advise me on what I am doing right as well as what I am not. Also for friends who are in the same boat as me please leave your comments. I really appreciate your support.

I will be posting a photo of my belly after the 7th day of my program.

Thanks a lot in advance!


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