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As I mentioned earlier, the contradictory information can be tough to sort through. I'm following a plan - the hormone diet (supercharged). It's put together in a book written by Dr. Natasha Turner ND. If you google it, it goes through some of the key points of her nutrition plan/detox. She's Canadian (and so am I) and I like that the food recommendations are available here in Canada, because often foods are referenced that I have no access to. I'm going off topic...

9/8/11 4:39 P

The best thing to do to get your hormones in check and improve your chances of conceiving down the to achieve and maintain a healthy weight with a healthy diet and daily exercise plan.

I am not familiar with the foods in the diet you have chosen, so I can not comment on the appropriateness of the eating plan.

Your omega-3 supplement intake should come from your doctor and be based on your medical condition, laboratory work, and food intake etc. this will then guide the amount that you should be taking daily.

I do not know of any valid research referencing omega-3 fatty acids or flora supplements ( I assume this is probiotics) for the correction of hormonal imbalances.

SP Registered Dietitian Becky

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I have not done this hormone diet, but I do eat for good
balance of leptin, insulin, and ghrelin. I have found this
approach to be amazingly effective in losing weight
and now maintaining a healthy weight, especially
in combination with high intensity interval training that
supports these hormones and increases my human
growth hormone as well.

Both DHA/EPA and probiotic supplements are a
significant part of my approach. PM me if you want
more details as to why these supplements support
our weight loss process.

If used wisely and carefully, supplements can improve
our health. I have taken many supplements for over
forty years and have the good health to show for it.

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9/8/11 3:45 P

Okay, thanks.

To clarify my message for others who have done this program... (or just the hormone diet... the 1st book)

Has anyone omitted any of the supplements? If so, did you still see any results/health benefits?

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9/8/11 3:22 P

??? Who said anything about meal replacements?

You posted a question about a diet that, based purely on your information on it, sounds like it could be a fad diet scam. I provided a link for you to help evaluate that, in case you were taken in by one.

If it's not - great! Awesome. Continue using your doctor's advice on supplementation, not a diet plan's or the advice of random untrained straingers online.

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9/8/11 3:12 P

Perhaps you misunderstood. This is not a meal replacement plan. I'm eating lots of good, healthy stuff, real foods and exercise is part of the program (no short cuts here).

I partially agree with you that we do not need to detox ourselves (in that yes, our liver does do that), but I also feel we all eat way too many chemicals so it probably won't hurt to cut them out of our diets for a while.

My questions are geared more to others who are familiar with this plan (re: the supplements). I have often discussed actually taking supplements with my doctor and she's always okay with it (at least the ones I've mentioned).


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9/8/11 3:05 P

Never take any supplements unless medically directed. You can OD even on vitamins. A daily multi is fine, but anything further should be because a doctor or qualified dietitian has determined you have a specific deficiency.

"Detoxing" is a myth. It sells to our fears of preservatives and other chemicals in foods "these days" but your body does a healthy job of detoxifying you if you eat enough water and fibre.

I'm not familiar with this particular plan, but it sounds kind of dodgy. Check out this article on ways to spot a fad diet to see if your new diet plan seems like it might be -

Always remember there is no real replacement for just regular healthy eating (in moderation), combined with regular moderate exercise.

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9/8/11 2:46 P


I've decided to start the supercharged hormone diet (I'm on Day 2 of the detox). I've done many detoxes in the past and have to admit I'm a little skeptical. There are so many schools of thought and often professionals in the same field widely contradict one another. It can be frustrating to know for sure what you're doing is actually healthy. That said, I decided to give this a try because while my goal is to lose weight, I am also trying to regulate my periods. I'm not trying to get pregnant right now, but I will eventually be trying and have some concerns it may not be easy for me to conceive.

So in comes the supercharged hormone diet. The first confusing thing was I didn't know whether to buy this book or the older edition - the hormone diet. I went with newer, hoping it would be better. Let's see...

The first thing I should say is that I'm not following it 100%. I know this defeats the purpose but I need to manage costs. I decided to omit a couple of supplements (omega-3 and the flora). Both of these I can get in part from food (especially after the first week when more foods are allowed). I'm not sure if this will mess it all up. Does anyone know?

So far, so good. Even though the recommended food seems to be a bit much for me. I might cut some things out or at least reduce portions sizes. I know the point is not to count calories while doing this, but I am mostly out of curiosity. I'm noticing I'm also going over my calorie count. I'll have to keep an eye on that. When I've done detoxes in the past I've actually gained some weight. I've had a headache since last night. It's pretty intense. I often get headaches so I'm not sure if its because of the detox or if it's just a coincidence.

I guess we'll have to see how the rest of the week goes. In the meantime, if anyone could shed some light on the supplement omission, that would be great! Thanks!

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