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EME825 Posts: 39
8/26/13 2:27 P

I wanted it just on my ipad because it makes it easier to read while im at work and then i dont have to lug around the book too! but if its too much of a hassel im just going to keep the hard copy and read that! :) thank you for replying

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8/26/13 2:20 P

There's a Kindle edition but according to Amazon's site, its another $15. There might be some not quite straight forward ways...but short of scanning the entire book yourself to pdf and then uploading it via iTunes, you're pretty much stuck.

That being said, can you return the hard copy and buy the kindle edition? Or do you want it in print and on your iPad?

EME825 Posts: 39
8/26/13 2:03 P

I bought the spark solution online so i have it in print. I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to get it onto my ipad?? or if it is possible?

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