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DMJAKES Posts: 1,635
3/13/14 8:31 A

I'm 52 and already finished with the whole process (yay), and I agree that it's been a struggle. I really have to watch both the quality AND the quantity of what I eat; and I need to focus on strength training first, then on cardio that really challenges me. I simply cannot "phone it in" any more and expect to maintain, and that's OK by me. I've already decided that I will not grow old gracefully--I'm going to fight it all the way emoticon

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,294
3/13/14 7:57 A

With a bad lower back, it may be necessary to ask your doctor first for a referral to a physical therapist. They can set you up with exercises to strength your core without injuring your back. Those core exercises will include things to strength your lower back. Crunches, for example, can be hard on the lower back. It's important to be able to keep that lower back pressed against the floor. Less reps with proper form is better than more reps with bad form. And there are lots of things you can do, that don't involve crunches.

My doctor never told me that menopause would cause my middle to expand. I'm 58 and most definitely in menopause.... my middle never expanded. But I've been doing core exercises for the past couple years, too. I eat dairy every day, avoid added sugar, and cut way back on the bread. Plus I watch the sodium.

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3/11/14 5:26 P

Speaking from my personal experience, eliminating gluten and most grains along with dairy and sugar from my diet has helped me get rid of my belly - I recently started a fairly strict Paleo lifestye and have been amazed at how good I feel - more energy, more stamina when I work out, etc. BTW - I'm 56 and had a total hysterectomy in '07 and am now on bioidentical hormones.

DEANNA0725 SparkPoints: (22,611)
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3/11/14 10:14 A

I have no idea if I am in pre menopause, but I know that since I am 44 it will be coming along so I have decided to watch my starchy carb intake and make sure that exercise and eating healthier have become a habit. I am doing all of this with the hopes that when menopause hits it will not be as bad as I have heard that it could be.

3/11/14 9:54 A

Declining estrogen equals lower carb tolerance. Reduce your starchy carb intake and stay away from sugar and alcohol.

Weight bearing exercise is very important to maintain healthy bone density after menopause. Increasing your muscle mass with weight bearing exercise will increase your metabolism.

It is possible to combat the menopause middle.

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3/11/14 1:38 A

Menopause hit me like a ton of bricks making it nearly impossible to function let alone work. I went on bio-identical hormones and at 56 still have a waistline. I am overweight but very little of it is around my middle compared to the rest of my body and my hips and thighs. My doctor has told me that as soon as I stop taking the hormones to expect my middle to thicken. This is why I want to drop the extra weight and get as fit as I possibly can and stay a lifelong athlete. I think this would be the one thing I would tell women carrying extra weight in their 30's and 40's.....lose the weight now and exercise every day. What they say about hindsight is so true!

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3/10/14 11:36 P

Spot-reducing (trying to trim weight from one specific body part or area) doesn't work. Instead, concentrate on eating right and getting in your strength training and cardio. We can't control where our bodies store fat or when they will reduce fat in a particular area, but with time and a proper regimen of food and fitness, the weight will come off all over. I've found that increasing the intensity and frequency of my strength training is helping me lose inches all over, including my middle. I'm almost 49 and definitely peri menopausal.

3/10/14 9:35 P

emoticon I am in premenopause with a lot of hormone changes and now I seem to be carry more weight in my midsection. I am only about 5-6 pounds over my goal weight, but it seems to settle in my stomach area. I am concentrating on better eating, but what exercises target that area without straining a bad lower back. Any ideas about fitness or diet would be greatly appreciated. Help!

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