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11/26/12 3:29 P

I had a friend that loved hiking too & we both would go hiking together. We rarely canceled on each other even if we were tired or didn't feel like we had enough energy. It is so much easier to cancel on yourself than on a friend. Seems silly though since you have to coordinate schedules, but it works :)

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11/26/12 9:09 A

I completely agree - I found doing one of my runs for my Couch to 5K program with a few of my friends at a local track or park really helped me stay modivated and then another friend joined me at the gym and we were chatting while on the treadmill - next thing I know it was 3 hours later - we were both shocked at how long we were there chatting! I got my husband to come with me to the gym a few times and I found I was more comfortable going over to the weight area and trying new equiptment with him than I was on my own - then the next time I went on my own I knew where to go and I felt more confident knowing I would have the right technique.

I also found that going to some of the classes at the gym I have not been the only newbie and wasn't the only one sweating and having a hard time keeping up - though I will say I was the biggest one in the 2 classes I have taken so far and I was ok with that as I was keeping up better than a few others and know that some of the women have been going to these classes for a while so I'm ok being the biggest one since I know I have time to go and these are intense classes!!

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11/26/12 8:53 A

Yesterday, I met a friend for a morning walk. It was cold out and a little windy; but we went. I had "assumed" we would walk the shorter trail a couple times (one time is a little over a mile). But, she suggested we do the longer (8 mile) trail. We did it!!!

She didn't push me into it. It took the smallest suggestion for me to agree to go the extra distance. This really made me realize what a positive influence other people can be in our fitness journeys. If you are lucky enough to have someone like this that you can count on, embrace it. You can also use the SparkPeople virtual community to help provide you the extra motivation and gently nudge you to do more. I guess I always knew this; but, it really struck me yesterday.

Have a good day, all!


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