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11/19/13 1:33 A

Sounds like a good book. That is why it is SO important to start little tiny children with good habits like doing their work and CLEANING and being organized and saying "It is time now to do you lessons and homework and read." They need that structure.

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11/18/13 8:35 P

Thanks for the recommendation. I totally agree that "habit" is powerful, but it sounds like this book is very inspiring and offers even more information and explanation as to how to use it to the best potential.

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11/18/13 7:59 A

Please, please go request this book at your local library.

It is emoticon

It explains how we get into our ruts, why we fall off the wagon, and what to do about it! (Re-train your brain!)

(Also there are some really interesting stories from advertising and business, but the personal aspect is most interesting to me).

I can't wait to finish it! I am already using the principles on myself and on my teenager emoticon

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