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4/24/13 3:29 P

If you're only eating 1100-1200 calories a day and you're also working out, you're not eating enough, which means your body doesn't want to drop any weight. Try eating a bit more, 200-300 calories a day more, and exercise, and see what that does. Don't rely on some wacky diet.

I'm 30, and I started eating 1200-1300 calories a day and lost weight, without exercise. But after a few months I stopped losing and so I upped my calories a bit, and the weight started coming off again.

SDELAUR Posts: 5
4/24/13 3:20 P

One of the reasons that I tried this in the first place was because it seems that no matter what I do (besides keeping my calorie count way too low) is not working. I eat healthy, keep it around 1100-1200 cal/day, and workout at leat 5 days a week. Weight is not budging. My Dr says 'You're getting older" OK... I'm almost 58, I'm not dead. AND, I've tried it all, and yes, I stick with the program. Nothing is medically wrong with me but I can't get the weight off. I've gained 25 lbs in the last 4 years and it's just getting worse. So, I thought I would give The Plan a shot. Especially, when I read that it's regular food. Well, goat cheese to me is not regular food. lol I just hate buying into something and then there is no support and you are treated like a child. Trust me, I'm old enough to know if I don't like something. I find the book very confusing and all over the place. For example, there is a list of spices, then she has a recipe that has a completely different spice in it that you didn't buy. Also, the funniest thing I found in the book, is a comment about Coco-Loco Sauce. She says something to the effect that her clients tell her they would eat kitty litter if it had Coco-Loco Sauce on it. Honestly, it is very curry/cardemom laden. I ate it... but, just as I don't care for Indian food, I did not really enjoy it. I would just like to get through 20 days and see if I'm actually sensitive to anything. Or would I even know if I don't eat the menus exactly as they are laid out. She states in the book that you can't eat chicken and rice together ever. And, I'm thinking, if I'm not sensitive to chicken, and I'm not sensitive to rice, and this is all about food sensitivity, then why can't I eat them together. As I mentioned in my first post, I'm thinking it's more about the food combining, than it is the food sensitivity.

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4/23/13 1:59 P

The previous posters could not be more right. You shouldn't need to blow that much money to eat healthy.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of quacks out there that call themselves experts and write something that isn't necessarily a great way to go.

I have friends that are on this bandwagon of this company called It Works. They have wraps and supplements all designed to make you lose weight (without changing your habits, which is suspicious to me). One of the products is supposed to give you your vitamins from fruits and veggies just like you ate them. My only problem with that is, why not just eat them? Then you are sure you are getting the right nutrients!

I've done tons of fad diets, and the ONLY thing that has worked for me is the realization that I have to make sustainable changes that I can keep for the rest of my life. I don't workout 2-3 hours a day, because I can't do that for the rest of my life, not every day. I don't eat like I'm detoxing, because I'm not. If you make healthy food choices, your body will detox itself. It was designed to do it.

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4/23/13 11:41 A

To paraphrase Becky, this plan isn't based on sound, scientific principles.

The author isn't a doctor nor scientist, and the evidence doesn't support most of the theories she claims are true. I'm not going to say there are no benefits to her diet, but the entire theory of inflammation being the cause of every disease known to man is simply put, unknown and has no real evidence supporting a true causation. To quote UC Berkeley:

"A host of diet-book authors have jumped on the inflammation bandwagon, just as they jumped on the antioxidant bandwagon (Barry Sears, for instance, is now in the “inflammation zone”). A poor diet does apparently promote chronic inflammation. That’s not news—just another way of saying that unhealthy habits promote poor health. The principles of the heart-healthy diet have been around for years. The dozen or so “anti-inflammation” diet plans offer advice you’ve certainly heard before: watch calories, eat fish, eat good fats (as in nuts and olive or canola oil) rather than saturated fats (in beef, for example), and consume antioxidants (in fruits and vegetables). Eating well is a good idea, whatever its effect on inflammation."

There is a team for people who are on the plan where you can find support, but you'll find in general that restrictive diet plans aren't otherwise well supported on Sparkpeople. Cleanses and detoxes don't work, and this "expert" is an advocate of both.

Like Becky, I encourage you to try the Sparkpeople plan before leaping onto complicated bandwagons about reactive foods and fretting over 4 ounce weight gains in a single day. The SP plan works, and it's not based on fringe "science". :) (Plus, you don't have to BUY anything!)

The funny thing about the Plan users is, they don't stick around long. This highly restrictive, complicated diet is tough for a lot of people to maintain, I've noticed. They start out REALLY enthusiastic and thrilled about what they're experiencing, Talking about 4 and 5 lb weight losses in the first week... post every day-- and then they just stop.

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4/23/13 10:21 A

I don't like diets like that where they treat you like you are bad for not following their plan exactly. Very few have Gwyneth Paltrow sized food budgets and we shouldn't be looked down on because of it.

I hope that Dietician Becky will come in and post why she doesn't like this plan. I know she doesn't like it, I just cant remember her exact words. I don't want to misquote her.

SDELAUR Posts: 5
4/23/13 8:09 A

I believe that this is a good theory on how things work. I'm down 3 lbs and today is my 4th day. I was curious as to what to do about the goat cheese today because I cannot eat goat cheese. It will be down the toilet before it gets all the way down. I really don't like any kind of cheese. I emailed Lyn-Genet's site and was told to substitute Hemp Seed. I'm not sure about the rest of you, but that is just not something you find in your local grocery store and we don't have a Whole Foods or a store like that close. I looked it up on Amazon and it is minimum $14 plus shipping, of course. I really thought that I would have been told to try another food or leave it out. I was told to stop acting like a third grader and I need to be more open minded about trying new foods that millions of people eat every day and do not contact them again. What bother me about this is 1.) She says in the book that this is a diet with real food and nothing out of the ordinary (I've never had anything to do with hemp seeds in my life and this diet is already killing my food budget. 2.) If I don't eat the foods exactly as stated, will I really find out what I'm sensitive to? 3.) Are you reactive if you are down less than a half pound? or up .2? or stayed the same? I saw a post on FB last night where the person said that they tested reactive to chick peas and the person answering the question on the FB site, said "are you really reactive to chick peas? or did you not drink enough water?
So, if you do test reactive according to the book, it seems that you are being told to just hang in there.
My biggest question is, since this is more of a combo food diet (like the Hay diet), if you deviate in any way, because she does say that the menu's are figured in a way to work together (do not mix day 5 lunch with day 6 dinner), how do you really know that what you are testing is a reactive food, or in my case, leave out the goat cheese and/or hemp seed, is it because you left something out? She is very adamant about eating ALL the food in any given day on The Plan.

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