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4/14/13 6:17 P

Too funny! I think we are on the 'wrong' thread for members using The Plan. If you read the response to my initial inquiry, it was not recognizing The Plans theory on weight loss. However, I did find numerous other threads specifically designed for us Plan users. Look under The Plan or Lyn Gynest, you should find it.
I am into my third month and suffer days of frustration when I have no loss or remain stable. The book never leaves my side as I am always reading to clear up some confusion! The website also offers a great cook book, supplementing the books cook book. There is a lot of support on this website. Good luck!

4/12/13 9:07 A

Your topic sounds like me! I'm on day 14, I must have reread the book a half a dozen times to see if I could clear my confusion. Did you?

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3/24/13 4:25 P

Sorry, I thought I was in a support thread for people using The Plan. My questions were specifically directed towards this particular program. I guess i was supposed to reply rather than post.mso sorry!

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3/24/13 2:01 P

Ten lbs in 5 weeks is the max recommended by most health professionals.
What is an average day's menu for you?

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3/24/13 11:13 A

AILEBBELIA, I'm fairly sure she's talking about the Lyn-Genet diet.

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3/24/13 11:07 A


I'm confused?

Are you expecting the number on the scale to go down everyday?

What are talking about when you say "testing new foods"? Do you think the food you eat affects the scale the next day. The number of calories you eat affects the scale.

You average weight loss is 2 pounds per week (10 pounds in 5 weeks). What are your stats? Height/weight/gender because you could be under eating (or not eating a variety of food) and that's why you have the constipation problems.

Figure out your dietary choices so that you don't have to resort to taking supplements.

Good Luck!

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3/24/13 10:56 A

Because the plan you're describing isn't really supported by SP, you might have better luck asking these questions over on the Sparkteam dedicated to it:

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3/24/13 10:32 A

So happy to have found this site! I'm confused. My pattern has been lose some, maintain for 4 days, lose again, maintain 4 days. I am maintaining on days of rest foods. For 5 weeks I have followed this pattern. After awhile, not having been able to test new foods, as I was led to believe that not losing was a reactive day, and reactive days are no test days, I decided I needed to forge ahead and consider maintenance days just that, and begin testing. That was the only way I could movE away from the rut of eating the same foods. This may be the reason I have not as much as others report.....:(. Constipation has also plagued me from the get go. Days go by, nothing! This is a new phenomenon for me. I've had to resort to supplements, but wonder if its food related and what food it could be. So far, five weeks, 10 pound loss. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcomed!

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