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4/4/13 5:23 P

Like all other foods, the key is moderation. WW points out that even though fruits and veggies are 'free' of points, they do have calories, and those calories add up if you go overboard.

I also heard someone say 'I didn't get this heavy by eating too much broccoli!'

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4/4/13 5:16 P

the thing with the "free" fruit and veggie selections with WW is that aren't exactly "free"

If you read the fine print (and most responsible leaders will tell you) that it is not an all you can eat buffet. They recommend that you stay within healthy guidelines (2 servings of fruit 3 servings of veggies)

I personally think WW botched it when they went with the points system. Their exchange plan worked so much better!

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
4/4/13 5:04 P

I followed WW back in 1999/2000 and was very successful (yea yea and 12 years later here i am again! but! i kept it off/maintained for MANY years).

Anyways. I enjoyed the simplicity of counting points. I never would have counted calories because that would have required way too much effort in a paper-and-pencil journal and having to look up nutrition information in an actual, physical book. WW was easy to do with a little notebook and limited/no online resources. It's the "journalling" part of it, I think, that is the most helpful - just the same as the nutrition tracking with Sparks - LOGGING WHAT YOU EAT is kind of... instrumental for success, i think - no matter what system you use to do it.

When I did WW, non-starchy veg were "free" but FRUIT WAS NOT. And in fact, at the later end of my WW journey, there was a big "thing" where it was decided that CARROTS would move from "free" to "1 point" status (what?! were people failing to meet their weight loss goals due to untracked/overconsumed carrots!? really?!!). I have to admit, I wonder how making the fruit free is beneficial to the process. Because I honestly CAN eat 3 pounds of cherries in a single day (which is... about 1200-1300 calories).

However, they have been using "free fruits" for quite a while now, so....who am i to say! Maybe I'm an anomaly with my fruit-consumption-abilities, and the average person just never really would think to eat fruit by the pound?

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4/4/13 4:29 P

Any particular reason you don't want to say the name? Sparkpeople allows us to talk about other diet plans. ;) It's Weight Watchers, I assume?

NIRERIN Posts: 14,273
4/4/13 4:20 P

plans that count fruits and veggies as free tend to have lower bases. in other words instead of having your base calories be 1200, your base calories on those plans are closer to 1000 cals, the idea being that since fruits and veggies are free you will make up the difference in calories with those. honestly those plans just convert calories to an arbitrarily named unit and then assign lower values to things like fruits and veggies to encourage eating them. so it's really the same difference, the one big difference being tracking calories will let you track other nutrients as well.

4/4/13 3:59 P

You know the diet plan where you count Points instead of watching your calorie intake. I tried doing it a while but all this "free fruit" - well we all know how quickly certain fruits & some veggies can add up calorie-wise (not to mention all that sugar). And I've heard so many people try to go that route and have such a slow weight loss.

Anyone have experience with that "diet"? And what is your opinion about adding all those calories from fruit and never even counting them? I think SparkPeople is the way to go, where we are accountable for every calorie and nutrient that goes into our bodies.

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