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12/23/12 10:56 A

Wow can't believe it's been 4 days since I last posted here, but it's not surprising haven't been in the best of moods and IBS is really playing havoc with me. I've slipped with my tracking and intake, my bad, but that happens when the IBS kicks in I go to my comfort foods which makes it even worse. I am so not looking forward to going to my brothers but have made a commitment so have to see it threw. We have only been talking to each other for the past few years and I'm trying to forget all the BS and drama in our past (over 20 yrs of no communication) but he does like to get his digs in and for my moms sake I don't fight back. So that's pretty much why the IBS is acting up. So I won't be around for the next few days and am really hoping I can keep it together and play my part.

Have a very Merry Christmas everyone and I hope Santa is good to you emoticon

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12/19/12 3:57 P

Today was my weigh in day, lost another 3 lbs..... emoticon wish I could get out for a walk but it's just so darn cold out there. I guess I'll have to be happy with the free run and free steps on the WII and I'll head into town and walk the mall, I'm not much of a winter person. lol
Hope you are having a good day .... more later

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12/18/12 11:44 A

Well I'm back on smoothies for lunch and this time they seem to be more filling. I did stop using Transform plus as I figure that I get lots of fruit and veggies in a day that I don't need to add chemicals to it.... there is enough chemicals in the food we eat already. I'm not doing anything different with the smoothies, other than the transform, maybe it's the extra water that is helping to keep me full longer. Not sure but I won't question it just enjoy the full feeling.
Tomorrow is my weigh in day so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Hope ev1 is having a great Tuesday....
Merry HoHo

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12/18/12 11:34 A

ty for your encouragement .... I feel like this time I will be able to meet my goal

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12/18/12 11:32 A

ty and a very Merry Christmas to you also emoticon

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12/18/12 12:19 A

Happy Holidays.

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12/17/12 6:40 P

I think your goals are a great way to stay focussed and have a date gives something to look forward to. Walking is great exercise and I think you will do well.

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12/17/12 4:34 P

Started walking this weekend I did small walks now and then but decided to get serious about it. I dusted off my pedometer and reset it and off I went with my two furry friends.
Dec 15th 2.03 M
Dec 16th 2.5 M
Dec 17th 1.33 M
I was very worried about my knees as I'm a rather large woman but did my wii workout first so I was warmed up and well stretched. Just wish it wasn't so cold I dressed in layers so I could open up if needed.

My goals are :

1. to lose 100 lbs
2. lose at least 3 lbs a/wk
3. to be down to an xl by the end of Feb (we are taking a 3 wk holiday)
4. get my water intake up to 8 glassed aday


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